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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Grey

The Grey(2012)

This film is singlehandedly responsible if I pee my pants the next time I hear a wolf cry out in the night. "The Grey" is to wolves as I imagine "Jaws" was to sharks for viewers back in 1975. This thrilling drama is an incredibly intense and surprisingly emotional journey of the human will to survive. Liam Neeson stars in a role he was born to play, leading a group of plane crash survivors in the Alaskan wilderness, braving the elements, and experiencing the horrors of the wild- both physically and mentally. It's an intelligent and introspective film, full of beautifully shot landscapes, heart-pounding action, and poignant moments. It masterfully strikes a balance between tension-laced drama and poetic beauty, making its way right up to the top of greatest survival films with the likes of "127 Hours." Strong language and realistic violence may keep some viewers at bay, but if you're game, this is a brutal and magnificent film that will stay with you for a while.9/10