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Drake's Review of Iron Man 3

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3(2013)

Judging from IM2, I was expecting another bigger, flashier, instalment in Downey's little escapades of gadgetry. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find a smaller adventure housed within a complex, flawed lead character accompanied by a cast of rather entertaining individuals.

IM3 goes back to the roots of Tony Stark, a mechanic. Just a man full of ego but still inherently flawed. As a result the action is notably less excessive but the trade-off is worth it as it allows for more character development and relationships. However more than often it feels like comic relief undermines a lot of the drama that it's trying to hold up.

The pacing/plot gets a little clunky around the edges as the twists and turns are thrown in as well, but hey, at least there's suspense and we get to meet Trevor. :]

Finally, I think it was incredibly smart of whoever's in charge to make this movie all about Tony as a character. The plot, although dense is very clearly driven by it's protagonist (evidence in its first-person narration but also the themes of personal redemption and self-discovery). You can't really go wrong building an entire movie around Downey's Stark, he just OOOZES with style, wit and entertainment value.

So all in all, not the flashy-over-the-top craziness I expected but instead I feel like I was given a much healthier, more balanced dose of mystery, humor, character & action.