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The Return
The Return (2003)
8 months ago via Movies on Facebook

Whats in the BOX???? The most frustrating object in film history. Like the glowing case in "Pulp Fiction"(before someone told you the "soul" theory).

Wasn't til I really thought about why it's so frustrating, and why the name "The Return" is almost ironic, that I felt like I maybe understood the movie, which is dissapointing in the best way possible. That is to say what isn't in this movie, is as important as what is, the "lack there of", driving it on as in any mystery, accept the confused bundle of emotions only grows and grows and then...we'll then the dissapointment becomes painfully and hauntingly poignant.

It's about two boys, whose father they have never known returns and takes them on a trip, not explaining where he has been, where they are going, or why. He's mysterious, cruel, kind, and all around an enigma. The younger son hates him more and more as the trip goes on, the older more and more willing to please. The tension thick enough to spoon.

It's probably the most honest father/son reunion film, Ive ever seen, because it captures along with the torrent of emotions, all that can't be resolved as well.

Hits alot of raw nerves...if you've ever been in this situation...

"Louis a boat is a boat, the mystery box could be anything...we'll take the box!"-Peter Griffin

Bandwagon (1997)
3 years ago via Movies on Facebook

"It Couldn't Be Ann" is one of the most underrated songs of the 90's. From the lead singer who always performs with his back to audience, to the manager who reads 90% of the film dispensing helpful kernals of wisdom when in need, to the bus breakdowns and band relationship break-ups, theres everything you would imagine in a "band movie", and it's good. It's funny, and light, and the musics good, the band won't make it, probably wont ever tour again, and that's what makes it special.

Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time
3 years ago via Movies on Facebook

One of the most realixing, quiet, and medatitive films I've ever watched.

Andy Goldsworthy is an eccentric artist, but very normal, quiet, man in general. He lives with his wife and children in the country, and spends most of his time alone making sculptures that come apart before he finishes them. Watching the patterns fall apart or vanish is as much a part of Goldworthy's art as putting things together.

Basically he takes whatever he finds in the woods and puts it together into patterns. Rocks, stones, ice, leaves, all come together and fall apart, in spirals, piles, shapes and lines. It's almost painfull to watch these fall-aparts some times, because of how tedious his work an be, but when everything works, if only for a second, it's well worth the wait.

It's not exciting, but Goldsworthy's work, and watching him make it, is a great way to frame thoughts about nature, entropy, art, and patterns, but mostly it's just a calm, quiet, refreshing film.

I wish I lived near woods...or anything not concrete.