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The Dark Lurking

The Dark Lurking(2008)

Note: This review of the German dvd version with the cover which rips off "Alien" and is titled "Alien vs. Zombie"

Although he dialogue is bad especiallly from the purposed bitchy charactor Jen, who is a bitch, the movie is entertaining. You have to get used to the Australian accents at first, especially because the rescue trooper are supposed to be an internation team ( To be more specific: One American, One Mexican and One Australian )

The effects are pretty good. But that good als be because of the dark atmosphere of the movie. It references relics found by the Nazis ( JAI! ) The action and story are good. But the charactors are a bit too stereotypical. You have to keep paying attention. It seems I missed the part where Jen the bitch died. Too bad.

The title of the DVD I have is misleading. Arn't zombies in space not just Aliens ? It was better to call it "Aussies vs. Space Zombies" or "Aussies in space" Although i'm not sure they are in space. They might be just under the ground or something or the space ship has a surface.