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House (Hausu)

What did I just watch? Strange + strange = this film. Reviews are outstanding high I didn't truly understand it. Laughable to say the least.

Sunset Boulevard

This film was not what it seemed. Swansen soared and sparked.

Little Otik
Little Otik(2001)

So the cover is creepy and it seems like a very maternal Little shop of horrors...

Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One)

Maybe this week if I am lucky....

Saw this I had such antipation that I must have jinxed myself. It was ehhh ok. I was looking so forward to this. Sigh dissatisfaction

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

I will watch next week!!!

Watched it its stunning! People soils watch this because it exsists although story wise wished that was, as beautiful as the film.

My Life in Pink (Ma Vie en Rose)

I loved this movie!!! I tear when I think of it, recommended many years ago by my friend Andy, and I did not listen, saw it recently and was blown away...this film penetrates and resides inside of me, I do not know what to say about the gender confusion shown in this film and how gender roles are socialized, we are all guilty of this...I loathe that but I am just as guilty...Ava's closet consists of pink and purple clothes...I stress in life the importance of individuality and sometimes (almost always) societal forces intervene..this film shows the importance of acceptance and that even in young bodies souls may be older than we think...a movie dream come true

I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura)

This film was self sabotage on my is the story, I missed every showing of this film at Fellini , no other place had it for rent, the sociologist in me wanted to watch this assuming the parellels to society were going to be apparent, Netflix finally sent it to me, I kept this film for four months, do not ask why, when I finally viewed it I was disapointed, I wanted a sinister secret to be revealed but instead I got the same old take on the darkside of human behavior...yes people are awful and heartless and this film displayed this but honestly I wanted it to have a more abstract quality that it was lacking

Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua para Chocolate)

Like many films the food and emotions go hand and hand. Saw this many years ago yet when I watched again it was like the first time. It is a beautiful film about tradition of the youngest daughter not marrying to take care of her mother. Tita bless her she was put through hell the entirety of the film and finally independence. It shows also how you can not make everyone happy.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

I had seen it before but I hadn't...what I was remembering was it is so simular to other films. It was very well made.

Sex and the City

I know what a cliche a woman who wants to see the SATC movie but the television show sparked a Sunday tradition with my older sister and I and while some (all) episodes were racy and somewhat fictional all had alot of heart and a realism to them about love. life , and even I am getting older and found that a good girlfriend are hard to find, this series paid homage to the other loves in ones life and that was your friends...I truly treasure the few true friends I have and this series showcases that perfectly... and granted displayed some strange happening ons in relationships which usually you think it is "just you"

This film was an example of having extremely high expectations and being let down. Now the film was good but not great. I did not feel the same heart as i did in the series. Then thinking I thought how could I ? The series was a Sunday tradition for me and the film summed up in two hours. I guess I am a love cynic in my old age, I was very upset at the ending. I wanted it to be real and it was in a cliched dreamland.

Meet the Robinsons

I prematurely gave my star rating but it was right on. This film deals with mature themes like adoption, longing to know where you came from, believing in yourself, and family. The film displays how your family does not have to be the one who gave birth to you but the one you grown with. It is a beautiful film and the ending...I teared up. I rented this months ago and I sat down yesterdau and actually watched it and I loved it. It is super sweet, charming, has a great message of believeing in yourself.

Margot at the Wedding

I saw no point to this. Wait I did I hated Margot...annoying all around

High Fidelity

SEEN 1/2

Could a dare to say a romantic comedy years ago when I first saw this i could not finish watching. Saw this again and I understood why. Back then I dealt with one asshole now I know alot of assholes and they could be personified by Cusack charector. The core of his charector as with the other aholes is a nice guy but is immature and needs a woman to show his worth and i get that. He is a nice guy who always is looking for the something better. Luckily in the end of his ordeal and soul searching he realizes that what he's got is worth it and pretty damn great. Now if we could all come to those realizations but in life that is something that can not happen in the duration of 2 1/2 hours.

Being Julia
Being Julia(2004)

This film is an anomilly because it displays the beautiful Benning acting her ...oh no ...age. It shows how everything in your life can be going right but the pizazz is gone. With youth comes reckless impulses, iressponsiblity, immatureness but one thing is for sure lust, is ageless. Whether Julia lusted Tom was not the question she lusted what he stood for. Bening is great. the film I thought was going to be more sinnister in the ending of Julia's plan but it was just crappy.

Citizen Ruth
Citizen Ruth(1996)

So this film is funny in some parts but mostly sad...but true. the portiat painted is one of irresponsiblity, cycle of ignorance and the idea of brainwashing. Everyone has an opinion on abortion and people want the babies to be born but what happens after. (ON my soapbox) advocate sexual matureness and use protection for pets sake.

Victor Victoria

Even as a child I always loved androgany--I absolutely LOVED Andrews in this performance. I found her sexy and powerful even in "drag". This film was funny and reaaly out of my maturity level when i watched it about 15 years ago. I have always loved the androgonoues like:
Ziggy Stardust
Marlena Dietriech
Annie Lennox
Madonna (Express Yourself Video)
Robert Smith
and last but definetly not least
Tim Curry

Crazy Love
Crazy Love(2007)

Lets see:
man meets girl but man is still married but girl does not know, man and girl have a tumultous relationship, girl breaks it off, man hires goons to throw lye in her face blinding girl. WOW!

But girl eventually takes man back...
This could be the most fucked up 'love story" I have heard of. My college sophomore level pyschology is that girl did NOT want the man back but she felt like she could not do any better. It was heartbresking to watch. the girl has a gumption and a sass in her old age and the man came across as pure evil...he is a bastard.


When watching this film, at the begginining Gilliam gives a disclaimer that you MIGHT not like this film...I would not say I did not like it but I did not LOVE it. The premise is strange it is like Pans Labrinth which was done later but not as magical. The film's tone has a bleakness but is rich. The film is from the POV of a little girl that quite frankly, her life sucks. But with her life sucking she does that know that she has fun and entertains herself, and still loves her dead (embalmed) father...yes embalmed.

The story sadly never gained momentum. Pans Labrinth was visually stunning and the reality was dark and sad but Tideland equally stunning in its landsccape but the isolation is felt in the film.

Jodelle Feraland ranks #2 (Ave is number one) in the most beautiful child actor I have ever seem. The child is luminous, she glows. If Gilliam achieved anything to perfection is the performance of this little star.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

This is a fucking ultimate film experience...did I love it...yup...did I LOVE RDJR...yes yes and yes. This film is great, fun entertaining, socially conscience, and kick ass, never a dull moment.

Kung Fu Panda

Cute cute and cute! This film was charming it actually was great. I loved the Ian Mcshane voice I was intrigued to who this man was. He is from Deadwood fame and that voice is so sinnister. The film is super cute.

The Secret of NIMH

I was 4 years old when this came out and I remember it very well. I rented it for my lil one to watch which she saw some of it but not all and I had forgotten the magic this films displays. I was watching this years ago and it is still as relevant now even more so. Animal testing being a touchy subject for some and it is addressed in this film. The other topics are deception, moral responsibility, and courage. The film astonishs me in the age of computer animated films this was drawn by kick ass...

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

This was not bad actually pretty good but damn gory...I thought it was your run of the mill haunted plac mumbo jumbo but it was not. So the possessed happen to be plants and at first I was very skeptical that it would work but it did. The story is simple but it shows how not to behave when you are traveling in a foreign country...see Turistas.

Under the Same Moon

This was a beautiful film. Cliched yes but done wondefully while feeling new and fresh and touching. The performances are moving which is why the film was so wonderful. More to come


Fucking awesome!!! I was expecting crap but was I wrong. The film works...think of Fight Club + Matrix=Wanted. The story is simple but the innovation of the special effects are great. Deception, double cross, and standing up for yourself. But truly it is about honesty to yourself and the idea that one event may change your outlook even though your life remains the same..

Shallow Grave

This was a great film! I was on the edge of my seat!!!

Angel Heart
Angel Heart(1987)

I saw this many years ago and somehow I ask "what happened Mr. Rouke"? I saw that face the talent and loved him but somehow he was blacklisted, thankfully after some major 2AM screening sessions of Sin City, Rouke is (was) back.

Anyhow Deniro is a bad ass. It had a shock ending before the shock ending was somewaht of a criteria in todays mainsteam films. I was WEIRDED out by the chicken blood and nakedness, no wonder Bill Cosby booted Bonnet after this film. It was a genunie thinking persons ? horror film not a splatter fest.

The most shocking could be it is an ALAN PARKER film...What????

Peggy Sue Got Married

I always seem to forget about this film but when I am reminded I fall in love allovefr again.

Asks the age old question if you knew then what you know now what would you change. This film may have paved the way for the more trippy Eternal Sunshine but you still get the same answer. Since humans are gluttons for punishment we have to endure ourselves asking what could I have done...nothing. Fate had taken its course, or if fate is not your game, then you were at the right place wrong time or vice versa

In the Cut
In the Cut(2003)

Dark, sinister, and almost disturbing to see "americas sweetheart" naked on screen. Campion had captured erotic romance in The Piano and I felt the heart, beauty of desire and want and of course lust and love but this film was urban waste setting with undesireable charectors. Ruffalo who I love BTW was so sleazy here but did not manage to reddeem himself by the end of the film. Kudos to Ryan for a daring film but the film did not deliever.

Working Girl
Working Girl(1988)

I love this movie!!! I watch it everytime it is on. I somehow related to Tess because it is true "you can't get to the top wothout bending the rules". Weaver is a dream.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

So I gave this 21/2 stars after watching once but I saw this again and again and I loved it. I somehow related and the first time I saw this I was so cynical but this time I was loving it. So I ask myself whats going on is my Miranda personality suddenly becoming a Charlette? I am confused or is it I have seen it on Starz 4 times this month? Nevertheless I LOVE Winslet and I felt something for her charector and Black is not his usual goober self and well eye candy Law can make the DMV more interesting...

so the correction of my rating from 21/2 to 4 stars =)

The Dark Knight

I am salivating...

Not only has the wait been an eternity, now I have no dates....I have a feeling I will be bribing someone to go with me.... at midnight tonight...BOOOO!!

So I saw the film and it is Nolan's masterpiece. YES I SAID MASTERPIECE, STOP IT HATERS!

I have to be completely honest I thought it was going to be a let down and was I wrong. This film is amazing... honestly I am in awe, I want to see it again and at 9.50 a showing that is saying plenty. Plot lines, special effects, action and creativity galore in this film.

At the core of the film it is a reflection of modern times, I could very easily plug the United States, Iraq, Al Quaida, and acts of terrorism into this film at anytime. The metaphors are tremendous. So Nolan just gave us a status report of the state of the world according to violent terrorists. The Joker is a terrorist and he is not interested in anything but pure evil and chaos. Suffering and the uneasiness the Dark Knight endures as any person does in everyday life, who wants more. The film utilizes almost every genre of film. It is an action film, mob film, crime, love, conflict of self and a tale of revenge. All of this packaged in a bad ass film that runs almost 2 1/2 hours. I just say even if you are not into the film watch it if you get a chance because it is that good...

Why Did I Get Married?

I was expecting more from this tale on relationships and marriage in modern times. The film was like a hodgepodge of films we have all seen just packaged in one neat film. The idea is Why did I get married is a book that one of the charectors writes to help couples figure out where thier marriage is going. At the center all the couples have problems, some worse than others. The key to all thier problems is honesty in thier communication and listening to your partner. And thats almost the whole film. Usually Perry wows me by his portrayal Iof modern women who is black and here it showed eduacated, upper class people still have problems like everyone else but it was not that great. I feel like the performances are lacking. I am sorry but I thought Jackson was overacting and Scott sort of let me down. I could not see past the singer personas. The film also bothered me by the ending yes it is happy but unbelieveable. Most of Perry's films are the same but this time it displays problems that we have all gone through or will. So maybe I wanted to be transported to another place not reminded of life now.


So this had the fairy tale feel, the cutesy comedy, the good looking actors but it was missing geniune HEART. I felt the acting was so obvious. I LOVE Ohara/Ricci/ Mcavory?Witherspoon but this film did NOT highlight any of thier talents. I was very disapointed...I hate that...


I saw 1/2 but dying to watch the seems the first time a Hispanic gay man is portrayed like a real person and not some cliched sassy side kick...

So I watched the film and I was a bit disappointed. I guess thinking about it I find some shitty contradictions in this film.


Like Magdalena's family is understandably upset about her pregnancy and no penetration but sexual acts were still going on! I found that logic ridiculous yeah your kid got pregnant but is still a virgin but she was in a position of sexual experimentation. I guess when I was a kid, either you had sex or you didn't now it seems kids are doing everything but. This bothers me because it is still an intimate act that opens the door to intercourse...anyhow off my soapbox, the film has its high points like the wonderful bond between the cousins and uncle. Aspects of the relationships in the fim are unrealistic, like the 3some business, the rent being lowered in LA to help them out, the uncle making his living selling chaparado. But we do not see many film showing the hispanic/mexican lifestyle, but it was enjoyable.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

So some kudos for the film but I feel it is important in its mood, story, feel and performances. So the unsavory and revolting topic of pedophilla addressed in this film and granted I do not watch films about that or I try not to but I had been wanting to watch this for a long time. The poster is amazing keep you wondering about the film and of course it was checked out everytime I went to rent it.
Story is simple lil girl meets 30ish man online and meets him and they have a creepy chemistry in a disturbing way. The camera angles add to the ick factor by extreme closeups as if we are looking at them from the charctors pov. And the film is not what you think, it becomes a weird trip. Where sympathy is misplaced but no one is really "innocent". The film has a spectrum of wrong doings, like is this worse or is that? The film poses questions and you feel like shit because you sympathized with a pedaphile. The shittiness continues because you feel anger or repulsion at the 14 year old because of the disbelief of the acts she is commiting but would you still feel the same if she was older?

Page is the anti-Juno in this she is calculating sadist with revenge on her mind. Wilson is great in this also although I have only seen Little Children which he is fantastic in.

I would not say I liked the film but it is rather disturbing for something you can get at your run of the mill video store.

Live Flesh (Carne trémula)

AHH Bardem does not disappoint...I just really loved deals with circumstance which is a character in itself in many Almodovar films...very mature for the director which I believed paved the way to his style now

Saw this film again, the first time in many years, and I seemed to have sympathy with different charectors than my initial reaction to viewing. I still loved it but, the film shows we are all "flesh". The flesh feels, yearns, desires, loathes, loves, regrets, and plans. The film shows a love square not triangle, where all charectors are flesh, the same but different. The charectors are the same in the qualities of the so called "flesh" but some have transformations but essentially they are all capable of the same. My sympathy was with Bardem's charecter this time around not entranced by the powerful obsessiion of the Rabai charecter. But neither charector (or any ) are innocent but human in the charectoristics of the flesh.So Almodovar probaly named this film live flesh because a living something can not be stopped from free will and the goals of getting what you want.

In the Bedroom

I saw this film MANY years ago and disregarded it..but since watching Michael Clayton a revival of Tom Wilkensten I saw part of this film recently on WE...I was too young the first time to understand the grief, emotion, suffering, and agony shown in this film. Since a child is a gift the idea of having this priceless jewel taken away by violent means no less is HELL to watch. I need to watch this again with a more mature motherly mindset

So I watched this again, this time I completely understood. The idea of finding "true happiness" and meanwhile trying to find that for your children. The film is a tragedy but shows that nothing is . really what it seems and how we ACT fine but we are flawed.

Grief/revenge/acceptance/ are all displayed in this film. My mind is working faster than my fingers that this is how I related to the film, that I can not find proper emotions to discuss further...more to come


This film was magnifacent. A true coming of age story set with the backdrop of Isalmic Revolution. The rights of woman are taken away and felt by Marjane, strong females through out that shine.
There are intensely emotional aspects to the demise further to patriarchal values that plagues this planet. One unnerving scene is Marjane's mother demands a man (stranger) for respect but instead he insults her. Marjane's mother is sobbing on the drive home. Other than the decline to patriarchy we also the ability of authority figures to manipulate and mold young immpressionable minds to the masters advantage. The idea is the slave/master relationship. One very interesting aspect of the film is one Marjanes family DO NOT try to change her outspoken ways so they allow marjane to move to a safe place. Second Marjane's parents seemed to have had a equal relationship between them a partnership if you will.

Marjane struggles with death, depression, love, loss and faith all in this wonderful film. The style of the film is bold and black and white add to the charming effect the film is giving off. I would be so brave to submit that the film is half what some woman want to see and the other half what some men want to see. Of course these are just generalizations. I by no means want to be portrayed as sexist...

Don't miss it!

For Keeps
For Keeps(1988)

I really love this it is lighthearted but it expresses feelings first time parents go through. As with my unplanned pregnancy i felt too like I could rule the world like Darcy and was optimistic not knowing that children a rite of passage for some and a turning point that you can never go back only move forward. Growth is needed and self improvement/discovery with this huge sense of responsiblity, the notion that I am the be all say all of a little soul is the scariest idea in my life but the greatest priveledge. Granted outside forces intervene but ultimately your child is a gift that is a part of your physical self and chunk spiritual self. The realizations that one comes to when holding the little stranger for the first time, or the drive from the hospital or the moment that one finally feels comfortable with a child and not like a complete fool but the idea of being able to do this and not just to get it done but to raise a child with all your being and essence. This films seems to capture the importance of dreams and detours which we all face even the most organized of us all.

And most of the joys of partnership and parenthood
The couple deals with limited financial resources which most parents do, post pardem depression, and ultimately the choice to make it work as a couple. This was a film I enjoyed as a kid and later as an adult as well...


Murphy at his best. The film is about how waht goes around comes around. The film is raunchy but great and young talent throughout Lawrence/Berry/Givens/Rock
I love it because this always seems to happen in life. You just don't like someone and you "play" them then you meet someone and they play you.

Karma comes back and kicks you in the ass. But what I wonder about karma is when is it completely redeemed, or do we keep suffering from it?


Top ten!!!!!!!!!

This is one film that has no sappy love scenes but is full of love (Nute) and sexual tensions between Ripley and Hicks. I love this film !!!

I Love everything about it...even Bishops nasty white blood yuck....

This is amazing considering it is a sequel and usually the originals are the best with the exception of T2

Meet The Browns

Waterworks! Sheer waterworks, I have seen more emotional films before but I was tearing like crazy...lets see why: single mother loses her crappy job, has 3 kids various ages to raise in a inner city nightmare, and deals with the predujices that we all have of women who have different baby daddies and dead beat baby daddies so she is doing it ALONE. That is just the first few minutes!

Perry has a beautiful idea of what a woman (his heroine) is. She is strong, resilant, caring, respectful but closed off from letting someone inside the most coveted part of her body... her heart. This film is no different. Perry shows the hardships of life: growing, learning, loving, and accepting in a beautiful way.

One thing I love about his films is his ability to show the ____ of falling in love. I have no idea what it is. A process, an ability, a journey. This film shows that friendships are first established between persistant men and the heroine, bonds and trust created, respect and equality given then love blooms. Usually this love depiction in his films are about 5-7 minutes but you feel the beauty of the blossoming love. And no sex, is shown like in this case none at all, the 1st kiss comes at the end of the film which I was dying to see. His films are like life the up and downs, the anticipation, excitement, letdowns, and all that consists of human exsistance.

Bassett I LOVE her, she glows!

Basic Instinct 2

I was bored on the 4th, I redeem myself somehow right BUT it was not that bad...expecting a terrible mess it was actually pretty good, Stone doing her best femme fatale portrayal as Trammel that woman has balls, maybe that is why such a uproar was made in the 90's about the first part because a sucessful woman fornicating, doing drugs, engaging in fetish fantasies and being in control of her own life and telling everyone to fuck off, well the same persona is back although this time is worse. In BI1 Trammel murdered the chaos ended for the poor victim there but this time she is puts a trance over her victim and jails him inside his desire and curiosity until it reality comes crashing down. This time the feel was not so raunchy as BI1, this one was actually a "psychological thriller" with gratious sex acts of course.

THe film ending was a little bit of a let down so I am of course cutting the film where I wanted it to end...that is the Trammel in me...

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Painful utterly painful to watch...never had my heart gone out to a screen persona before but Solondoz childhood tragedy yanked at my heart...Dawn Wiener lifes sucked so bad...that is as articulate as I can get...

Once Were Warriors

This is a poweful film. The film portrays the horror of domestic violence in a terrifing way. The scene is relatively short but holy shit is it f*cked up.

This film was shown to my Maarriage and Family class bu my professor who was a survivor of domestic violence herself, she went on to describe that this was an accurate depiction of the violence in her life. That brought tears to my eyes.

But like the film (sorry) it shows that one can rebuild and grow i would not be bold to say happy endings because with experiences like this it is far from happy. The experiences had molded my professor into the strong woman she is but she still has some issues, which who wouldn't or doesn't.

But the film is a honor to the old traditions which some lose sight of.

Honestly the scene is not for the bleeding hurt me to watch it

House of 1000 Corpses

I have to admit I expected a terrible movie. It was actually not bad. Zombie an eye for the grotesque and displaying the "redneck" feel through out the film. Zombie does achieve a mood that had me wondering the whole time "is something gonna happen here"? I usually am not so regards to film of course

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

If ever there was a movie that displayed more Girl Power, I need suggestions. What sexual role reversals displayed in this film. Polar opposites are displayed as well: sweet/savage promiscious/innocent scared/fearless beautiful/ugly funny/serious the list could go on forever... I admit I TRY to watch every film or feature associated with Tarantino but I resisted this and watched Planet Terror first but this was great.
Tarantino Trademarks (bare feet, foot massages references, shots from inside something, dialogue, music ...) infused throughout and yes there is alot of talk but it was a blast. The play on actors, stunt people and media personalities was funny as well. The movie shows some impressive special effects and car chases shots, I was WOWED.

Weird Science

Classic...and maybe I have a chick crush on Kelly Le Brock circa 1987. Maybe thise lips, maybe that stare I dont know but casting was right on for this one.

*batteries not included

In real life I seem to struggle with age and percieved age with that said this film made it very clear to me that I was beyond my years. I was in the 5th grade when I watched this film and felt a connection to it, while over at a friends house she wanted nothing to do with a film while being cute with little flying saucers was "about old people". I watched it all and loved it. The saucer ijn the hamburger is sooo cute. I love that.


This film was super strange and gross but...

An American Werewolf in London

I realy like this movie... I would watch it on MonsterVision then on AMC all while scrapbooking in my kitchen. I am sure that John Landis did not have that in mind while directing this flick.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

This film was amazing but awfully scary. The images are so vivid and hypnotic and those images are complimented by the soundtrack(inspiration?). All the images are powerful but ones stand out and are etched in my memory: Pink shaving his eyebrows and how strange and unfamilar his features looked, which I got was the point and the second the kids in the meat grinder. Meat grinder being a metaphor for life, politics, capitalism, and or THE aggresser name it, it will fit in beautifully.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I caught about 45 minutes or so and I have named this film the biggest "whore" I have ever met, because I have recorded this numerous times but never bothered to watch it and when my DV recorder begins to get ful this film is the first to get deleted this has happened 5 or so times and shame on me because it is a riot. The few minutes I watched were funny as hell! As a rule I normally do NOT watch film that have started that I have not seen but I made this exception. I stopped watching it for one scene in particular when Helen is being dragged out of her home by Charles, that scene was powerful and being eyed by a 2 year old's eyes so I turned it off, not to mention Medea gun happy, law breaking bad ass, but one thing is for sure Medea is truly a powerful female charector..more to come

So I finished the film and let me tell you, Perry infuses sass, sadism, recidisism, and spirituality all in one medium. I LOVED this film. I had a problem with the scenes of utter retribution but the film as a whole needed that transformation from revenge that Helen wants from Charles, which I believe was the only way that Helen could prove her growth, granted not in a good way. The revenge went to forgiveness then to understanding and moving on and past. I never really saw a film with such humor but heart infused into it where my 16 year old nephew enjoyed and the 7 year old. My 2 year old it was too much for her. The violence is portayed in a graphic scenes, the plot lines are complicated, but mostly the Madea is a criminal but with all that said it was a hell of a ride...

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

What? I was confused...the symbolism was incredible but it fell short somehow...


Lush and romantic...the mis en scene is just breath taking. Asian women have always taken my breath away with thier striking beauty and this film is a tribute to all beauty and heartache.

Can't Buy Me Love

I love this movie! I loved it even before the whole "mcdreamy" hoopla. It is sweet and entertaining little film that is so funny. I watch this film over and over.

Tacones Lejanos (High Heels)

Rudy would kill me if I did not type...adore, love, wonderful...

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Crawford and Davis dominate...


I adore this film but some how it is extremely dated. Clueless makes me feel so good but then when I want to spread around that happiness no one gets it. Some how it just makes me feel old...BOO!!

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

A tribute to the mind translated in this beautiful film. The notion of being in a state of "locked in" syndrome is displayed as my one worst fears a clastrophobic and frustrating state of being. A diving bell is representative of the state that Jean feels, lives and ultimately is trapped in. But with that inablity to communicate, new methods are devised to the transformation from diving bell to a butterfly. The film is marvelous and heartbreaking. I cried with the scene with the great Max Von stow on the phone talking to his son with no hope of hearing an answer .Emmanuelle Seiger having to translate to Jeans mistress that he had left her for.

Emmanuelle Seiger is the most beautiful woman I have seen in film in a long time. I felt the same about the infamous Kim Novak in Vertigo and of course Ava Gardner in the Barefoot Contesssa. Her presence radiates in each scene and clearly she is aging well but beautifully. Her sex appeal is unsurpassed. I felt a connection to her charector who was open hearted and painfully wounded.


Does anyone know the easter egg to play this film from ending to beginning...Pierce is a videophile dream with his range and his ability to adaprt to roles as a chameleon does backgrounds. Like Christain Bale often fooled by a handsome face but look past that and the acting ablitity as the greats out there...

Seven (Se7en)

Kevin Spacey wow...I saw this film recently and was in awe once again, always I thought it was a dark film but this time I saw it for what it really was it was a commentary on the notion of innocence. The film's setting was rather upsetting each time I see it, the Fincher Urban wasteland. If and when I watch Eraserhead I would imagine that film will de-throne Seven as the darkest and saddest film I have seen.


Araki does it again but this time in dayglow!! So the story is simple boy looking for soul mate gets dumped, falls for a guy, that turns into a bug thing, you run of the mill love story. Add cameos, social satire, techna- color and surrealism and viola a truly original film.

The Doom Generation

Strange little film that feels like a bucket of cold water almost is bizzare, naughtyand has its own language. The seriousness of the film does not forget to remind the viewer of the Apocolypse that is coming or maybe the end of days is already here displayed in this tragic and violent love triangle. Araki definitely has an eye for scenery, location and cameos...

Mondays in the Sun (Los Lunes al sol)

So I got an A on a paper that I used this film to describe Marxian am brilliant. The film was great but it was more of a gift because I caught about 50 minutes of it on IFC with the paper being due within weeks, I was lost on how I was to use film or literature in modern sociological theory. I immediately began to see the Marxian work parallels in the film and throw in some gender role steroetypes and viola an A sociological paper in one of the most challenging classes in my sociology course load. The film does portray the lives of men who are lost when there place of employment closes and the reactions to start over...Bardem as Santa is sleazy, raunchy, but loving and I LOVE it. It is amazing how handsome men look in beards (Bardem sports one and 15 pounds), thanks dad, the eternal hairy man in my life, who is razorlly challenged


This is a monumental film in terms of its marketablity, and cult status...understand pacino rocks he is a demon but that is the problem with this film, the simple observation that Montanya is revered as the ultimate something. Granted i saw this many years ago and I shy away from long films because of my short attention span but I sat though this one...power is the one word used to describe this film...Montana wanted it and was ruthless to get it...essentially what I have a problem with is why idol him? Granted he achieved the "american dream" but at what cost? Violent, aggressive, sociopathic , tendencies do not gain status as a winner or least in my world. The Dali llama says "Success is judges by what you had to give up to achieve it" and Montana lost everything including his soul but I think if he had one to begin with. This film is one of lasting impression and utter terror...for the social implications shown

The Dancer Upstairs

So this "thiller' was some what all over the place but somehow it worked! Bardem shown as usual as a man conflicted...the location was raw and real added to the terrorism that was the main plot of the film...kudos to the sad ending, it did not all work out in the end and it was powerful in which it displays the extent to which people may be manipulated...some ends were left untied though...Malkovich!!!

A Scanner Darkly

This film was very strange...unfortunately I did not watch all of Waking Life which would have prepared me for this film...drugs, deception, sex and comedy...all packaged with this super cool animation over real frames it was a trip to watch but I still have the creepy crawlees...

Vidas Privadas

I love Bernal and adore Roth, this film is is a modern day Greek tragedy

In the Valley of Elah

Sad film about a sad situation going on in the world


VIVA BURTON!!! Funny back story I saw this film at Montwood dollar theater, many years ago, we would watch Big over and over because it was the only movie i could get into. One day I begged to go see this film mind you I was 8 or so and I was scared witless. I had nightmares for a week but I would not dare tell my mother because she only approved of certain movies and this was not one of them.


Saw this recently but I loved it. It could have been cheesy and corny but instead a brilliant movie/ too short though. I loved the premise because it is about the commodification of everything. Yes we are living in a capitalist country (world) but does everything have to be for a profit? The thing that bothers me the most is like anything else that is commodified only a few elite get to reap in it's rewards.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

Ahh Lynch, this was I believe the first David Lynch movie I had seen and I felt it very strange to watch, of course this was 20 year old eyes watching this. I did not think it made sense but I feel that way now with almost all his films and the interpretation is appreciated. Lynch has a way of showing the ugly side of beautiful things but of course in his own way. Hopper terrifies-Rossellini mesmerizes-Dern shines as always-MaccLachian boyish charm charms

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I saw this film a few years ago and it was not like anything I had ever seen shows that thier is 2 sides to every story and this film shows that thier is more than meets the eye..

Rabbit-Proof Fence

This little jewel of a movie I would show to the truly worthy, it is a story of love, family, racism in it's worst form...the goal in the film is to "white out" the Aborigonie people, which was shocking to me but not unbelievable...great film, I reemeber watching the special features and the little girls in the film were a handful

Lars and the Real Girl

This film is absurd! But much love to it, so a lonely guy who clearly has communication and personal barrier issues buys a sex doll online and the truth is everyone around him loves Lars so much that they give into his delusion, I wish the acccount was not so fictional where in the world would people be cool with something like this, I want to move there,,,like people rely on "objects and addictions" to deal with growth issues Lars used Bianca who I think looked like Rose Mcgowen

Law of Desire

Very good film...Maura illuminates the screen as a after you see earlier films because you can see the growth in Almodovar's career...this was one of my first times to Fellini and I did not take my pillow so this film amde me forget that my bottom had fell asleep...s

What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Qu he hecho yo para merecer esto!!)

Saw this film once and did not make a lasting impression...Maura is a dream, she enraptures the audience as well as Almodovar as he uses her abilities rather often but she sparkles here in this kind of a mess then in Law of Desire she illuminates...bravo Maura

Female Trouble

On of the strangest films I have sen in my life...granted I have not seen many Waters films like Pink Flamingos and I probaly never will although I caught this film some time ago and I felt dirty is raunchy, strange, funny, and I came to the conclusion that Divine ROCKS!! I love the sass, the hairdos, the vioce and those eye brows!!!
But in all of this ouragoeousness we have the underlined theme of how celebrity/crime /fame/ ultimately down fall are all interrelated

Under the Tuscan Sun

I avoided this film ASSUMING that it was a over rated chick flick, but it was great and I regret taking so long to watch it...Lane shines as does Oh, it is a story of moving on and past, taking chances and relying on yourself but accepting help if offered...this is a terrific film

The Last House on the Left

The film has a look to it, like gritty, raw but playful...I am amazed by Craven because he has no trademarks, that I see anyhow but this was strange film, I did not expect what I saw

The Gift
The Gift(2000)

not bad... effective

The Witches of Eastwick

This movie scared me...I love cherries but after this film the "left a bad taste in my mouth" if you get my drift, my mother swears I look like Sarandon (I don't see it), but I adore all the performances..

Sliding Doors

This is a great film, it poses questions about the right place at the right time and the notion of fate...saw this back in 98 and was not much of a Paltrow fan but this did it for me...


I loved this film!!! I always wondered what if a human life was a science experiement and socialized in a barbaric and violent way... well this film addresses that fear...Li gives a wonderful performance as well as Freeman/ Hopskins

Bad Lieutenant

So I was alway curious about this film in my Blockbuster days but I am glad it was seen recently through mature eyes because it is a n intense ride...Keital one of the best actors ever was so convincing that I HATED him as the lietenant which means that a familar face such as his made me forget the movie star and hate this asshole of a charector...the film deals with contraversial issues but it is well worth watching...


I saw this film and did not like it...but now I love it, it has a beauty in it that is as colrful as Kahlo's paintings...amazing film to tribute an amazing life...Molina/Hayek are wonderful

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Large Marge was the in my dreams....AHHH nightmares..


Larry Clark, I am torn by his work yet I am limited on what I have seen...on one hand he shows the realistic portayal of teenage wastebut on the other he do I have a problem with the intentional shock or that a 50 something is showing me this..this film is based on a true story and the shocking aspect is the mastermind in this was a female ...Bijoiu Phillips bothers me she portrays the same charector over and over and you know what I'm over is sad, and heartbreaking


This was...boring and slow moving, and don't get me wrong I attempted to watch this film numerous times and I just couldn't ...the minimal set...and the play like feel bothered me I found it distracting...

The Good Girl

Accurate potrayal of retail life

The Piano
The Piano(1993)

This film is in my top ten!!! Keital/Hunter/Paquin/Neill are sensational...saw this film when I was thirteen and I was enraptured I remember the romance, the forbidden love, and the anger and jealousy that rots a human heart that leads to violence...the fact that I was 13 and I remember and loved it then and still love it now says alot considering I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday...I am thankful for films like this

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This film is wonderful!!! The origin of love makes me cry everytime...Mitchell and Pitt are exceptional...Angry itch is infectious..but at the heart of the film is a love story...and being yourself


Another one of those WTF films I saw this when I was 20 years old I need to watch again


This film was sooo powerful...and you think you know Ashley Judd she is amazing in this...I felt the desperation...the story is plain and simple.. a lonely women longs to be loved and protected that she morphs into a paraniod prison...I am getting the creepy crawlys writing this

Sid and Nancy

Oldman does not disappoint or better yet has he or will he of the greatest "love stories" that is stranger than fiction

Before Night Falls

Bardem is a dream...the man is miracle...yes he is the sexiest, most handsome men working in film today but that talent it TAKES my breath away...the film about Reinaldo Arias life is a beautiful for the J Depp cameo it is hilarious


I love this movie!!! Who knew self inflicted machicism ans sadomachicism fetishes would be so the core of this beautiful film is the idea of a perfect unbelieveable as it could be I believe in soul mates after each time I watch this...

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

This film was all it was cracked up to be...many say it is a masterpiece and they are not kidding, that is just the tip of the iceberg...Welles is in top form as Kane...the shots are esqisitately shot...I saw this film in a film class and we dissected it almost scene by scene and I loved every moment of it

Maria Full of Grace

Gripping and effective...I felt the terror

The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) (The Sea Within)

I loved this film...I was so taken by Ramon SAmpedro I looked him up immediately after viewing...a beautiful film about love, sacrifice, loss and family...most of all it asks questions that need to be addressed (remember the poor soull Terry Scivio)...the questions I do not know the answers but definetly opened doors to discussion...Javier Bardem is amazing

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

So most peoples idea of a modern day fairy tale would not involve jokes of botttly functions but this film is fiction. Parenthood is a journey and an adventure and widh it was as easy as shown,,,the easy part is the pregnancy...but the film was an escapism for me...I really loved it the emotions and sentimental value are real and gripping

Flight 93
Flight 93(2005)

Sad, we will never forget that day, It is a tribute to the heroes who risked everything to bring the plane down


Beautiful. The cinematography is breathtaking the film is long...but it is painful to watch as the notion of penance or lack there of are shown on screen.

Say Anything...

Ahh Lloyd Dobbler, why was a persona like you created for all women to strive to meet...this romantic comedy is one of my all time favorites...

Better Off Dead

I love this movie...I laugh everytime

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

A wonderful film about getting what you WANT from two different people...greed, status, and prestige play a role in this brillant film...could have been a cliched mess but instead it was sad and location for Allen and different techniques but this reinvention worked

13 Going on 30

Another feel good movie...Mark Ruffalo is wonderful...and so is Garner who before I never really cared for

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

This film was beautifully shot had a feel that I could taste the competition and rivalry between BAle/Jackman

Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)

I would apply Celia Roth's lipstick with my feet for a chance to be close to greatness...the film a masterpiece...I do NOT use that word very much. A film about loss, coincidence and love while still being funny and real...Huma is my favorite

Legally Blonde

One of my many feel good movies in which I can just put in on and watch and not think about school, work, laundry, baby, or love life...a joy to watch over and over

Away From Her

A film about unconditional love, having seen the effects of dementia first hand I could only imagine the pain to see a lover sucuumb to this illness. The film is beautiful and clearly shows that love, passion, yearning, and friendship are agesless. Christy/Pinsent wonderful

Eastern Promises

Good movie...Mortensen/Watts play off ezch other perfectly, very well made

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

I felt this story was too simple but kudos to the editing...but it felt familar to other films with multi pov...Although Phillip Seymore Hoffman carried this film he is acting magic...I have followed him purely (sometimes) by accident but he is a one in a million...oddly something very attractive and powerful in his performance even though he is a bastard...


Fantasic!!! Michelle Pfeiffer sparkles, this film renewed an enthusiam for the actress. This film is charming, sweet and magical. I showed it to my family needless to say they did not feel the same....

Into the Wild

This film is astonishing! I loved every moment, felt I understood Supertramp, sometimes when our childhoods are too painful we search for an extended family to overpower the painful memories that can be seared into our brains. Thoreau would be proud

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

If I had a top ten list this would be in the top two. Cinema in it's highest form. Turning point for me where I wanted really great films not mediocridy

No Country for Old Men

Greed, topic in life and in film can we ever escape it? The most frightening part not the cattle air gun...the handcuffs and skid marks, I was freaked out

Michael Clayton

In all honesty, I expected more film wise but the cooperate evil shown in this film is truly thing I did get was an appreciation for Tom Wilkensen an exceptioanl performance...Clooney & Swinton great also

Gone Baby Gone

Sad film about how the right thing to do involves moral somehow left me hopeless in it's portayal of it's cycle of irresponsiblity

Back to the Future

Love this film!! It has sentimental value for me, I watching this movie in it's entirety holding my 2 day old waiting to be discharged from the hospital

Requiem for a Dream

Heartbreakingly sad, the realsm used to potray the down in the gutter emotions are terrifing

Bram Stoker's Dracula

One of my top ten!!! This film is visually beautiful, and so romantic...the colors of the mis enscene are amazing...wonderful performances from all. I saw this film at 15, and my friends picked a "boring" movie to make out with thier boyfriends needless to say no making out for me, I was already in love with the film

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)


Kindergarten Cop

"Maybe it's a's NOT A TUMOR"


Javier Bardem...

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

One of the best sequels in exsistance


Tilda Swinton ROCKS

Children of Men

The long tracking shots are amazing, watch the bonus to see how they set up the car scene amazing...Clive Owen ain't bad either

Bride of Chucky

I am embarassed to admit I watched this

The Rundown
The Rundown(2003)

I resisted...I would rather have my tongue yanked out with rusty pliars but I sat throught ands liked it

The Color Purple

My mom loves to tell me and my sisters "you sure is ugly"""

Jeepers Creepers

Had a great start and then...a complete disaster

Dracula 2000
Dracula 2000(2000)

Gerald Butler as Dracula I LOVE it

Amores Perros

Masterpiece, the animal violence I still close my eyes...

Jacob's Ladder

Strange, I just can't seem to watch it again

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

Cielo Vista theater hotter than hell...I wanted to leave so either I was super annoyed or the movie really sucked, both factors may have been it


AHHH KIm Novak a fave Hitchcock

Little Children

Honest look at parenthood...


SO Van Sant added a scene...he should have stuck to the original

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

Manhunter rocked!!!!

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Scary as hell, how idiotic and close minded people can be

The Aristocats

last movie my mom took me to watch at the Pershing Theater


Super offensive I must be a prude in my old age...

The Dark Crystal

Scary nightmare territory...

Dan in Real Life

I have a thing for Steve Carell and Jullette Binoche...

Once upon a Time in Mexico

Johnny Depp has never looked hotter, but the movie was ok


Another one part of the Ava triple feature consisting of CARS/CORPSE BRIDE/this one

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

All girl cast, their tough, kick ass, and the creature is Uggg.

Batman Returns

Burton/Keaton/Pfeiffer I love it...that must be still the number one Halloween costume, or number two if you count sexy devils..

Independence Day

JAMES DUVAL HOT!! Brings back horrible memories...bad ist date movie.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

Original Spanish version much better...Open your Eyes


Hispanic mothers are obsessed with this movie and they critique Jenny from the Block the whole time

28 Days Later

Gave me nightmares...but is very well made

The Passion of the Christ

Saw it once it is poewrful but will never see it again...unless my mom makes me

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Scary as hell, the film looks like a docudrama snuff film. I was shocked at the violence in this film, but it is amazing for occasional viewing only.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Everyone who has had a bad relationship or tumultous should watch this. It is a trip though. If yo want silly and goofy Jim Carrey you will not get it here.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Surpisingly really gory...

Little Shop of Horrors

had a thing for Steve Martin, the plant scared the crap out of me, and Audrey was a pain in t he ass but I liked it nevertheless


I watch it everyday, thanks Ave

The Shawshank Redemption

Classic, should be required for every person in the world to watch.

Shaun of the Dead

I can watch this film over ans over...I love Simon Pegg

Reservoir Dogs

Keitel, Roth, need I say more.


PLANET TERROR ONLY---GREAT FILM--I want a machine gun leg too!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Not sure what i think. It is so not Burtonesque that may be a problem for me. The title should have been THERE WILL BE BLOOD and lots of it...

Bend It like Beckham

Strange story on this one...before I saw it i thought I would love it then I saw it and it was ok..that sucks

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

AHHHH Donnie Darko such a strange movie with a creepy 6ft bunny portayed by the actor James Duval (HOT) but the film is a nostogic look at the 80's. Tears for Fears, Echo and the Bunnymen ROCK

Kill Bill: Volume 1

I waited in line opening night, was harassed, abused, hit on but the only true memory was how great this film was.


Pure eye candy, I was in a diabetic coma, the story was a bit simple but the side by side storytelling was great. Also I am showing it to Ave because bad girls do not kiss boys. You will only get it, if you've seen it.