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Marvel's The Avengers

Marvel's The Avengers(2012)

The long-awaited group of superheroes have finally assembled in a big-budget, grade-A cast, popcorn-movie blockbuster. It delivers what's expected of it: good guys save the world through plenty of explosions and special effects, some laughs are thrown in, and it's fun to watch... But that's it.
Don't try and think about it, just go for some fun. If you try to use your brain, the convoluted storyline and desperate plot contrivances won't make any more sense anyways. All the characters get plenty of screen time, but none really get fleshed out much: they're all just sort of there for whatever power they can contribute. Though it's probably the best of the Marvel superhero movies to date, "The Avengers" is more of the same: all the action, with none of the heart.