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Margin Call

Margin Call(2011)

The onset of the economic crisis of 2008 is the focus of first time director J.C. Chandor's "Margin Call". The film looks at a period spanning 24 Hours that involves a Lehman Brothers' like investment firm where soon after a round of lay offs involving some veterans, a young executive lands upon information which when deciphered suggests that the firm is on the verge of collapse. What ensues is a tumultuous night where everybody from the Chairman to the young executives scramble to save what they can of the firm and their futures. Personalities clash a plenty - the righteous against the ruthless, the veterans against the rookies all heading towards a tense finale. Brilliantly written and ably directed, it's unbelievable that this actually is the work of a first time director. It seems like something you would expect of a Sidney Lumet - think "Network". Chandor is ably assisted by an all star cast with the likes of Kevin Spacey as a Senior Manager dealing with his conscience, Jeremy Irons as the ruthless Chairman, Zachary Quinto as the new kid who discovers the error leading to the crisis, Stanley Tucci as the laid off Senior employee, Paul Bettany as a cocky senior executive, Simon Baker and a rather gaunt looking Demi Moore. Higly recommended.