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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Ides of March

The Ides of March(2011)

I am so glad that my life's ambitions never turned towards a career in political office. And even if it had, I'm pretty sure I would have changed my mind after viewing this film. "The Ides of March" is a cynical and dramatic look at corruption within American politics. While the story is obviously exaggerated for narrative purpose, it's painfully obvious that these kinds of things are still going on.
Twists, turns, and political intrigue abound in this intelligent drama from George Clooney. Ol' George is turning out to be a better director these days than he is an actor. The plot is so fast-paced and the acting so excellent that its hard to notice the storytelling cliches and stereotypical characters. Every line of dialogue seems to ring with importance, every shot grand in scope. It's a wonderful cinematic character study, but "Ides" barely misses the mark of being a truly great film. Nothing specifically stands out as an exceptional cinematic moment, and the plot is admittedly unoriginal. Nevertheless, "Ides of March" is a marvelous showcase of acting, and a well-crafted drama. But nothing more.
Warning: Strong Language