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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Real Steel

Real Steel(2011)

I probably would have loved this movie had it come out when I was in elementary school. But now that I actually can understand the art of the filmmaking and the craft of a well-told story, I realize how flawed and flat a movie like "Real Steel" is. The writing is lazy and the plot is horribly predictable. I'm sorry, but this just didn't feel like a movie that anyone involved with was passionate about at all, and that comes across on screen.
Visually, the movie is an aesthetically impressive adventure, but it's so watered-down and mediocre that even all the fast-paced action and cinematic landscapes can't save it. I actually don't have a problem with the silly and unrealistic premise, seeing as there have been plenty of cinematic masterpieces centered around unrealistic premises (Star Wars, anyone?). But the potential the film's premise had, albeit small, is not capitalized upon in exchange for what they thought would bring in the most viewers. It's because of this that "Real Steel" becomes a boring and weak, yet visually interesting film. It's a shame when you don't have as much of a fun ride as the film you're watching seems to want you to have... To tell the truth, if Evangeline Lilly wasn't in this movie, the rating would probably be even lower.