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Tank Girl
Tank Girl (1995)
8 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Not as bad as it was lauded 20 years ago, not as good as the cult following heaps it's praise. The movie half baked, literally. A lot the movie feels incomplete, like it ran out of money and filled the gaps with comic panels. Lori Petty is great in her role, as is Naomi Watts and they have great chemistry together. For the first 1/3 of film, things are looking good, then it takes a turn where it thinks it's being avant garde, but it ends up being weird and awkward. But I can respect the attempts even when it's not working. It's not great or even that good, but it has its appeal and themes that resonate today.

Life (2017)
9 months ago via Flixster

When Alien came out in 1979, there were a slew of rip offs, from Galaxy of Terror, to Inseminoid, Star Crystal, Deep Star Six and Forbidden World. Life plays out like one of those except it had created by people who put a little more effort into the science and it has a great cast. It has some tense moments, good acting, and an early surprise death; but I don't think Calvin will rank up with the great cinematic monsters and I wish the writers mixed things up a bit to let it have it's own voice. As it stands, it's a decent Alien knock off. I do however LOVE the ending, and I feel that the filmmakers had to fight for that. I laughed due to the shock, but bravo and well done.

Saban's Power Rangers
9 months ago via Flixster

3 1/2 The new cast has great camaraderie and charisma together, and the movie has an excellent sense of discovery. The action is good and the revised mythology is excellent. I would love this movie if wasn't for the worst product placement I've seen in a decade. There is one item used for product placement and Power Rangers whores it out to point that it's key to plot. If you can get past that you'll have a blast.

Get Out
Get Out (2017)
10 months ago via Flixster

Get Out is exactly how Frank Oz's 2004 Stepford Wives should have played out. It's never outright scary, but it's filled with creepy moments that get under your skin, and unsurprisingly it's really funny as well.

The Great Wall
10 months ago via Flixster

The Great Wall is flawed but fun. I don't know what nationality Damon is playing since his accent goes in and out throughout the flick, and the key to defeating the creature is absolutely stupid, however there is much more going on for it than some would have you belier. It's has excellent cinematography and costume designs, Damon and Pascal have good chemistry together, Zhang Yimou can deliver on action.