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An Englishman in New York

An Englishman in New York(2009)

What's so eerie (and you can see this is Resident Alien when they chat with each other) is that by this film, John Hurt has gotten better at playing Quentin Crisp that Quentin Crisp, as Crisp himself predicted at the very beginning of The Naked Civil Servant film. This entry does feel more like a made--for-tv-movie whereas I didn't know the first film was anything other than a typical low budget, British-shot, limited release film until they told me so in THIS flick! This one is less literary and more borrowed speeches and autobiographical tidbits, which is okay if you like simmering in exaggerated Crispness.

Even though much trauma still happens, this is still the "warm and fuzzy" entry, whereas the first one was very cold and hard.

And sadly did not qualify for the "Hot Gay Sex' list.