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5 years ago via Flixster
White House Down

White House Down(2013)

A surprisingly fun and entertaining action-adventure that's far better than expected, "White House Down" is an implausible and far-fetched shoot-em-up summer blockbuster.

But it brings the goods.

I mean, sure. It's a loud, clichéd, almost dumb, apocalyptic and action-packed Hollywood summer movie that hits all the beats you'd expect it to... But, the difference here is that "White House Down" (which is a masterpiece compared to this year's earlier "Olympus Has Fallen") knows it's cheesy and clichéd and dumb fun-and uses that to its advantage. It never takes itself too seriously, and a good amount of genuine laughs make it entertaining throughout.

And I'm not usually that big of a fan of either Channing Tatum or Jamie Foxx, but they both find a good rhythm here together. I just don't find myself agreeing with the majority of critics on this one- "White House Down" may be dumb- but it's dumb fun at its best.