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The Box
The Box(2009)

A really good premise that kept me watching to the end, but the ending just left me feeling rather underwhelmed and the movie stretched out far too long after the climax of pressing the big red button on the titular Box. Worth watching but not really worth watching again as after the button was pressed it became a Kelly-esque jerkoff to quantum physics, aliens and utilitarian thought experiments. Here's a better version I found on Youtube that's only seven minutes to watch:-

The Maltese Falcon

It's just a pity they don't make films like this anymore - the action and suspense is driven purely by dialogue, and yet from the beginning I couldn't look away, because the pacing was just right, so that there was never a boring moment, and there was always some question that needed answering, until the very end.

The classic noir, and I just hope the others will measure up!


Arnie in his prime. Full of great one-liners and a template for acton movies after it. The junk food of cinema, but we all have to indulge once in a while.

This Must Be The Place

I found this film both powerful and confusing - the performances were satisfying and visually the film was quite stunning. However, I found it quite hard to follow in parts and the ending seemed sort of underwhelming. Also by the end Sean Penn's voice becomes like nails on a chalkboard.

The Chase
The Chase(1994)

While I started watching this thinking it would be nothing but a cheap laugh, I ended up quite liking the film, even if it seemed to lack much real substance. It was rather interesting how the police and the media were, if anything, more morally questionable than the protagonist. A lot of great laughs, and a brilliant soundtrack if you like 90s punk. Fair performances from Sheen, Rollins and Swanson, though they certainly weren't at their best (and perhaps Henry Rollins doesn't really have a best). If you're looking for something that will really inspire you however, you've come to the wrong film. It's essentially some goofy fun for fans of Charlie Sheen and Henry Rollins.

Enter the Dragon

Probably the best martial arts film I have ever seen. While the plot and character development was kept to a minimum, this is definitely forgivable given the genre, and indeed if it had more of this, it'd be a needless waste of Bruce Lee's talents. I couldn't look away from him throughout the film, even if I had tried. The film had a great kitschy charm that probably wasn't intended, but was nevertheless enjoyable. Also, I swear Bruce Lee could win a staring contest with an inanimate object, it's that lasting an impression.


While some parts of the film seemed embellished, overall I found it seemed quite realistic, and it seemed to inject a lot of life into the role of somebody a lot of people would quickly dismiss as just another hip-hop stereotype. The film seemed slow to start but the drama managed to build up toward the end, though the ending itself didn't seem to provide much of a satisfying conclusion.

99 francs
99 francs(2007)

This must be one of my favourite foreign films; charming, witty and even insightful dialogue, and entertaining direction that makes you laugh and weep, hopefully in the right order.

The Adjustment Bureau

While it was intriguing to begin with, the captivating science fiction premise gave way to what was a fairly shallow romance. The most valuable element of the film was lost when they failed to elaborate or speculate on their ideas about the conflict of determinism and free will, and so I really lost interest toward the end. The cinematography and visual style was, however, quite good.

Human Traffic

A funny and truthful reflection upon clubbing and the effect of Ecstasy. I particularly liked the idea of showing the 'real life' occurrence before showing what the characters really think - which led to some amusing jokes about life in general.


Eraserhead brought a new meaning to strangeness. It was far more of an atmosphere or a mood than a story: bleak, cold, isolated, awful and certainly in bad taste . . . but intriguing nevertheless.


A little unrealistic but a great movie about acceptance and growing up. Whilst some of the characters were a bit flat the main character was brilliant :)

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

Hilariously pulpy, I loved the cheesy 80s Sci-fi elements and Arnold's hilarious lines, but what I liked most was the way they actually used some of Philip K. Dick's ideas about reality and delusion. Probably one of the better action films I have seen.


While not quite boring, another Hollywood director makes an attempt at adapting a decent Philip K. Dick story but unfortunately converts it into a rather mindless action film. I guess I couldn't expect much from John Woo and Ben Affleck, regardless.


Darren Aronofsky, you are a genius. The film completely captures the mathematician's reclusive nature, claustrophobia, madness and pain which come together to a brilliant and gripping conclusion.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Wow, this movie was awesome. First movie that's really drawn me in in a while - convincing, interesting characters and a really interesting, if creepy story to go with it :)

Basic Instinct

A steamy thriller that is brilliant in that it shows what happened, and then makes you doubt it completely. I particularly liked the sociopathic characters.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Yes, I have finally watched Donnie Darko.

It wasn't bad and the paradox was rather amusing, though I'm sure I have seen better films about time travel and schizophrenia . . . . perhaps the amount I have been "encouraged" to watch it made it a little cliché :P


Robin Wiliams is slightly unconvincing in yet another uninspiring family movie. Themes and messages are synonymous with pretty much every recent family movie I've seen, and hence I'm disappointed when many Robin Williams films were of a far higher standard.

The Last Samurai

A barely passable film epic that, while well choreographed, seems like a shameless remake of Jerry London's Shogun (1980), complete with similar hairstyles and outfits. I could never really stand Tom Cruise, so this may have influenced how I experienced the film.

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Not as good as the original, but better than the subsequent Planet of the Apes films. Whilst Fransiscus wasn't as enjoyable a lead as Heston, the ending, and particularly the mutants, were great fun.

Planet of the Apes

Easily one of my favourite films - well acted and shot, groundbreaking for its time. A brilliant sci-fi with plenty of classic moments and a feel yet to be matched.

Alice in Wonderland

Alright but not amazing. Nice special effects and passable dialogue, however, I expected a far higher standard from Tim Burton.

It just goes to show the gradual decrease in quality of Tim Burton films as the years have passed, though going to the cinema may have not been the best of ideas right after leaving hospital :P

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I really enjoyed Fear and Loathing - eclectic dialogue, hallucinations, shifting in and out of reality - funny yet serious, alleviating but sickening . . . the low-budget effects also added some comedic effect. Great acting by Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp, even if the film became so slow in places that it could well have been . . . . . stoned.


"Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?"

Edward Scissorhands

One of Burton's best films, with a great contrast of Gothic-themed fairytale and bourgeois, Caucasian-American suburbs, with excellent portrayal of the socially isolated, near-autistic Edward by Depp. A joy to watch because it created the precise emotions in the viewer needed to enjoy the plot.

Little Nicky
Little Nicky(2000)

I find Adam Sandler plays the same role in every film in which he is cast. Juvenile, pointless and badly plotted American comedy that fails to entertain; though the metal allusions were somewhat amusing.


A childhood favourite that remains amusing to this day. The creatures and songs are all rather cute and Bowie makes an excellent performance as the highly attractive King Jareth.

The Game
The Game(1997)

I love mind games and complex plots where you don't know if what is happening is genuine or a mere game; so already a movie like The Game appeals to me.

I enjoyed the general plotline and cinematography of The Game as well as the introduction of random objects within scenes that would be used later in the film. Another great David Fincher film.

The Big Lebowski


A good, fun movie with some amusing allusions and general stupidity that somehow managed to avoid the stereotype of most American comedies. I somehow got the feeling the plot was like a long, drunk, eclectic conversation getting progressively more stuffed-up and ridiculous . . . . in a good way :)


Angels to some, demons to others :D

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Brilliant, I love this movie more than most people. But how do you know who you really are if you haven't been in a fight?