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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Vow

The Vow(2012)

Now look. I can be just as much a fan of romantic movies as any girl, as long as it has a great story behind it and some convincing characters. "The Vow," while it has its moments of touching inspiration, barely misses the mark on both accounts. It's by no means an awful film; it just tries too hard to be the next "Notebook" that it loses sight of its own characters and the emotions they should be feeling, leaving behind wooden caricatures for characters instead.
As much as I wanted to care about the life and relationship between these two characters, I struggled throughout to find a reason why. I know throngs of young ladies will throw handfuls of popcorn at me for saying this, but Channing Tatum was just not the right choice for this film. If Rachael McAdams wasn't so dang sweet and cute, I probably would have lost interest far before the end credits rolled. But that's just the problem. A film can't stand upon a single performance alone.
Despite the script full of plot holes, lackluster production value, and numerous pointless characters, "The Vow" still manages to work as a film that I'm sure will have many fans. But if you're still on the fence: Just know that if you've seen this movie's trailer, you've sadly already seen everything this film has to offer.