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North (2009)
16 months ago via Movies on Facebook

Remember Elling? If you liked it, you are going to like this movie too. More strange characters out of the high North. It is a Road Movie! It is hilariously funny, the laughing out loud kind! Also the cinematography with the winter landscapes of the North are breathtaking. Go see it!

Argo (2012)
5 years ago via Flixster

OhmyGod! I don't think it is possible to make a movie more suspenseful and riveting as this one! Excellent film making skills by Ben Affleck! I was at the edge of my seat from the first minute and sometimes it got so bad I could hardly watch. I didn't help to know that the movie is based on a true story either, it only made things worse! Great movie!

Skyfall (2012)
5 years ago via Flixster

Good, solid Bond movie! I loved the opening sequence in Istanbuhl. That was way cool! Judi Dench was fantastic as always, sorry to find out this will be her last James Bond. Silva is viciously brilliant as the bad guy: too bad bad guys never last! I also liked who the character of James Bond gets developed further though in my opinion his selfpity/sulking period on an exotic beach with drinking contests is silly. The beautiful woman this time around is forgettable: talk about overacting!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
5 years ago via Flixster

Good movie about teenagers having a hard time growing up, fitting in and finding out who they are. I liked the movie though I thought at times it was too much drama. I think to movie would have been better, more realistic and have made a more profound statement if it had not been for all the abuse and drama.

Welcome to the Sticks
5 years ago via Flixster

After having been told by some many people just how funny this movie was, I finally watched it on DVD. It was a laugh and fun to watch but it doesn't make my all time favorite list.