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Mad Max: Fury Road

Like watching a dream. *_*


It's not often that I'm tempted to give a film 5 stars...
But this film is absolute brilliance; hard-hitting in the most minimalist and simple way!
The film drags, quite intentionally though, much like a typical court case in India.

The perfect take on all things Indian Law, and perhaps one of the most important Indian films to be made!


Lubezki + Inarritu + that background score by Antonio Sanchez = Intense!! What else could it be?!

It's Entertainment (Entertainment)

That's a lot of stars, but I'll give it to the dog.

The Lunchbox
The Lunchbox(2014)

1. After watching films like Ship of Theseus, Bombay Talkies, The Lunchbox, and quite a few others that have released this year, it's really awesome to see how Indian Cinema, even the mainstream slowly, is experimenting!, and doing quite great at it!
2. To watch the Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin combo together for the first time after Bypass, makes you smile, its heart warming and exciting!
3. The film might get slightly monotonous, but it'll surely give you a good 'TASTE' of raw indie Indian cinema!


Despite it being way below what I expected it to be, it still managed to stick with me, and catch my liking. Most probably, it's because how his character was portrayed, which was quite brilliantly! Maybe I just gotta accept that it isn't a biography of Steve Jobs, but just a film about that little part of his life that the film covered. If you ask me how it was made, I'd say, not so well. A story of this kind could have been made in a much better and emotionally affective way. However, this was quite bland. But well, this rating came out of me coz many things about the film did stay with me, which probably is because of certain personal interests and characteristics of mine.

The Conjuring

That. Was. Friggin. Creepy. O_o. It'll keep you awake when the voice in your head reminds you that everything you saw was based on true cases!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Not the best way this story could have been told, but then again, watching such an inspiring figure's story, however it is made, leaves you with quite an effect. An important story which needed to be told.


Not great, but not bad.

Ship Of Theseus

'If all the discarded parts were used to build another ship, which of the two, if either, is the real Ship of Theseus?'

A gem. Purity of cinema. Simple. Breathtaking. Thought provoking. You won't feel like leaving the theatre after watching a film like this. Slow, yes. But beautiful, artistic. If you appreciate independent cinema, this one will make you stand up and clap! :) If you 'watch' the film and not just 'see' it, it will leave you with so many thoughts at the same time, you'd wish all stories were told this way!
On the whole, one of the finest ways of storytelling I've seen come from Indian cinema!

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Entertaining? Yes! Thrilling? Yes! Adrenaline rush? Yes! Heart rate increasing? Yes! Action? A little more would have been better! Just one thing though. Elements of the movie which should have been much scarier were not scary. Apart from that, it's thrilling as should be! ALSO: Worth watching in 3D or 2D would be fine? IMHO: You should watch this one in 3D. Why? Because some awesome scary parts wont be as scary in 2D, because these creepy things come right in your face, and if they don't come right in your face, they won't really be scary!


A little more than just a love story ... Yes it is a little over dramatic, but its still an enjoyable movie if you go with an open mind, and basically, DHANUSH. Yes. \m/

Now You See Me

A maaaaad story! Made in perfect style! I have nothing much to say really! Its enjoyable, stylish, very very gripping - every second until the very end, and maybe if you watch it a little drunk, you'll enjoy it even more lol!

'The closer you look, the less you see!'

The Great Gatsby

Beautifully, enchantingly made. Yes, it IS a 'love' story-ish about a suspicious millionaire, Jay Gatsby, and his attempts to make a stunning Daisy Buchanan fall for him, but it wasn't as romantic as one would expect such a story to be, which was good! One thing about the movie that put me off though, was the choice of the soundtrack at some parts. For a story based in 1922, and a film made so well it would slowly sink you into that world and you'll be lost in it, suddenly hearing Jay-Z rapping at a party ain't no cool shiz bro! But yeah, apart from that, this movie is made beautifully, and the cast, especially the absolutely stunningly and graciously beautiful ladies, is very very well chosen! :D The art direction was SO beautiful, every detail in the background even, it manages to get you lost into the film beautifully, such that you feel a little colder in the scenes where its raining!

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bleh :S ... I mean, even though Ayan Mukherji's debut film was, no doubt, Amazing, its not like i was expecting too much from this one by the looks of the trailer. Even then, it seemed pretty dumb, and story quite disjoined. Ayan Mukherji's ability to develop the characters and connect you with them, once again, was successful, but the movie was otherwise nothing much!

Bombay Talkies


Karan Johar's 'Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh' - Starts off powerfully, but lets down. As always, Karan Johar overdoes it, exaggerates the plot, and all that. This one's the weakest of the 4 movies if you'd ask me.

Dibakar Banerjee's 'Star' - WOW! Definitely the best of the 4 films, and in fact, probably one of the most beautiful works of Indian cinema that I have watched lately. Perfectly done, and so so simple, yet so beautifully touching!

Zoya Akthar's 'Sheila Ki Jawani' - Cute!

Anurag Kashyap's 'Murabba' - Interesting, powerful, and probably the one of the 4 that stays with you the longest! As always, Kashyap develops his characters beautifully, and Amit Trivedi's music raises the film a little higher!

On the whole, surprising to see such simple arthouse cinema as one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and if the aim was to set a milestone for the Hindi Film Industry introducing arthouse cinema into the mainstream, they did not fail!

Go Goa Gone
Go Goa Gone(2013)

'So guys, what do we know, what have we learnt?'

Yes, the story stretches like anything .... in fact the movie ends and the story continues stretching, but fuck that, too much entertainment ... maybe its because i went with a group of friends and we were all in a mad mood, but lol!

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

'Tony: You know what keeps going on in my head? ... Where's my sandwich?'

Umm, when i saw the trailers, it seemed clear that this would be the best of the three, and hence the director change is good. BUT, after watching the movie, i think, NOPE. Just nope! Definitely not the best of the three, and most importantly, there's NO Iron Man without AC DC :-| ... I mean, come on Shane :| !