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They Came Together
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

i wanted to like this movie but there was zero subtlety to the satire, the humor was under-grad low brow and some scenes went well beyond bizarre making fun of into grating obnoxiousness.. love paul rudd, but even he i thought couldn't connect and deliver the material.. the problem with movies like this is there is usually zero character development.. this flick is no exception.. give me 'this is 40' or 'i love you man' over this shlop anyday..

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

hater's gonna hate, but this is the best spider-man movie i could have hoped for.. the emotional cues are just right, delivered in performances i thought were honest and relatable.. you really have to leave expectations at the door.. this film is for a new generation raised on 'bullet-time' and 'transformers', some rapid fire editing and cutting plot threads and scenes that really deepened the story and character but unfortunately "didn't screen well".. after watching now a few times, i realize this film should be nominated for best screenplay, best special effects, best make-up, best cinematography, best score, and probably best editing, sound design, production/set design, but as a comic-book movie, and weak critical approval and hollywood;s worst financial year in decades, i highly doubt anyone will give this film the acclaim it deserves.. maybe with history and time for retrospect.. kubrick's 2001 was a financial and critical failure upon release, now considered the seminal sci-fi film, one of the best of all films of all-time, and while Webb may not be Kubrick, the combined talent and care put into this film surpasses any of Kubrick's, which are all masterpieces in their own right..

if you're not familiar with the original comics, SPOILER ALERT

this film's actual title should have been 'the death of gwen stacey', but for story-telling dramatics, i understand why it was kept so secret, although i can't imagine them going any other direction with this film, they literally had to do it, and i admire the choice, especially how they structured the entire screenplay so economically and still so genuinely that lead up to the fateful ending, all the while keeping the movie filled with soaring joy, real romance, horrific atrocity and human pathos .. the result is a wonderfully rich spider-man film and while everyone may be twisting their panties over guardians of the galaxy this summer, for my money, i would say this is marvel's best film to date (seriously hater's stop badgering sony to 'give the rights back', no-one could have made this movie better or a better one.. i had big issues at first like most of the critics around here, but those are all first (prob only) impressions of the film and demonstrate great misunderstanding around why TASM2 is the way it is, with a hefty side of comparison to raimi's trilogy.. this movie is as good as Raimi's Spider-Man 2 (actually better, but that's just me i guess), and that is still one of the best superhero movies ever..

after listening to director Marc Webb and his team talk about the film and why they made the decisions they did (including cutting some of the most amazing scenes of this movie out), i can't agree more that this is the film it needed to be to do right by gwen, peter, and the spirit of the original spider-man comics.. hat's off the Webb and his team, these productions couldn't be in more thoughtful and dedicated filmmaker's, who are obviously putting this film and staying real before their own personal wants.. andrew garfield is a landmark performance and his acting approach is remarkable and only illustrates just how talented he really is, nailing scenes on the first and only take with no rehearsal.. there's no need to mention Emma Stone, who is also remarkable in her camera chemistry, inspired improvisation, and Emma's insight into Gwen's character in general made Gwen so much more than was originally intended from the comics, making Gwen a true equal to Peter, better than Peter in some ways, her intelligence and strong ethic around love and work is remarkable of female character's in mainstream cinema in general.. she is as much the hero as peter, as spider-man definitely couldn't have saved the city without her making the choice to be there for him despite his best efforts, and i really love that..

Let's Be Cops
Let's Be Cops (2014)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

they should have titled this, "Let's Kill Ourselves"