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Gross Anatomy
Gross Anatomy (1989)
8 years ago via Flixster

When I originally first viewed this film year ago, it struck me to be quite morbid, a bit frightening with a twinge of sarcasm. Ironically year later, I find myself suffering with the very same disease Christine Lahti's charactor suffers with and dies from (Systemic Lupus). As a fully developed adult now, I can see the inner meaning of this flick and if you too enjoy venturing into the unknown waters of cinematic wonders....then this is definitely a film to add to your collection. It is most meaningful to me now. You will likely enjoy the abstract contrast of each charactor as they interact and find yourself tranformed into somebody else's life experience. A definite must see!

Heartburn (1986)
8 years ago via Flixster

This Film is for anyone who has ever given their heart away only to have it smashed repeatedly by the man or woman you had chosen for "life". Your heart will break with Meryl Streep's charactor's. But when you see the beginning of her newfound strength, you will rejoice equally as much! I highly recommend this timeless piece!

Terms of Endearment
8 years ago via Flixster

This movie perfectly portrays the human spirit, heart and soul when faced with dire circumstances with little to no options. It is then and only then that we come to find out who we really are underneath all the layers of years and failures. Only then are most people willing to come clean and show them for who they really truly are. Sad yet very neccessary, this film will do more than to simply evoke a flurry of your deeply inward emotions, it can and will uplift you to a place of grattitude for living that can reshape your present situation no matter where you stand. There is most definitely a chemistry between all of these wonderfully seasoned actors. There is humor at moments least expected, just as there are in real daily life. This is one of my top most sees! Don't miss out!