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4 years ago via Movies on Android phone


Jack Black surprised me with his performance. He really did a good job holding the tension of the main characters' living a lie and being a do-gooder /people pleaser ( as a cover?). The performance reminded me of the vein of "The Apostle" E.F., as played by Robert Duvall. Plus I didn't know Jack Black could sing like that. I think I just liked hearing him sing hymns and gospel songs. As far as the movie went, it was gutsie of them to mingle drama with interviews of townies who were involved in the events that happened in the 90's. It was actually pretty difficult to separate who was talking from their real to life experiences and who was just acting. And I think that's the brilliance of this movie. They made you really think about drama and crisis and who's acting and who's real. And how difficult it is to discern all of that.