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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox

There's something that is all at once amusing, disturbing, inspiring, and tragic about Dr. Bronner's story. I use his soaps a lot and the movie helped me understand the mysterious, bizarre labels.


Jack Black surprised me with his performance. He really did a good job holding the tension of the main characters' living a lie and being a do-gooder /people pleaser ( as a cover?). The performance reminded me of the vein of "The Apostle" E.F., as played by Robert Duvall. Plus I didn't know Jack Black could sing like that. I think I just liked hearing him sing hymns and gospel songs. As far as the movie went, it was gutsie of them to mingle drama with interviews of townies who were involved in the events that happened in the 90's. It was actually pretty difficult to separate who was talking from their real to life experiences and who was just acting. And I think that's the brilliance of this movie. They made you really think about drama and crisis and who's acting and who's real. And how difficult it is to discern all of that.

Slumdog Millionaire

Fun movie. Interesting take on hardship and destiny. I suppose lots of people think getting the money and getting the mate will make everything better. I'm a lot more optimistic than that even, myself, so that little bit of optimism was enjoyable to a point. The Bollywood dance at the ending rocked!

House of Sand and Fog

Jennifer Connelly really wanted a father. Ron Eldard really wanted a lover. Ben Kinsley really wanted a return to glory days. To get what they want they choose deadly paths. I really feel for the longings in these characters, and achingly so when they pursue the fulfillment of their longings in such painfully fraught ways, all centered around this California cliffside bungalo. A gripping tale of the brokenness and broken pursuits of humanity.

Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?

Teri Horton is a trip. But then so are all the other cast members: art curators and schiesters and down-home folk. A remarkable collection of people make this documentary a work of art. My favorite part was when they enlisted the opinion of an art-faker (imitator) on whether or not the Jackson Pollock piece was authentic.

Boxcar Bertha

Martin Scorsese's movie is of 4 tragic hero friends. Unfortunately I couldn't identify anything they did that was heroic. I liked the characters, the setting, some of the dialog (when they weren't fighting/robbing/killing/bedding everyone). Mostly I just wanted someone to come and be compassionate with these people and hope that they would feel it. But that never happened in this film. That is tragic.

My Architect
My Architect(2004)

Some nice shots of Philadelphia and Bangladesh. Touching scenes:like the one where 3 adult siblings who had seldom spoken sit together and talk about being a family.

The Darjeeling Limited

wow these guys were so lost. i liked the theme of renewing brotherhood on a "journey" to find themselves (and their mother). they did the filming in india, which was good because the movie was set in india. lots of fun surprises (like pepperspray and snakes), and it was fun to discover some intentional? symbolism (like finding and losing baggage from their parents). an interesting movie.

Napoleon Dynamite

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is a supernatural, action packed movie with high-grade special effects and the kind of raw action scenes the world is coming to expect from Idaho. Set in rural Idaho Jon Heder plays Napoleon Dynamite a young man riddled with grief and bent on revenge.

The Mission
The Mission(1986)

I'm having a hard time deciding what to write about this movie, this is by far the most impacting movie that I have ever seen. Yes, the music was beautiful (I own the soundtrack), the scenery was outstanding, the acting was marvelous, but I suppose what touched me most was that the story itself is so compelling (and based on truth) that after viewing this I want to attempt something great for God and for love.


Movie of Sparta I challenge your gods! You claim disabled/deformed people are enemies, you throw those who insult you into a pit, you choose reason over faith in the true God and father of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have one thing for you, that you hate the ways of Xerxes. But even in this you goad Americans to war with Iraq and Iran. And that is folly.
This movie is a prime example of when two unholy empires battle. To be fair, I liked the costume designer's work. King Leonidis' hairdo was really cool. And I like that there's Biblical parallels to this movie's story, e.g. the 300 Spartans vs the Persian Empire, compare with Gideon's 300 vs the hordes of the Midianites in the book of Judges (note, Gideon and his God won their battle). And, King Leonidis vs the Persian's giant, compare with David and Goliath (note, David won that contest without injury and using only a sling and stone).
Favorite lines:
King Leonidis to his soldiers: "Spartans, what is your profession?" Soldiers, "Hu, hu, hu!"


Beautiful scenery. A lonely quest. Hermann Hesse's novel brought to cinema. There was one scene where the main characters were traveling in a band of singing wanderers, and the music was joyful sounding. The rest aside, that was worth watching the whole movie for.

Thank You for Smoking

Talent + Drive - Guidance = the main character of this film. I wasn't sure if the writers for this film were advocating for the logic of free choice and working to "pay the mortgage" without a moral compass, or if they were just trying to write an entertaining film. I suspect probably the latter was their primary motive. It was entertaining. My favorite line was "The great state of Vermont will not apologize for it's cheese" (Vermont Senator to Nick Naylor). This movie is a prime example of what happens to people who think they can be successful as individuals without meaningful connections to other people or God. Probably the main character's most endearing quality was his desire to impress his son and hang with people who were just like him. I liked the movie overall, but I'm undecided about whether or not I like the lack of any good message in the movie. You can challenge me on that if you found a good message. I'd like to know what you found. I didn't find one.


favorite line: "Rome is a dream."

The 13th Warrior

One of the best fantasy films ever, and among the few films that I can say I think was better than the book! A neat adaptation of the Beowulf story from the perspective of a foreigner who gets caught up in the affairs of the Northern band of warriors.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Actors use lines like: "Get him," "Watch out!", "Yeah you got him", "I have a bad feeling about this", and other phrases that sound like kids when they're playing video games. Ah, memories, I did play lots of video games.
Lines that won't work with my wife: "Hold me . . . like you did by the lake on Naboo, so long ago ." (Padme to Anakin)

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Well, now I can say that I've seen this movie. That's about all I can say. Cultural competency objective accomplished.

The Matrix Reloaded

Visually stunning, choreographed fights like ballet dance, Hokey dialogue, what else could you ask for in an action film?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Okay so I'm not a Johnny Depp fan, and less so a fan of Leonardo, but this one film with the both of them together wasn't so bad.

The Dream Team

Here's a good movie about deciding together to be dangerously fun.


A very human movie. I liked how their relationships were pretty surfacy but they touched on their feelings enough to make music together and smile. Beautiful music. One of the songs was adapted for us to sing together in church. I didn't know it was from this movie until I saw the film. I liked the Dublin scenes, they reminded me of my visit there.

The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison

I've watched this movie more than once. A snapshot of the lives of men on death row. Not explicitly about racism or race-relations but some scenes are eye opening to how the sin of racism contributes to getting and keeping some of the black men in prison for life. The stories of these men are continued on fan websites.

Undercover Brother

Funny, funny, funny. This is one of my favorite race-relations films because I think I needed to laugh for once about the whole subject. Not very serious at all but playful. Doogie Howser as the token white guy on the anti-racism spy team had me roaring.

Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee's vision of races relating and how hatred erupts is encased in this terrarium-like urban city block. It's a microcosm of how he views the effects of the national sin. Entertaining and thought provoking. He seems to shout: "listen to what you are saying and doing to each other!"


Spike Lee you did it again, an intellectual race identity drama complete with tragic ending.

American History X

A bit melodramatic at times, and violent. But a railing exposure of racial hatred. I appreciated that the movie showed how daily, intentional , sometimes mundane interactions helped undo the main character's rooted hate.


Touching. Tearfully so. I can easily imagine how this movie was adapted from the play version, it still feels like a play. I enjoyed how the characters felt endearing even when they were bumbling around the immense problem of this woman's cancer. New term introduced: salvation anxiety. Poet I want to look up because of the movie: John Dunn.

Sweet Land
Sweet Land(2006)

Sweet. I enjoyed watching the farming scenes and I liked the church softball match scene. Okay love story, too.