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Matt's Review of Brave

3 years ago via Movies on iPhone


Pixar's thirteenth feature film is a fun and spirited adventure, but fails to live up to the lofty standards set by the most successful and acclaimed animated movie studio's previous efforts. "Brave" plays out more like an old-fashioned Disney movie, rather than a groundbreaking piece of contemporary storytelling like we're used to from Pixar.
But you know what? That's quite alright.
It may not be as memorable and heart-rousing as the first eleven Pixar gems (Cars 2, the most recent, doesn't count), but "Brave" is beautifully animated, full of sweeping vistas, hilarious supporting characters, crisp writing, emotional depth, and plenty of charm. I was enchanted from the very beginning.
Let's just hope that from now on, Pixar continues to take risks and tell daring stories instead of playing it safe. That being said, "Brave" is still a worthy addition to the Pixar legacy, and is this year's best animated film.