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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby(2013)

I am deeply conflicted in critiquing "The Great Gatsby." Half of me is silently screaming about the multiple flaws, the showy spectacle-inducing style that drowns out the story, and the gross amount of CGI landscapes... But the other half of me sort of fell in love with "Gatsby."

The perfect cast, led by the always-brilliant Leonardo DiCaprio, all shine in this impressive and extremely ambitious adaptation, full of dazzling visuals, delightful sequences, and a surprising amount of fun. As much as I wanted to nitpick all the faults throughout the movie, I just found myself having way too much fun to do so. Against all expectation, the soundtrack arranged by Jay-Z is extremely enjoyable and fits perfectly within the film (it's just as much a surprise to me as it is to you).

The style may overpower the storytelling in "Gatsby," but the film ultimately portrays the downfalls of the American dream with great deft. Even though emotion may not be the film's strong suit, there's a good chance "The Great Gatsby" will have you enchanted (but maybe not moved).