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7 years ago via Flixster
Observe and Report

Observe and Report(2009)

I'm sorry...Observe and Report is NOT a comedy! This movie basically mocks the hell out of psychosis and it's just not humorous. Okay, I take that back. There are some very funny, even laugh-out-loud moments in O&R, but for the most part, the plot revolves around a man crumbling due to a mental disorder. That's funny? Choose a genre and stick to it. Seriously, there were times I had to shut my eyes because of the violence thrown at this man because he simply cannot grasp life by the balls. I dunno...I guess it's 3/5 because Seth Rogan does the best he can with it and as I said before, there are some giggly moments, but most of them follow a slew of F words and physical humor. Ugh...comedy?! No, not really.