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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Warrior"examines the tale of a family torn apart and in particular two brothers who eventually must meet in a ring competing in a mixed-martial arts tournament. The film open with Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) returning home after 14 years to meet his father (Nick Nolte) and seek his help in training for "SPARTA" , a sort of a no holds barred mixed martial arts competition. A parallel story line examines the life of Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton), a school teacher and family man forced to return to the ring to save his mortgaged house. The two brothers end up in the same competition with Tommy bulldozing his way through rounds and Brendan an underdog with surprising wins. As expected they face-off in the finale in what becomes a fight where it's redemption that is sought more than anything else. The drama is explosive and the fights dazzling - a perfect combo that would keep you glued to the finish. Nolte and "man-of- the-moment" Hardy put in superb performances as a repentant father and an unforgiving troubled son, but to me the film belonged to Edgerton (Don't even ask me who the guy is, I honestly have no idea!). His truly was a star making turn in his role as the older and more calmer brother, the anguish and the pain is so perfectly captured in his performance which reminded me a lot of his fellow country man, the late Heath Ledger. A perfect weekend fare especially so if you are the one that likes action with a lot of corny tear-jerking drama spread over it!