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Matt's Review of Looper

6 years ago via Flixster


A thrilling and insane mind-trip of a movie from start to finish, "Looper" features Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his most mature and distinguished role to date. It's the rare exciting action film that's also richly complex, narratively challenging, and immensely satisfying. I certainly couldn't blame the commercials for spoiling the plotline, this one threw me for a complete loop (no pun intended), and in a good way.
Dark and twisted as it is, "Looper" turns out to be a poignant and imaginative mind-bender, and any time travel-related inconsistencies in the plot are easily forgiven.


(Note: "Looper features some heavy objectionable content. Which is a shame, really, since that will keep many viewers away who would really appreciate the excellent storytelling here. So, you've been warned.)