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Matt's Review of Oz the Great and Powerful

5 years ago via Movies on iPhone
Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful(2013)

Was this supposed to bear some resemblance to that magical 1939 classic? Because if so, I couldn't really tell... Gone is the magic, the wonder, and the heart; and in their place are tired jokes, dull dialogue, and one-note characters.

James Franco, the highlight of this "Oz," isn't really even at his best here. But it wouldn't be fair to leave out the fact that it also does have some great sequences with imaginative visuals; and a heartfelt scene or two, despite characters that are hard to care about.
Sure, it's entertaining, but this is Oz we're talking about! We should expect more from Disney (but okay, okay, at least it was better than "John Carter").