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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


After years of studying him and reading about his life, it was a true pleasure for me to see one of my personal lifelong heroes come to life on the big screen. "Lincoln" is a master class in acting and almost every other aspect of filmmaking, emerging as an inspirational and dramatic retelling of the last few months of the man who led the United States through its most pivotal moments.

As the 16th President, Daniel Day-Lewis is purely captivating, securing his spot as this generation's most versatile dramatic actor. Not for one moment did I not believe I was actually watching President Lincoln going about his duties. He brings a human shade to the legendary figure; a man blessed with confidence and a sharp wit, and reminding us that he was a man with numerous struggles as well. In my book, Daniel Day-Lewis already has this year's Academy Award for Best Actor in the bag.

It will not surprise me if, and when, "Lincoln" claims the Best Picture Award. It's full of as much humor as drama, and its sharp script perfectly portrays the dirty business of politics. I may be biased as an unabashed lover of American history, but I have no doubt this film will appeal to anyone with a heart, and remind us that there do remain leaders with convictions in government. Abraham Lincoln was a man who strove for a noble cause, a man who was forced to endure more for his country than any President since ever has. And "Lincoln" does a good job of capturing the spirit of that man; a man who was robbed from the country he helped save, too painfully early. As he heads off to Ford's Theater for the night, "I suppose it's time to go," Lincoln says with a smile. "Though I would rather stay." And we wish you had. And "Lincoln" helped me remember that.