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5 years ago via Flixster
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim(2013)

The poster child for "style over substance," "Pacific Rim" is a ridiculous Summer action flick that falls flat. Every line of dialogue is forced, plot conveniences abound, and not a single character is memorable. "Pacific Rim" may sport some impressive CGI-driven action scenes, but even those are dreadfully shot (almost all taking place at night, in the rain, and in extreme closeups so it's borderline impossible to understand what's actually happening onscreen).

This "Transformers" wannabe grows more far-fetched and implausible by the minute, making sure to hit every single action-movie cliché as it goes (and making sure all of its characters are as hackneyed and one-dimensional as possible). It's not like "Pacific Rim" aimed to be this important, heartfelt and poignant epic-- it aimed to be a big, fun, brainless action movie... But, to be that, a movie usually has to be entertaining. "Pacific Rim," at its best, is forgettable.