MattTory's Rating of 50/50

Matt's Review of 50/50

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


It's too crass for its own good, but "50/50" is amusing and heartfelt. The fact that the screenwriter based the script off his own true story helps the film ring with authenticity and feel realistic. No emotion feels forced. It's a truly human film with great actors and an upbeat feel despite its dark nature. Unfortunately, the unending avalance of crude humor ruins what could have been an even more emotionally-stirring and deeper film. The problem with it is that it becomes so overbearing (in the process becoming repetitive and losing originality) that it begins to overwhelm the actual plot of the film. I'm assuming the filmmakers didn't intend for the theme of the film to be how many sex jokes Seth Rogen can make within an hour and half (at least I hope it wasn't). The theme of the film, instead, is one of finding hope through one's struggles. But it's difficult to find that when the emphasis of the film turns to cheap laughs over cinematic quality. Joseph Gordon-Levitt pulls off the lead role so well, though, that "50/50" still turns out to be one of the better films of the year.