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6 years ago via Flixster
Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths(2012)

"Psychotic" has never more perfectly described a film than "Seven Psychopaths." This well-crafted dark comedy is definitely not for the faint of heart; it is full of carnage and bloodshed, yet at the same time makes fun of films that use violence to progress the plot (which it most certainly does). It's full-out meta, almost requiring a second viewing to catch all the subtle foreshadowing and hilarious self-references.
Straight out of the Quentin Tarantino playbook, "Seven Psychopaths" is wild, gruesome, and crazily comedic fun. The story is all over the board, but it amazingly never loses its center. As a film, its succeeds on many levels. As a piece of entertainment, well that's for you to decide... Probably depends on how much your stomach can handle.
(Seriously, this movie is pretty intense. I usually am not a fan of overly gruesome movies, but this flick was just done so well that it won me over. But it's not for everyone. So, be warned!)