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Die Hard
Die Hard (1988)
6 years ago via Flixster

Die Hard is an undisputed classic. Not only has it remained the absolute high point of the action movie genre for 20 years, no film has come close to capturing it's spark. The originality in this film still shines through. First to thank are the two leads. Willis and Rickman make... read more the perfect duo. Willis, more famous for sitcom than action at the time, has an everyman persona and wit that makes him easy to relate to. Rickman has the charm and terror that make him a bad guy you kind of love when he isn't killing innocents. It also has all the 80's supporting characters that I really miss. The most annoying arsehole characters (Atherton and Bochner) and the mostly silent 'heavy' (Godunov).

The film is also a buddy cop film, without the two cops ever meeting. This avoids any annoying 'let's put our differences aside' moments. Instead, they are generally concerned with helping and supporting each other. However, when all is said and done, my favorite moments are those little bits, those tiny details, that modern directors overlook in favour of huge explosions. Would did film be as good if Bruce Willis wore shoes? Not on your life. Let's not forget the heartless, yet still comical, betting between two of Rickman's men as Rickman contemplates shooting a man in the face. And everybody's favourite FBI agents Johnson and Johnson (no relation). These moments and more punctuate the amazing action sequences.

It's also a wonderful Christmas movie. It's got everything.