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Big Miracle

Big Miracle(2012)

Three whales are trapped in the ice as a small Alaskan town rallies to their rescue in this by-the-numbers inspirational animal tale. A couple of good laughs and a great lead performance from John Krasinski help "Big Miracle" do the inspirational-family-film genre justice, but Drew Barrymore is as annoying as ever (and the relationship between the two characters feels forced and flat).
Why this family film had to dedicate such a large portion of it's story to debating certain American political policies is beyond me, but the film can still be enjoyed for its nostalgia and (brainless) family fun. Fortunately, the feel-good atmosphere of "Big Miracle" doesn't get too cheesy since it has a good dose of light-hearted humor, but the temporary fun of "Big Miracle" will probably be forgotten the minute one walks out of the theater.