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Virus X
Virus X (2010)
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Virus X was pleasantly entertaining, stylish, and wildly plotted, and executed! A bit "trippy", if you would, but that is exactly what you'd be going for I believe if you were to go rent or buy such a movie! Other wise there'd be titles like The children of men, or Gattaca, and, of course Kubrick's 2001 to choose from, way before getting here!! No, masterpieces aside or mainstream's sci-fi's mostly inflated movies today, if you wanted to avoid for a night usual boring formula's, and, feeling adventurous like you'd almost wanna savor a cult film with lots of great cinematic references, and feed your curiosity over some secure secret pleasurable guilty treat's type of materials, or, maybe, If you would like to see cult icons Sybil DANNING ( efficiently nailing the role of a wealthy lady who foolishly symbolizes how power today could be used against us in a completely not so far from truth kind of scenario) or even Domiziano Arcangeli ( who's made so many cult films, and, roles since the 1980's, you could almost think he'd be retired by now and , yet he still looks instead awesome as a rock star look alike replicant, who starts on defecting when "feeling" humanly, and, he actually does a great job with such difficult premise) , and, over all, if you'd like to discover new directions in today's Indie scene, or new virtuoso film's directors, moving camera constantly, yet finding odd angles, and, almost a pop yet interestingly daring and gloomy cinematography, able even to hide the lack of adequate budget and production design, then, a movie like this should be quite satisfying and amusing to all of those like you and I enjoy all that, and, i am pretty sure you'd have a great time watching a ironic show, that, even though rather contrived, and improbable, it is not afraid at least to take risks, and, to actually win at the end on the main front: it turns out to be a truly "different" movie, managing often to mix high tension with humor, high camp with vibrant stylizations, and, a bit of a more profound underlining message, along with a fully more B Genre type of plot, that never fails to keep you rather thrilled, nor pleasantly surprised by all those more personal, and unique solutions, the filmmaker's of Virus X opted for in order to produce with little a witty movie, that is entertaining and also quite unique!