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Dark Victory
Dark Victory(1939)

I generally don't go for this type of movie but Bette Davis' performance is absolutely captivating. As a result, I see it quite often.


So many great lines; so many great gags.

The Night of the Hunter

Thanks to its excellently creepy imagery it's like watching someone's beautiful yet frightening nightmare. Robert Mitchum's a terrifying villain stalking and hunting a young pair of siblings until he meets Lillian Gish's wonderful character in a false prophet vs. true prophet showdown.

You Can't Take It With You

It's a simple, funny and enjoyable watch. Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur are great together.

Sherlock Jr.
Sherlock Jr.(1924)

Probably my favorite Keaton film.

Bringing Up Baby

A comedic blitz--the laughs come so fast and frequent you'll miss half the movie laughing at the half you did hear. So watch it twice.

Orphans of the Storm

Very good. The political/historical backdrop makes it a little long but also adds suspense. Lillian Gish does some very fine acting.

Planet of the Apes

It's done without the Cold War themes and Rod Serling genius that made the 1968 film great, and we are left with little more than the re-issue of another generation's once novel idea.

Cat Ballou
Cat Ballou(1965)

Lee Marvin's great in this film--back when you could win an Oscar doing a comedy.

The Wild Bunch

The Old (and aging) West gets automatic weapons and it's a blood bath. An excellent cast.

The Nanny
The Nanny(1965)

Watch it for Bette Davis.

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother

Jokes are hit and miss but Madeline Kahn's delightful.