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Street Fighter

Street Fighter(1994)

Who would hate this movie. It's great. The AN is clearly a metaphor for the UN an organisation which if it is not ineffectual. It acts like an elephant in a porcelain cabinet. I might think that when the commander Guile goes rogue and makes the AN into an effectual organisation is a interventionist progaganda and against consensus.
The bison empire is also a good metaphor for the New World Order. "Pax Bisonicus" = peace through new world order oppression. Zanghief is clearly paladin fanatic.

The movie is full of propaganda references and even references the John Wayn Gacy "Pogo the Clown" painting.

The problem I have with the charactors why is Balrog keeping his boxing gloves on? Boxing gloves are there to limit the level of injuries and of course they could have done a lot mover with Jean-Claude van Damme's hair.