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Rishi's Review of Hugo

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Martin Scorcese's first 3-D film is a dazzling spectacle and a huge departure from what you are used to seeing from him. "Hugo"has got to be the master's most personal work ever as he seems to have infused in to the lead character his own boyhood. Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfiled) lives unbeknownst at a Paris railway station, spending his time tuning the clocks that surround the terminus. He got there after an uncaring uncle left him to himself following the death of his father. An automaon left to him by his late father turns in to an obsession as Hugo believes unlocking it and making it work would throw up answers about why his life has turned the way it has. What follows is a conflict with George Melies (Ben Kingsley), a toy shop owner takes the story on a different vein altogether and this is when you witness the master unfold a more personal aspect of himself manifested in Hugo and his love for the movies. Both lead actors put in brilliant performances - I mean has Ben Kingsely ever disappointed? Though not one of Scorcese's best works by a long shot - the man has set such a high standard for himself - it most definitely is one of the best of the year.