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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Muppets

The Muppets(2011)

I always hate to overhype a movie, because whenever someone says to another person that its âthe greatest movie everâ? or âI couldnâ(TM)t stop laughing,â? itâ(TM)s impossible for the film to live up to those expectations once the person finally sees it. That being said, âThe Muppetsâ? may just be one of the best movies Iâ(TM)ve ever seen; I couldnâ(TM)t stop laughing.
In their 12 year absence from both the big screen and the small screen, the Muppets have virtually disappeared from the pop culture landscape: a fact movie is well aware of. Still, Jason Segal and co.â(TM)s open love letter to the history and charm of these old friends is a clever, sweet, silly, nostalgic, and heartfelt film where the adults in the theater all seemed to be laughing twice as often as the kids. Amy Adams and Jason Segal go all out in their performances, blending in perfectly with the comical and crazy world of the Muppets.
Even if youâ(TM)re unfamiliar with the characters, itâ(TM)s hard for me to believe how anyone could not enjoy this movie at least a little bit, full of hilarious cameos, gut-busting one-liners, and toe-tapping musical numbers. Is it the most ambitious or most original movie youâ(TM)ll ever see? Probably not, but itâ(TM)s about as close to perfect as a movie can ever get. In the end, âThe Muppetsâ? is the Muppets doing what the Muppets do best, providing the world with the âthird greatest gift of allâ?: Laughter.