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The Passion of the Christ
2 months ago via Flixster

Is it possible to live in a world that wants to condemn you? That is the ultimate answer to a powerful question in 'The Passion of the Christ'. What starts off with the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus, you become a witness to his arrest by roman soldiers. He then is brought to trial before Pontius Pilate for the charge of blasphemy.

Home Room
Home Room (2003)
2 months ago via Flixster

As the tagline for the film says "A senseless tragedy. An unlikely friendship. A search for answers." What was suppose to be another normal day at their high school leaves 10 students (including a gunman) dead and one (Deanna Cartwright) injured in the hospital. As the police search to find answers to why the incident happened, all the evidence leads to the only survivor (Alicia Browning) who was present during the attacks. In hopes of trying to get Alicia to open up about what she knows, she is tasked with visiting Deanna in the hospital. Once there, these two women must overcome their differences and help each other through the most traumatic experience they have ever known...surviving death! Somewhat of a mix between 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Bowling for Columbine', this film explores the dynamics between high school cliques and gun laws in society. A film that was over-looked upon it's release, 'Home Room' is a must watch for those who love psychological dramas. Due to it's very heavy and graphic subject matter, Viewer Discretion is Advised!!!!

Ordinary People
2 months ago via Flixster

How do you grieve someone's death when there is so much guilt surrounding it? That is the basis for this most truly powerful and emotional film. What begins as a boat trip for two brothers ends in the sudden death of the older brother and the dissolution of the family. With feelings of guilt over surviving the accident, suicidal Conrad falls into a deep despair. Despite his hesitation about trying therapy, he meets and befriends a therapist who slowly helps him to open up and deal with not only his brother's death but the issues that came about with his parent's due to the accident. Hailed as a box office winner in 1980, it went on to be nominated for 6 academy awards...winning 4 of the awards, including best director for Robert Redford, best actor in a supporting role for Timothy Hutton and best picture. Although due to it's very heavy subject matter and content, be very cautious in how you approach this film...it is worth the watch though!

When Harry Met Sally
2 months ago via Flixster

A great date movie. Told from both men and women's point of view about dating and relationships, you get a better understanding about how the other side thinks. It will make you laugh and cry all the way till the end of the movie. A must see for romantics everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire with Fire
2 months ago via Flixster

How do you fight the odds when they are all stacked against you? That is the ultimate question in this unique retelling of the old "Romeo and Juliet" story.