MattTory's Rating of Elysium

Matt's Review of Elysium

5 years ago via Flixster


An exciting concept executed with little-to-no originality, "Elysium" sure does look great, but squanders its potential as a sci-fi masterpiece with its repetitive storytelling, overboard fight sequences, and mediocre characters.

"Elysium" is by no means an awful film, and it has its entertaining moments, but it fails to deliver on its top-notch premise (think the recent Justin Timberlake sci-fi "In Time"). Matt Damon's likability and charm help keep the film compelling throughout, even past a downright annoying performance from Jodie Foster (whose character's presence is completely irrelevant, at that).

"Elysium" is one of those movies that you mostly enjoy in the theater, but won't ever really think about again, or have the urge to put in the DVD player years later. "Elysium" has its blockbuster moments, but it turns out an underwhelming experience.