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Phantasm: Remastered
12 days ago via Flixster

Uh. Ok. Not a great plot, it has a icon ready looking villain and cool weapon. After seeing the first three movies, I can say it's a weird franchise and not in a good way. It simultaneously under explains and over explains and make up the mythology in random ways as it goes along. I'm baffled by the draw to this especially since A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Evil Dead take similar routes to much better success.

We Are Still Here
12 days ago via Flixster

This hidden gem is a good find for any fans of the haunted house sub genre. Throws in a few twists to mix things up. The ending cranks everything up to 11.

The Invitation
12 days ago via Flixster

One of those films, where the less you know about it, the better.

31 (2016)
35 days ago via Flixster

It's my dream that Tobe Hooper and John Carpenter, on their death bed, invite Rob Zombie over and tell him what a disappointment he is. And that's their last words. Hopefully the words will be etched into his soul and he'll make another music hit like Hellbilly Delux, drop this weird love of crass, trailer trash culture.

Resident Evil: Degeneration
47 days ago via Flixster

It's disappointing that the zombies are gone after the 30 minute mark. The dialog can get pretty cheesy, the villain is over-the-top cartoonish and some of the waxy animation just isn't up to the standards set by Advent Children.