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The Boy Next Door

A bit like swim fan mixed with the guest , this film goes from one over the top scene to the next, the ending especially let it down . With the boy next door easily distracted and using Hollywood over the top speeches before he attempts to kill someone . In reality he would have been the only one living , we didn't have believe in the victims being able to walk away from this one . Usually there are little slip ups and they succeed through wit coming from luck , but no "hey over here " "please don't kill him" worked just fine . Didn't believe it .

Fifty Shades Darker

A lot better than the first which didn't really go anywhere . Thought it played out well showing the want for each other and the power struggle .

The Girl on the Train

Acted really well but it soon becomes obvious who's done it and don't really care, I'm assuming the book is a lot better . It plays out well and first hour zooms by but I'll have to give the book a read


Such a wide cast, wonderful fun film but a little thin in story and overloaded with songs but a colourful feel good film nonetheless

Sausage Party

Swearing because they can. What starts off (for the first few minutes ) as a funny concept ends in a over the top swear fest, where every other word is swearing and the story just doesn't go anywhere exciting . Too much time is spent wandering the supermarket . The special features showing the voice talent was more entertaining , they obviously had more fun making this than we did watching it

The Amazing Spider-Man

Some of the transformation of parker into spiderman were done well, showing his learning curve as a more accurate one, however this gets confused as the film goes on. Hes he now an expert or is he still learning.

I felt like all of the actors were forcing there lines and things just happened for happening sake to move the script on to the good bits. It felt rushed, "ok lets have the uncle ben scene and theft scene" none of it seemed to gel together.

the lizard is basically another green goblin character but not executed as well, and looks more like the koopas in mario from the bob hoskins flick.

Constantly questioned why the characters were doing the things they were doing.

Never really connected with any of it, the police sergeant seemed the most solid of the characters.


A standard before the undercover , undercover and conclusion set up . Fails to get the gritty hard hitting flavour to take hold, American history x brought home what this movement is and the damage it can cause . Strong performances but Radcliffe had the odd slip up. Overall a good film but more time needed to really develop the character and add more background story. Hearing from the real person in the special features helped . Overall good :)

Now You See Me 2

It kept all the style of the first , however the plot was just confusing . Daniel Radcliffe , along with Micheal Caine (who's known for it ) simply played themselves/kept the same accent and mannerisms. So with the plot being all over the place it failed to dazzle while using all of the misdirection that it could muster . Some great scenes but none added to the movie as a whole .

Agree with guardian :

"The quirky Robin Hood magician-thieves return for another massively overlong, overcomplicated and underinteresting caper, prestidigitating more bad guys out of their ill-gotten gains. Basically, we encounter the same problems of putting magic in a film. Magic is great in real life, but in a made-up world it becomes strangely pointless, because the entire artifice of fiction in the movies is itself a magic trick, and the challenge of a magician's illusion is nullified from the outset."

Ratchet & Clank

The game is brilliant . This is not .

The Do-Over
The Do-Over(2016)

Starts off well but half way it forgets what sort of films it set out to be

Doctor Strange

Could have done with having the courage to go further into the internal arts explored within this film, rather than having a lot of big nonsense fights. That said the two hours go by at a steady and good pace , there's enough about his life before as a surgeon that satisfy the characters drive to do the things he does . There's some great emotional content delivered to a high performance "no one could have done better " "I could have done better " a great and well delivered line .

The Secret Life of Pets

A few re used moments from other films but likeable and good characters :)

X-Men: Apocalypse

Completely boring, no fun character development , no story really just someone to stop .

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn and will smith as dead shot stole the show but the story was basically avengers with different characters and needed a less rushed intro to the story, with more depth .

Ip Man 3
Ip Man 3(2016)

It plays well but not nearly as well put together as the others .

Dracula Untold

Didn't care about anyone even after 40 mins , lost interest


Pace is rather slow , the scenery is stunning but it plays out like a to drama . Strong cast who do well to not over act etc

It's ok but got a little bored after the first hour

Man Up
Man Up(2015)

Not the film I expected, expected more to happen and more difficulties to happen with her lie but instead was quite the basic chick flick . Not nearly as good as the great films that are chick flicks but work in many levels . Like is u love you etc


Not even sure what this film was about , some training program where someone wants to kill the others

The Good Dinosaur

Trippy in places and good characters but not as in depth as their other films

Captain America: Civil War

Peter Parker and Spider-Man stole the show , I really hope they do a stand alone movie , but skipping a lot of the story we already know and doing something new , awkward teen just getting used to his powers

Otherwise just fighting and it was obvious they had all had the same fight training , the other guys didn't fight back and stood there waiting to be hit .

Fantastic Four

Not as bad as the reviews made out , not amazing but preferred it to the first attempt


Lot of special effects and glitz but not much substance , the action scenes are so long you begin to imagine them dangling on ropes in front of the green screen . Can't take it seriously - an epic with many colours and scope but boring overall

Hitman: Agent 47

And just when you thought films couldn't be any worse there is this

Pitch Perfect 2

No where near as good as the first one , nothing happens !


Without the interplay from Gru , this doesn't work . That and the writing is just awful, it tried to be clever showing 50s references but failed . Just obvious and not funny . The Scene with the family doing a armed robbery was the only worthwhile bit , few amusing moments

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Characters were flawed . Just superheroes running about , no reason for their motivations . All just one big fight . Man of steel lost its way at the end and this just continues that . Awful!!!!!


Some cliche but otherwise brilliant :) suddenly realised it was Jim parsons , playing a dumbed down version of his character in the Big Bang theory


Better than expected but the same jokes being thrown at you again and again get tiresome. The I'm in a movie narration to the audience gets tiresome after a while and throws you out of the experience . Character plays well but some of the jokes are just for gross out purpose and not funny

Absolutely Anything

Similar to picking up the pieces, been done before in one form or another but it still made me laugh in places .


Trailer looked good but film started off weirdly , story within a film and never could get into it from there on , could no longer believe the story

Big Game
Big Game(2015)

This was not the film I expected, I expected over the top action no thinking but it attempts to build a story. Then has a lot of loop holes like why wouldn't they just lock the president in the helicopter or if they insist on a box, lock the box. Could have been good if it allowed more time for the kid to get to know his ability , instead it's iver the top madness with no heart

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

Amazing film, lots to it and cinematically stunning .

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Sci fi ground hog day but boring living the same day in this one and we never quite know what's going on

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Fight fight fight slow motion to show how cool we are fighting, fight . Not a lot more and ultron could have infiltrated more than just a robot body however the character interaction as done well, if not better than the frst and this saves it from the action . Michael bay could learn from this with his sequels .


You have to look beyond the film but I for one enjoyed this, Morgan freeman and Scarlett played it really well. If it wasn't for the ideas on life and atoms (as well as showing human archivement and nature etc) this film would have just been a silly sci fi action flick (be prepared to just believe and let imagination run) but this was brilliant and got me thinking- I'll have to get reading in more depth about metaphysics that this film has fun playing with . Of course none is real or possible but what would happen if we did have more awareness of our cells and atoms, the way we're all connected and plugged into the life computer called the universe. What is our purpose within that system? "We were given life a billion years ago, what have we done with it?" The questions it raises about the human race and celebration of life was what held this movie together . Some say it didn't go deep into the philosophy questions , but it plays with the idea in a playful way and I was expecting this to be a lot lot worse :) then of course it is simply a fun idea like in limitless but more superhero and sci fi .

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The worst film I have ever seen, no story just most excuses for action and fighting. The explosions drove the direction rather than the story being the reason for them. It is a shame the sequels are so bad because the first film has what these are missing, heart and soul. Balance between humour and action. With characters you care about .

, rather thanITU being

Death at a Funeral

I can see why they remade this, lot i ideas but so slow and never fully runs with what it's trying to do. The re make only three years later with Chris Rock picks up the pieces (another good film worth checking)

So can see why it was remade


Amazing, voice acting is great. Each has very clear personalities , just amazing how much they fit into an hour and half. "Arabian niiiiights like abrasion days....."

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

first was ok this bwas just boring ,went on too long nothing of much interest

The Return of Jafar

not as good as the first, the voice acting seems forced. A lot of the voice actors have changed, robin williams is gone, and it shows. Jasmine's personality has changed, she isn't the sassy playful person she was in the original. Aladdin seems to be more sneaky and lying, "i got into trouble for that in the first place" before it was a subtle mortal message of being yourself. Now its shoved in our faces. Not nearly as good. The first is magical, this struggles to capture the audience.

Snakes on a Plane

was surprised, this was actually a really enjoyable modern B movie. simple but worked and has the full package of OTT .

Monkey Trouble

remember liking this

Employee of the Month

enjoyable and easy to watch :)

Jurassic Park III

may be bad but i like it better than the other jarasic park sequels for some reason for given it extra star

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

great film ,but feels slow after films of today getting faster

The Golden Compass

An epic book with graphic scenes becomes this lovely dovey rubbish.

His Dark Materials' trilogy......what a joke this film makes of it

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Great beginning and concept, awesome characters and film but i feel the final fight could have been played out better . Should have had superman trying other tactics first before destroying the whole city.


The difference between villain and super villain, is presentation.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Great visually but even the visuals nor the sexy girls couldnt hold my attention. Probably works best as a calendar of great photography. As a stylistic cult this film works but no substance.

Drag Me to Hell

beginning is awesome, doesn't hold its promise.

50 First Dates

remember sunday is better

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

just awful, well animated but boring.


like zack and mire make a porno, Helen Mirren and Peter O'Toole make a porno also. Can't recognise which is her, but I'm sure this is one of those secrets she wishes will remain hidden. Hidden as a production value erotic film, this is a bizarre film with some real sex scenes or very well acted if not. Really awful, i looked it up after and the "famous" orgy scene popped up, so began to look into this further. So didn't harm Helen Mirrens career.


lord of the rings bible style....

Under the Skin

why Johansson has decided to get naked for the first time, for this piece of experimental cinematic rubbish i do not know....it doesn't save the movie. No story. Odd.

this sums it up - "The premise is intriguing and it's only the possibility that something might come of it that keeps your attention, but that attention is never rewarded. "


im glad i didn't see who directed this until afterwards, really powerful film and well shot. Clever how it shows the denial and how annie slowly comes to terms with what has happened to her. Powerful watching, David Schwimmer does a great job at directing this. Was surprised to see his name pop up at the end.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

It didn't even try to have a story. plane, storm, sharks, the end. Oh and kelly osbourne as a flgith attendant. Tara reid, where did your career go?/

I was expecting so bad its good, but no just awful

The ABCs of Death

really messed up, but like how much creative freedom was given (maybe not always a good thing)


absolutly awful!!! could kill u to watch


good concept but threw you in there without explaining the rules of the universe. This left oyu questioning the film and never having your disbelief extended.

The end was a bit of a disappointment and reminded me of equilibrium .

Didn;t feel finished.

The Frozen Ground

John Cusack is amazing in this role, how can he go from a comedy self putty guy to a creepy arkwrd murder . He is an actor! Other than John Cusack showing he can play other roles this film doesn't do justice that this is based on a true story, a little too simple with the detective elements. However makes you wish to find out more about what happened.

What Dreams May Come

beautifully put together film, rather quirky in its nature. Great performances. Very odd seeing Williams walk through heaven after the tragery

Idle Hands
Idle Hands(1999)

surprised to see alba in this, good fun over the top film. good to se Seth Green. Not amazing but one of those films that entertains regardless.


"the effects are amazing you must go see it, my son saw it 5 times, its that good"

never been so bored in my life.


the ending wasn't satisfying, how did the relationship between the two end?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

cant see how its going to have a story after the first but if they can implement the same zaney quirky humour and add a story worth seeing. Then i dont see why it wont work.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

oh great its by m night shyamalan. Please will let me keep faith in you for making good decisions. ALL of M night's films have been awful! Looks like a lot of films put into one: "planet of the apes, tron, that other weird kids films ive forgotten the name of. Will wait for it to come out on DVD/Blu-ray and rent it.

Thor: The Dark World

the other film ended on a cliff hanger, definitely want to see the conclusion :D


An hour and the Wedding is still going and it's not be. A good wedding.

The Cabin in the Woods

A great mix of genres, the typical horror genre was a bit weak- zombies, a through back to evil dead. However this can be seen as a celebration of horror and cliché of that genre. I really liked other elements and getting to see every horror creature known to man towards the end was great fun and celebration of creature creation. And for that alone rated it highly.

House of 1000 Corpses

Better than its sequel devil rejects which i watched a few years ago. Nice throw back to the old style movies but otherwise uneventful.

House at the End of the Street

I liked the coming of age relationship build up but the final climax was as with most "horror films" over the top. This didnt really know its genre, filmed well, nice pace but the horror element was more of a side note, than being the full genre of the film.


starts off well, awesome use of the blair witch style footage but begins to get samey and repetitive about 45minutes into the film. last half hour felt ages but all in all an enjoyable film on a sunday morning.

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)

Nice to know this is based on true events, difficult to know exactly what is real and what isn't but some amazing fight scenes and can see the influences of wing chun. i even recognised a few of the moves, they had a wing chun expert on set and it shows. Amazing to think Donnie Yen had never studied wing chun before this film. He spent 9months learning the art before filming.

The plot is character driven, and ip man comes across as a well centred individual, worth a watch. I'm planning on reading the book written by his son, in order to get a better idea of his life.


turned it off as it didnt hold my attention

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

the first had more heart, more drive and passion. despite being all action. This seemed to just go through the set movements, the dialogue seemed to just go through the paces "we've been taken" not something someone would say. So in this the parents get taken this time and the daughter runs to the rescue, bit of Neeson fighting and then it ends. Fighting was unconvincing too, there is no way you could fit that level of detail into the fighting moves if it were to be done at full speed. It still felt like it was in the working out stage, "you hit, now i will hit" i soon begun doing something else.

Rise of the Guardians

just a lot of argo and fights, not enough of the magic that it tried to implement.

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

Strengthens the film to know its based on a true story, bit cheesy in places but mcadams and tatum are cute together and its a nice retelling


Bit predictable, one of the group goes insane now nothing leads to a conclusion anymore, no more consequences. Then its no longer a repeating day anymore but he is yet to realise. standard. Groundhog day had more death in it than this, less gorey but somehow hit home more, and it was funny. Aclassic as many agree. This could have been an awesome take on the time repeating it self but never really got going.

Saem question is asked "if there were no consequences would we still behave the way that we do, knowing it could get erased from history?" but never quite executed, i expected the butterfly effect type darkness.

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

Not a bad cast, nice idea and connect well with the characters but the story never quite goes places, hints but never fully commits. Or worse still goes a direction you wish it didn't, putting in random sick moments in the name of comedy. all in all promising film but never quite hits the mark.

The Host
The Host(2013)

Wonderful idea, good characters, funny moments and nice elements of love, just have to take the over the top sappy moments, cheesy lines and so forth, with a pinch of salt (or maybe a whole heap more salt). The story never really takes pace and lost me half way mostly for good, it did however gain my attention again for a little while another 20 or so mins later but it is rather long for what it is. Im guessing the book is better but i did get quite into the characters and i was wanting to know more about them. The voice inside her head, mel, was a bit annoying in its pitch. A bit more about who Mel was at the beginning would have been nice, up to the capture. I'll have to read the book now though! All in all take it for what it is. Excellent concept but maybe not meant for film, enjoyed going with a friend to see though and i did enjoy the characters, good to shut off for a while.


all the elements of an action movie but with a pace that never changes. The fight scenes are unimaginative and a "left right, hook jab...ok you win" staged feel to them, rather than a beautifully choreographed feat of engineering. It never really got going.

Enter the Dragon

The opening scene when Bruce lee's sensei/master is discussing the merging of spirit and physical is still a great moment and one which sums up parts of what a martial artist should be. Even in the Western world, re watchiing this right now and better than i remember so far.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Boring compared to the original, felt more like i robot and being in amsterdam than being on mars. Colin Farrell played it well but the story just didn't add anything new to the story. I did like how it showed more of the build up but didn't make it more entertaining.

The Expendables 2

Not as good as the first and I got bored. So did something else while it was on. Not really sure what happened but i watched the first 45mins without distractions then just didn't hold my attention. Mostly guns and blood splatter. Few nice cheesy lines that have my approval, so in your face put in because they can it hurts but do kinda like them for it. "i'll be back" "you're always coming back, this time i'll be back" "oooo kippi ki a" Very silly but other than those lines doing a nod to 80s movie gold, this was awful.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Eddie murphy is brilliant, its like having the younger Eddie back. It seems he managed to have shed a few years for this. Cast all work together well and I thought Matthew Broderick particularly put on a good performance. A light hearted non thinking film with some good silly action, the story is a bit generic but for a sit back and enjoy sort of film it works well


Shot well, creepy and good style but basically it is another jumpy film that works on your bodies reflexs more than focusing on the rest of the film. Not bad :D

The First Grader

A lot harder hitting than i expected from the title and the summery, and to think it was based on a true story even more remarkable. This would not have worked without the lead Kimani playing his part so well, having his warmth and charm come off the screen, as well as his struggles and difficulties.


Amazing scenery but the story just never got going. It had all these ideals and ideas about destiny and fate but never followed through entirely. I was constantly waiting for the twist and the story to happen but it never really did. The scene within the witches house was funny and good fun though "im a wit----whistler.....of wood" that was good fun. Otherwise, for some reason i could never really connect with this film. The making of was really interesting though and they have indeed captured Scotland well. Makes me want to go and explore that part of Scotland.

brother bear was far better a story, maybe not as beautiful but basically the same story, told better. IT was in a way several films put together but never really decided on its own voice.

Up in the Air

Some funny moments looking at life

The Bourne Legacy

Didnt really know what was going on, and turned out to be a very simple story. There were scenes that just didn't feel within the bourne universe.

The American
The American(2010)

A nice pace, done in a different sort of way. Took a while to get into the film but really done well.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

this tried to work. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. It teased with glimpses of a story but then just decided to make fun of itself and enjoy playing around with the characters instead. The worse thing about this film, is it could have been done without supernatural elements. In the end it was two people beating each other up. Good promise but didnt deliver, still good enough to be enjoyable though.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Very poor start,. middle, just nothing happens really. The end is good however with proper dialogue and fun. "maybe next time you should lead with that"


Didn't really need the affair at the beginning, this could have been just as powerful without it.


Get what you expect, good concept but typical family guy humour. Opening with the narration is the best part.

Black Death
Black Death(2011)

Started off well but lost my attention after a while

Bullet to the Head

Didnt really get the story, attempted to be in-depth but what i did like about this was the world it created, the art style the humour and the characters. Also a lot of eye candy within this film, both of the female kind and the gorey kind. A good action lads films. If accept this at face value for what it is and what it aims to do, then it does it well and you will enjoy. Back to the 80s and rambo days.

After Sex
After Sex(2007)

Really well written, wonderful beginnings. The only thing is you want to know what else happens to these characters and we never do. love actually managed to have multiple stories and so why can't this tie up a least some of its lose ends. I'd love to know what happened to these stories that were started but never finished.


kinda like the style of the film, those late night films "why am i watching this" but it is just a really twisted story. Not sure what this film set out to do.


Quite like these sort of style of films, put off seeing it for a while as i wasnt really sure what it was about. Quirky, dark and odd but strangely compelling. Beautifully shot and the narration works in its favour.

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

You're never quite sure what is going on and seems like modernist short stories, but if you allow yourself to delve into the life of these stories and go with it, it becomes a great experience. It wasn't until afterwards that i realized its meaning, i had to ponder and think it over. However i believe it is about the many paths we have, and asking pro found life questions. What would happen had we gone the other way, taken a left instead of a right. we come to many cross roads in our lifes, this explores them in an interesting (though confusing to some im sure) way, that never became boring, or understandable but once you think it over you realize the message it is trying to give. Let yourself go and enjoy the journey, you don't have to understand this film, you just get launched into a world of beauty and wonder. showing the fun up and downs that life has to offer, hopefully the sheer awe of life outweighs the bad. a pleasure to sit through and i am glad they gave it the screen time it needed. Both his old self and young adult selves grab you, as well as the kids narration, it is a beautiful celebration of life and our many choices we have to make. Those that take us in other directions.Profound philosophical questions throughout both indirect and direct. If I can only see my hands but never my face, do i still exist?

Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes)

Sort of the reused time travel rules but kept attention.

The Bodyguard

Rewatched recently and it still holds together well, though dated you still believe Costner is as good as he says he is, or others say he is.

Whitney plays it really naturally and is actually a very good actress, playing herself more likely.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

May have only been the rehearsals but get to see how musically talented this man actually was. impersonating the bass as he wanted it to be perfectly, all the musically ques asked for and done in such a personable and friendly manner not wanting to upset anyone., Worth a watch if you are a fan, get transported into a different world.

Men in Black III

Excellent Villian design, played really well, quite quite creepy . Felt a bit clunky as the duo were getting back into the rhythm, like someone going through the moves but not adding any real power or personal flair to them, k looking old and story not taking pace. However it all begun to run a lot smoother when Josh Brolin made an appearance mirroring Tommy Lee jones perfectly as the younger version of K.

The Happening

really good movie with creepy parts (old lady is scary!) the ending did however let this movie down, the classic ,back to normal , oh wait it isn't moment. it could of gone into that much more and explained why it happened a lot more. maybe a close up of the virus and what it does. it was all done very well, suspense all the way through up to the last moment. wher eit let itself down

Arthur Christmas

wonderful family dynamics, that are studied well. story is a bit linear but plenty going on along the way with good heart. All the voices are Brilliant, esp bill nighy and James mcavoy, how do they do it? Doesnt sound at all like them.


sort of been done before but this is a slightly new take on it and I really enjoyed the ride it took me on. Several twists happen that you don't know whether to believe, often a twist takes you down a set path but with this film you are left believing the original truth and trying to work the rest out.

Enjoyable but had a few flaws and sure some of the characters would have reacted differently than they did.

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden)

not as good as the first but maybe the book wasnt either, the first worked as it had an alternative type help a major case with twist and turns. a proper plot. this seemed different pace all together.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

a lot better than the Daniel Craig version (although Rooney Mara is slightly hotter with a maybe more edgey lisabeth) it takes time to explain the transition in plot without jumping or leaving bits out. I.e. the nice touch at the end about the flowers "i sent them so you would know i was out there somewhere, i didn't know you would read that into them" " if you hadnt sent them you wouldnt be sat here now" and other little touches. Nicely put together and once get into the subtitles really captivates you. Can't wait to watch the other two.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Quite disappointment, filmed in a modernist way only it does have an ending this time. however the rest of the film doesn't really have a plot. I did find myself getting a little involved within the world they had created but at the same time getting bored and rolling my eyes at scenes with no real foundation to them. It need ask some profound questions, would we still hold our moral compass if the rest of the world was wiped out with us, leaving noone to remember out regrettable actions.

However it really did drag its feet and the over acting knightly was an odd choice, the whole film is a bit odd really. it is meant to be but it lost me very early on.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Really enjoyed this, it went quickly for the length of the film. Filmed purposely in a more fantastical way than lord of the rings, to relate to the book being for a younger audience, i think the film does well to have a balance between epic bloody battles and fun scenes. the characters are brilliant, the dwarfs all interacting well despite the sheer number of them. Radagast the brown had some funny lines and the whole thing merged together nicely. Looking forward to the other parts and will have to read the book again as i know the film as deviated off the book a little bit but it still worked for me.

The Darkest Hour

Good concept but not delivered well.

The special effects are really good but it is never a good thing when the trailer adds more suspense and has better editing than the film itself.

From the word go the awful acting threw me out of the film, and i never believed the characters truly believed it. The time line is the worse thing within this film, the film never decided on when things took place. There is nothing to suggest how long its been since the first invasion and other than it going "monday, tuesday etc" which suggests its been 3 days, the rest says otherwise. Why does it feel like its been 6 months, or years, with whole societies being made, fortresses being build and weapons being designed. In three days? I didn't buy it. Then of course someone falls into the water towards the end, when you're praying it will. She landed a few feet away, "we've lost whats her name (characters that memorable) aw natalie i think ...turns out shes swarm to the other shore and is now lost. How on earth did she swim that far in that time?

Awful film but thumbs up for the special effects which put some bigger hollywood films to shame.

The Dark Knight Rises

Bane could be bigger but planned well, wonder where the posh voice was chosen from. Enjoyed this despite not understanding the full extent of the politics Nolan was portraying.


A pleasant surprise, been a while since a film had me laughing out loud. Still given 2.5 stars as it is flaws and not a proper epic. However it had heart, romance and good humour. Instead of the all out gun battle like i was dreading it to be. Just it is both clever and dumb, yes it doesn't take itself seriously but this balance wasn't always archived well and lost some of my belief in the world it was trying to create. Good watch however.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

just a load of cameos and couldn't take the characters seriously. In the last xmens, you seemed to believe they were real. This is just actors whirling about the screen pretending to be heros, adults pretending rather than being, is just like watching embarrassing parents.

just didn't much enjoy this, however the character design was done well, sabre tooth looked more believable, a nice update.

Story was ruined which let the look of the updated characters down. Wolverine would not be able to get taken down with a "silver" bullet. In the comic he chooses to have his memory wiped. Then of course forgets he was willing and forgets how it all happened. I didnt like the rewrite. Nor any of the script. Though there are several comic versions that conflict with how the story should be told as well, i just don't count this as a film within the franchise.

Groundhog Day

alright comedy but don;t see what the big deal is with this film

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

Despite having super human powers on mars, they have done well to add a venerability to the hero and you can feel his rage, passion and tenacious drive to succeed. I will have to rewatch this to fully appreciate the back story wrapped up at the end.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

grew to like it in the end

Eat Pray Love

Some nice locations and shows the beauty of travel, meeting wonderful people along the way. I am however going to have to read the book.

Jack and Jill vs. the World

The charismatic chemistry of the two leads is what holds this film together, a good message, but its been done before and loses the entertainment value along the way. However you can't help connect to the two leads and wish them the best in their pursuits.

My Stepmother Is an Alien

I have to admit i do have a secret love for these style of movies.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

this is the 3rd 'the thing ' film, not seen the first but i enjoyed the remake, still really excited to see what they do with this. Though also slightly nervous incase they ruin it.

after seeing the trailer no longer interested
i'll remember the 1982 john carpenter version instead

Dream House
Dream House(2011)

Doesn't quite deliver the twist, was expecting it to go further and hit harder once it told the audience what was going on but acted well. As well as connecting you to the characters.

A Goofy Movie

loved this as a kid and still secretly do! A tale of adolescence.

You've Got Mail

not seen in ages but remember it being good


Beautifully shot with the high contrast look, along with a bit of Tim Burton weird. It feels like going back to the 90s with some of its pace. Having a nice built up. I did feel the short spark of an idea within the original sketches struggles a bit to make it to a feature length movie but still a good watch.

Casino Royale

i was right ,this is the best and only good james bond film . its utter brillant and it has sabasian foucan the french creator or parkour aka free running playing the free runner 'baddy' james bond chases . it's got great story ,hes added realism to bond and it works really well.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

The story felt like a lot was left out or missing and was over far too quickly to feel anything for it.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Does go a bit off script with the girl having to grow up and make it in the business world but i like the sub characters and the chaos going on. Bit like an alternative version of big (can't beat big) as mentioned by the critics it doesn't quite deliver the black comedy aspect the title promises as that part soon gets left behind when the babysitter dies early on. Still good fun.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

i think im the only one who sees this for what it actually is, one big fight with not much else.

I did however enjoy it and thought the music and atmosphere was done very well and the 2 hours did fly by quickly. The end scene was laughable and cinema burst into hysterics at the sight of the young actors trying to be parents. They would have had to of had their children at around 10 years old in order for them to be the 10 or 11 in the film. They had not aged them by 19years at all. It is rumoured they had to redo the scene, flying the actors back because of them not looking old enough in what was to be the final shots or it looking wrong. Well i would love to see the first "go to print" attempt.

It all seemed a bit too easy rather than epic, i enjoyed part 1 a lot more.

A Clockwork Orange

very provoking film done in the "confessions films" style . its like an opera on acid . really wierd ,violence and rape . not worth seeing at all yet the name is very well known by many but im sure a lot of them haven't even seen it

The Lion King

This was the first film i saw in the cinema 1994 . was a great film at the time but a bit boring now ,and too many sequels and spin off series have been made that have ruined it

Léon: The Professional

excellant concept ,delievered well . strong vviolence with friendship cleverly matched . how ever not sure if it quite reached the mark but very enjoyable film . jean reno is cast very well in this

clever use of the camera changes to indulge in our imagination "how does he do it professionally?" we dont know, but we can guess and get roped into believing that he is as good as he says he is.

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep plays a fantastic Thatcher, looks at her days after being PM

The Dark Crystal

boring, very cinematic but the story telling just isnt there. A lot of over acting makes it difficult to actually hear and understand the characters. Feels like this film was made for their benefits and no one elses. Should enjoy your work but not bore your audience. Labyrinth i far better!

what these guys said

Vincent Canby, New York Times
The screenplay by David Odell, based on a story by Mr. Henson, is without any narrative drive whatever. It's without charm as well as interest.

Steven D. Greydanus, Decent Films Guide
A distant, uninvolving experience ... characters and emotions, even by the archetypal standards of high fantasy, never come to life, and the overarching mythology seems too self-consciously contrived.

Peter Canavese, Groucho Reviews
An extraordinary, often mesmerizing achievement of design and performance that's held back by an underdeveloped script and a milquetoast leading character.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

i don't usually like simon pegg/nick frost films BUT this is excellent, excellent cast and story plus good feel to it. i love the irony of the films "have you ever dived and shoot two guns, one gun?" then they do all of it at the end, classic! every guys dream is to do the things from the movies. in this movie they do just that. it's just hard to explain how good this was.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A few nice elements will have to watch the original again. i didnt like how the point sin which they fell asleep made no sense. She finds the memories which awakens Freddy but within a dream, they just did that for the shock of freddy being there factor.

Freddy vs. Jason

the vs films dont usually work but this is one of the better ones from both franchises.

The Social Network

Wasn't sure how this would play out being a film about facebook but he seemed to be a bit of a smarmy git and think he was great for it!

The Expendables

although i didnt follow story entirely, could still like and follow the story. I thought Jason Statham had the best role and i loved the side story with the guy who marked his women's face. Excellent.

The Hunger Games

felt entertained for the whole 2hours, as well as rooting for and getting close to the characters. So not the most amazing film but take it for what it is and its a good flick.


ok having watched this, i think they have done a good job. smoothed out the confusing story and made it more coherent but i still feel the original has charm that this does not and prefer the frustrated angry dance that Kevin Bacon does over the modern version.

I think the original will make you want to watch this and this newer version will make you want to watch the original. Both work alongside one another and have their own pro and cons.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

a modernist movie with no real plot or ending, beginnings of plots but no middle or end. just as you get interested and want to know more of the story it ends. good characters and enjoyed up to the point that it had to stop. It ending ruined it for me, no conclusion was made.

The Woman in Black

A simple story with the usual tricks to add suspense and jumps but nicely done, talk about Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!

Friends With Benefits

good fun and warming film, may be similar to others that came before it but good humour with two beautiful people and more funny than no strings attached. Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman, i can't decide!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

a really powerful and toughing film. i have not yet seen the subtitled version but i soon will.

Another Stakeout

stakeout is a classic form my childhood, this i can't even remember

Captain America: The First Avenger

Fantastic, the element of 40s in a futuristic/better advanced technology world is done in a very believable way, machines that were actually plausible. Some of the elements of "virtue and honour" were done in a slight over the top way to really show you this thin kid had what it took. other than that the performances were written very well. tommy lee jones on top form as usual.

Really good and im hoping to get the art of book, as the concept art looks amazing.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

got quite bored and turned it off after an hour.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

did not think they could think up another mission impossible, but really enjoyed this, more straight forward than the others and although it still had the same complicated mission impossible twists. The main story was easy enough to follow which could be both a pro and a con; however i thought this was really enjoyable. Simon Pegg was excellent, his comic timing kept the film together among the action, providing a human aspect to his character.

I thought the balance between humour and action was well done and not over complicated, more light hearted than the others but very enjoyable.


fun ,easy to watch but boring another time around . good fun though ,inspried by the book from the same auther as jarmanji


A simple story when read on paper and is thought to be dull. However i found myself really getting into it (much more than clash with the titans) because the characters seem so believable . My only gripe is that thor loses his arrogance, learning his lesson too early on. Someone who is stubborn would have put up more of a fight, even in the face of love.

That aside, i enjoyed it, good characters made this story gripping otherwise it is quite straight forward
the use of humour is included well.

love this film!

5 Children and It

eddie izzard is brilliant

The Jewel of the Nile

romancing the stone is a classic this seems outdated in comparison

Return to Oz
Return to Oz(1985)

seems far more ancient than its 1939 original. Can only be liked for its surreal and off the wall elements but why make a sequel?

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

i like the visual style but decided i dont like the films, went cause was good way of seeing a friend. i like how holmes thinks about how to take down his enemies and analyses it with the slow mo flashes but the screenplay is the same as the first, just tries to be clever but in doing so alienates the audience.

some good moments sums up these films.

Puss in Boots

some very quirky humour, a good laugh, the artistic style was fun and playful. All good fun and luckily nothing like Shrek.

Winnie the Pooh

it tried to hard to mirror that of the old tv series and instead felt like an amateur production, of those pretending to be pooh and friends, not the characters themselves. The story was rushed and boring. the search for the tail had been done before. Some of the songs were catchy but were too many of them.

kids may like this, but they are missing out on the classic tv version


watched this again properly, amazing film hitting on hard issues of politics with humour and surrealism.

Battle: Los Angeles

knew in first minute this would be bad!


just read the critics saying the landscapes had the same grey cliffs....as a climber i found them to be quite stunning.

i enjoyed this film on a few levels. First as inspiration to keep on with climbing and fitness, vain as that may sound but lets face it the lead character has the physique most men aspire to. Then the lead woman with the visions is stunning also, makes you wish to wait for the right one to come along. So sat there thinking wow, then the fight scenes, gorey as they are, are also quite amazing too.

John hurt stole the show with his acting and gave the film creditability having an actor of his status on the casting list, but the rest of the cast also held their own. The action was well choreographed apart from a few minor aspects.

There were a few mistakes in the battle scenes with the fight in the tunnel looking a bit clumsy and staged but other than that your disbelief was suspended (if believed within the rules of the gods) and your imagination could fill in the rest.

Though i don't really know my greek mythology, the story seemed to tie in be it loosely, with a few of them and unlike 300 you were cheering the characters on a lot more, as they seemed more real somehow.

It is a shut off your mind and enjoy it, sort of film, but on that level it worked. No idea how it will play watching it a second time around but enjoyed it this time.

Attack the Block

really enjoyed this, a new modern take on the "creature/it came from outter space", genre :)

The Adventures of Tintin

I doubt very much that this has much rewatch value, but thats the same for most detective movies. That being said it was very enjoyable and had a few funny moments. voice acting was brilliant.

Interstate 60

a wonderfully quirky story with some amazing acting. I don't know how Gary Oldman does it but he really becomes the character and has one of those faces where you can't really recognise him enough to jump you out of the film.

Really enjoyed this.

Alien vs. Ninja

some over the stop action but all a bit silly watching a guy in green leather pretending to be an alien,

for a lazy film watch it was good fun though.

Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear(2010)

with such a cast, you would not expect it to play out so wooden and static, pointless story and waste of time. justin timberlake surprizely did a good job

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

if i had known this was blair witch goes to the moon, i would have avoided. Having chosen the late viewing after seeing final destination 5, i must admit the found footage genre was sending me to sleep. As someone else pointed out, filming in the traditional manner would have been better, this was they could have added more of a back story. it was not at all as i expected, got you connected to the characters quite quickly but at same time didn't really care what happened.

More of an interesting concept than anything else

Final Destination 5

a good b movie genre, cant give more than 2 stars as not a lot happened besides the deaths. the 3D element added to it and it has now turned to over the top deaths that really could never happen. the first one with the gym was the most stupid, if you get dust in your eyes you would surely stop spinning, and just drop off the couple of feet to safey. You more definitely would not go for the world record dismount and break every bone in your body. It would have been better if the dust got into her eyes as she dismounted and begun the somersaults. this way you could at least believe that she couldn't spot her landing.

The other deaths are very imilar. the best scene has to be the vision of the bridge collapsing and them trying to get to safetly. over the top and bridge is very unlikely to fail but it made for some good viewing and kept within your disbelief enough to take it with a pinch of salt

i think the first film still stands and has much more interesting build ups to the deaths, i will have to give that one another go.

Your Highness

meant to be stupid but didn't entertain, was interesting seeing James Franco play a different part. he has always been seen a a good actor but he really is beginning to appear everywhere, this film shows the cast can play any character, most playing characters they wouldn't usually play but the film needed to be written better.


watched it then got bored and did something else while it played, it suddenly just ended

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

really liked this film, reminded me of the old monster movies and the audience knows as much as the characters. brilliant film although the ending was a little bit cliche and borrowed from the old films it reminds me of.

Cowboys & Aliens

If really analyse this film it is basically cowboys running after aliens to save their loved ones, nothing more to the story, usual alien b movie but with cowboys. However Daniel Craig's character was fun,funny and totally bad ass. the writing around his character along with his acting saved the film for sure. Good fun and funny moments. If it wasn't for connecting to the characters wouldn't have been as good. The opening in a good one.

Pineapple Express

nver really get on with stoner movies, the critic richard roeper summed it up well : Watching Pineapple Express is like sitting dead sober in a room with a bunch of stoned people who are laughing uproariously. They're having a great time. You're not.

prob the better of the stoner movies as connect more to the characters but not lot happens , im only 45 mins in but my rule is if youre not wanting to know what happens next by half hour, then prob wont by the end either

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

not a lot to it and wonder why some of the characters react in the way they do but very well done making us, who know as little as the character fill in the blanks.

not sure why i enjoyed it but i did


finally got round to seeing paul, the humour can be a bit much but the story had a lot more emotion and character than i expected.

I only noticed the stars wars reference "boring conversation anyway" i will have to rewatch for the others.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

the trailer looks as if the whole film has been given away but it is actually a very small part, the start and build up to the final climax of the trailer's footage was done beautifully and well. Showing the compassion and longing of the ape.

The ending could have been a little better and could have had more of the sub stories answered such as whether his dad would be ok and whether the guy who died, what would happen to the virus and why humans react in this way to the virus.
Other than a few loose ends not being answered this was very well done.

Animals United (Konferenz der Tiere)

how they got the cast together i will never know. Turned off after the 2nd toilet humor joke and when the 'story' just went plain odd (though maybe doesn't matter if you're younger) load of rubbish didn't get to 15minutes.


Not too bad a film but easily forgotten, only real downside is the costume design, can't take what aston is wearing seriously

The Hit List
The Hit List(2011)

cuba gooding jr plays the part really well but got bored because of the pace.

No Country for Old Men

got bored, bit too slow so wasn't following it


what a load of time wasting rubbish

Have i watched the same movie? everyone else seems to love it?

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

it started off really well with the swimming pool scene but then despite watching through it twice, i don't understand the story, might just be me though. Plus the characters never really evolved and i didn't care about them, other than his boss who died too quickly, we never got to know him

I Am Number Four

not as good as i was expecting and easily forgettable but had a few good moments

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

never really connected with this movie and it felt really long.


a well directed powerful film, which is based on a true story. Angelina Jolie shows she can act in a different role to the normal action 1dimensional pieces and puts on a good performance.

A strong film worth watching


only southpark creators could have thought of this, very quirky and over the top

Season of the Witch

the first 5 minutes and you're expecting to get the film you're imagining, where nothing is what it seems, you don't know if witches are real within this film's universe and the 'witch' in question tricks both the viewer and he characters in the films.

But no this is not what we get, instead we get "witches are REAL" .....ok so they are real this means less to play with and undoubtedly this won't be a psychological thriller like we had hoped.

The next 20minutes at least are good because we don't yet know whether this girl is a witch or wrongly accused, this could play well.A few unanswered questions happen like her strength but then the wolves t some point in the film act very weird and you know she has some sort of powers or maybe she is just good with animals.

It all pans out quickly all the unsure questions are soon lifted and before you know it shes a "bloody demon" , it turns into a slap stick in your face "here's the idea" and soon wish hadn't watched it

This could have been so good, set in the crusades this had some great visual moments and these could have been shown better. It had the potential to be a real clever psychological thriller but it failed at every gate and turn. I'm really glad i didn't end up seeing this in the cinema in the end.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

I enjoyed it and liked the images from it, however in these sort of films where not all is what is seems, i usually like to have a conclusion. Like with the machinist where after going "what the hell" it all then becomes clear and everything clicks into place.

This however had some great performances and soon couldn't help was watch intensively, however it lacks real substance, once ended I wondered what it was i had witnessed. Natalie Portman is definitely going from strength to strength and she played the vulnerable 'girl' with the protective mother very well. She often seemed uneasy.

An enjoyable film, i still don't know what was really happening but a lot of messages to get from this.

Gulliver's Travels

All a bit silly, im all for try something different but they ruined it and i prefer the drama tv series.Good if after some light hearted fun but it needed a bit more injected into it. Seemed like Jack just messing about and getting paid, back to his old roots but wasn't funny enough to justify this as a film. Chris O Dowd still did well and took a while to recognise.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

other potter films were utter rubbish and they ruined the best book (3rd book) but this is a really good film ,see it even if you hated the others like me

The Hangover Part II

it is all the same, had some great moments but i would have liked to have known more about Stu's asian wife, who is she? and what happened to Stu's vegas girl; how did that work out. It was sweet in the first film how he ditched his demanding girlfriend after realising his friends spoke the truth about her, to be with the vegas girl even though she was a hooker and wrong in most people's eyes.

The two films didn;t tie up and it took quite a while to get going.

Basically the same plot masked over a new film. I also thought Zach played Alan better in the first film, it wa slike they had stopped trying for this one

however it did have some good moments, I'm going to have to watch the first film again.


the beginning with the crazy demon granny was good but it went rapidly down hill after this. A bit like dawn of the dead but with angels processing people rather than zombies


never got going, really slow and predictable and the the ending just ending without any further explanation.

the concept was good but it could have been done so much better

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

first film was good with a good and easy to follow story. The others have just been slow,boring and confusing.

I did however like the edition of the mermaids.

Friday the 13th

nothing new. Works if you like the classics as keeps the classic feel while upping the pace but I have seen it all before, not sure what else can be done to this genre.

Gulliver's Travels

not looking forward to the remake, loved this as a child and rewatched it recently. This stories reveal truths about the 'real' world that the officials don't want to admit to themselves.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

well directed and the way you see it from that point of view is unusual and well done.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

a lot better than the last two attempts at revamping this. Will Poulter's performance as eustace, is what makes this film work.

Bunny and the Bull

the characters are lovable but they never get placed in a firm enough setting to make the film really move along. It is not until the ending is revealed/confirmed that you feel the film has any real weight to it.

the surreal parts don't really happen quick enough and the film drags right until the film's climax where all become clear, if filmed ina different way slightly, this could have been great.

A bit like the machinist with elements from stranger than fiction.

couldn't agree more: beneath all its layers of whimsy, this cock and bull story is grounded in genuine pain and torment.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Got bored at the pace of the film, took while to get going

Another Year
Another Year(2010)

it is all about the relationships of the characters,with no real story the first 30 mins you wonder why things are happening, then you get to know the characters and wish to know what will happen to them. Then it just ends, with nothing having happened really and no questions answered, it could have gone on for another 2 hours with us being none the wiser.

It is a wonderful portrayal of human life and is acted well but i fail to see the entertain factor.

pointless modernist style film.


easy to follow feel good film


the first 55 mins didn't grip me and i decided to turn it off as it was bedtime and i wanted to get it posted so i could get the next lovefilm film.

Running time is only hour and 32 mins, yet first 55 didn't grip me and nothing happened....so i wonder how it then caught up with the remaining minutes left to tell the story, i don't really care .

Better than Chocolate

funny with a good story of relationships between people. The ending I kinda wish i knew more about the characters but i really enjoyed this film. Liberating seeing them stand up for what they believed in. "its obscene.....THATS THE POINT"

6 Souls
6 Souls(2013)

an ok idea but tried to explain itself with over complicated language, so never really got dragged into the film until the end.

The Hurt Locker

Very well done and makes you question war,and i enjoyed watching it. However with it being a film it needs a narrative. It does have a bit of character development but with no narrative it ends with you being left thinking what was that all about.

Assassination of a High School President

ok as watched it for free, but didn't really ever get going.


Wasn't sure what to make of this, it is a good concept and is done in a quirky way but it just didn't feel polished or finished. The direction felt a little off but was still professional looking. The voice over worked but not entirely sure whether it brought us into the film enough. Made us feel like outsiders hearing his story. The ending wasn't much of a conclusion nor was a lot of the film. The way it was filmed was odd.

I was quite entertained but just something felt odd about it and can't put finger on what made me uneasy when watching.

Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda(2004)

a really powerful film that tells the story simply and focusing on one mans tale of courage and wit. Amazing to think that this is based on a true story and that it really happened.

The film may not have explained about all the politics going on at the time and simplified it down to two rival gangs, but it did it brilliantly and you really were routing for and scared for those involved.


a story running through a lot of fun,gore and sexiness.

The Book of Eli

beautifully shot and the action scenes are well choreographed, well acted throughout

However i just didn't get why the story was told in the way it was, it added atmosphere but found myself bored. I get he has a mission and he completes his mission but his journey didn't entertain me and so just didn't get the entertainment value.

The Hunting Party

A bit slow in places but other than that shot really well with a good character format. The end with all the quotes about what was base don truth and what wasn't was good to hear about.

The Last Airbender

Well this is the last time i will be seeing one of his films, awful. Signs and sixth sense were ok. The happening was passable. the village i guess was well filmed despite story being (very) lacking but he just keeps on getting worse.

One hit wonder after the sixth sense for sure

It just consisted of a guy trying to learn the elements while waving his hands around saying he was the avatar. While doing this CGi water and fire took over and battled each other. Boring.

The Collector

this was apparently meant to be a saw prequel but they then made it into this standalone.

It's an undeveloped saw, the saws have got weaker since the first saw broke new ground; now this weak distilled version of 'saw' as a standalone is all we have been left with.


I didn't realise this was based on a comic, so good job as its not the typical comic book set up. Well acted. I espieclly like John Malkovich in this one.

I just didn't think the style or story was that gripping and wasn't entertained by it; it was almost like the losers but not quite as funny.


Not as funny as i expected but the sory was brilliant and an emotional roller coaster. The horse the chameleon are done well.

I preferred princess and the frog

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Been putting off seeing this as it looked like superbad type humour which I can't stand. However it played out more like dude wheres my car? only with a different sort of narrative and way of telling the story.

Really good fun.

The Other Guys

some good ideas, funny and the story followed along nicely but i think some of the jokes crossed the line and became more cringey than funny.

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

heard it's not too bad a film.

The Green Hornet

wasn't expecting it to be like this, never seen any green hornet stories before. What i liked was the good use of humour, it really made the film into what it was and so given it this much stars for the fact it made me laugh ad the story moved along smoothly and tirelessly

Wild Target
Wild Target(2010)

a really fun offbeat quirky black comedy

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

a film that doesn't take it self too seriously despite the genre, some good fun :) The story however is a bit lost in places and could be better explained and the character max was rather irritating.

The Box
The Box(2009)

well Donnie Darko was good at least.

The Final Cut

its filmed well and is a great idea but its slow to get going and then when it does; it just ends. You're never fully submerged within the film . It makes you feel you have just watched it for nothing.

It could have been so much more.


not the horror i was expecting either. more a parent freud complex.

Nice to see Adrien Brody back on the scene though.

Saving Silverman

really enjoyed this with some laugh out loud moments. Just has that silliness that works.

Spirited Away

definitely not howl's moving castle


Bit like day breakers, quirky, not worth re-watching but liked it at the time

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

didn't know where they would go with the sequel but they did a good job and still found a quite decent story line

Crank 2: High Voltage

not as good as the first and the ending is a bit over the top. They said they don't know how they got away with that bit but I really wish they hadn't. Still good fun though.

Planet 51
Planet 51(2009)

trailer was promising but didn't deliver


good idea but didn't like the way it was filmed

The Time Traveler's Wife

going to have to read the book now, this was really good

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

didn;t really work despite the cast. Didn't think heath or any of them put on that great a performance.


good idea but the ending was wrong. It pushed towards one of them knowing something before they died but they just died.Was expecting them to come back to unlock the truth after their souls got saved.

Instead it just ended, was expecting a twist

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

bit of a let down, shortly turned into harry potter wannabe. Had some good bits but not as good as expected

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

the others I quite like but this was really quite terrible

Stranger Than Fiction

I don't normally like will ferrell as he plays the fool, the twit; often playing characters in films such as elf, blades of glory and anchor man.
However he puts on a very different performance with this somewhat awkward and straight laced character. A fantastic performance and he is brilliant in this very different role.

The World's Fastest Indian

didn't know anything about it and wouldn't have chose to see it, but it was borrowed and glad I saw it. A bit slow starting out but once he gets to America things start to gain momentum. A feel good film showing a man going after his dream.


not as good as i remember, doesn't mess with reality as much as it could have but its a good concept. I think Jude Law has learnt a lot about his art since this film .

a good concept

Fantastic Mr. Fox

good dry humour and the characters are 'fantastic' . just think the story was told a bit too quickly. enjoyable though. i will have to reread the book now, can;t quite remember all the in and outs of it

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

loses the balance of character build up, humour and fighting that the first had. the fighting got boring and out balanced everything else. It did have some nice ideas and touches , replacing old ideas with similar ones which still sort of worked.

Prefered the first though.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

good concept and well acted. but played as you expected with no real surprises, then the ending wasn't best expained.

Dawn of the Dead

been meaning to see the original for a while but a lot seemed pointless with things put in for no reason. Good fun with friends though and characters still done well. Just dragged on a bit.

Night of the Living Dead

have to be in the mood for a slow moving black and white film but this is just genius. The suspense created simple by the characters couldn't be recreated ina modern film. You can't take this too seriously and often laugh AT the film not WITH it but it is done well. The ending is brilliant, you expect them to survive .

Law Abiding Citizen

sort of a reverse fugitive but without the character build up or clever intellect.

It just didn't work for me, bit pointless

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

some imaginative ideas and well thought out story (better than the 2nd as ive forgotten what happens in it)

the opening scene with having the kids imagination becoming real was exciting though probably done numerous times.


just really enjoyed this, as it's not just a spoof comedy it also has action and story; it's great that they could get Nicolas Cage on board

Shutter Island

kinda never felt like you were following any story then the story ended up being something you expected anyhow . done very well but going to have top watch identity again as i think i remember it being better done.

Alice in Wonderland

quite the disappointment. johnny depp couldn't decide on which voice so decided to use all the voices he knew, using the mad hatter being a schizophrenic as an excuse. Often jumping into captain Jack far too many a time. The voice he first used; along with the mad laughter is the one he should have stuck with as this suited the character better.
It was a nice idea to have him be a multi personality crazy but they just missed the mark by a long way.

A lot of the quotes from the book are true to the orginal but nothing added to them, it all became far too similar with no burton added to them.

The story is lacking and it tries to hard to include the original within the plot without being brave enough to just stick with this new story. you're always reminded about the slaying of the jabberwocky, then the battle lets it down.

just disappointed as was expecting so much more from this duo or trio now helena has joined the usual cast.

however the one good thing is i did think helena waas good as the red queen and had some funny lines. and the mad hatter dance was good but went too OTT

District 9
District 9(2009)

not too keen on the way it was filmed as it sort of is the office meets sci fi, but once you realise the aliens are creating some sort of fluid, some sort of plan. then you start to get into it and follow the film. esp as the character you hate gets trapped against his own government etc

but it would have been a lot better with a different filming style, the beginning took ages and i almost turned it off but lucky i didn't as got really into it after that.

although i did really enjoy it, the way it was filmed didn't suck me into the film for a long time.

The Princess and the Frog

wasn't sure what this would be like but it's a lovely feel good film done in the old hand drawn style . With a great sense of humor that had me laughing from the start.

bit scary for kids having a voodoo theme but liked the colours and imagery it brought to the screen just maybe not suitable for small kids.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

saw this in 3D which definitely added to the film but they have added some nice twists to the artistic licenses within this classic.

they didn;t hold back with it either, lot of death and rotting within it, so a lot of kids were probably terrified!


really enjoyed this, though there was one bit that needed to be edited down. The overall story and feel of the film is amazing and heart warming. Really sad as you connect with the people and good mix of action too. Lot better than i was expecting. unfortunately 3D was fully booked but going to have to see it in 3D before it leaves the cinema.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

really enjoyed this, has humour and agood story. good play between the characters.
only let down was the ending with how it went a bit too OTT and one of the characters annoyed me

but a great film

already pre ordered this .

Sleepless in Seattle

seemed too short. story just ends. far too simple with out any explanation of what happens next. but good film nonetheless


such a sad film, another kids film to buy on dvd me thinks. Although the subject matter was probably a bit too much for some young children. They kept asking a lot of question behind me.

I liked the beginning build up which showed how life can get away form you and your dreams don't happen . but there is still time!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

bit of a slow start and when i did begin to get into it, it ended. was expecting more after the cut off

but i really enjoyed this and the werewolves were done in an interesting way. Plus makes me want to hit the gym...and get healthier!

some funny moments too.

Worth seeing!


can't believe i sat through this....next time i'll listewn to mr ross film 2009 !

it was funny for the wrong reaosns though, laughed at the screen play/dialogue and how it was put together

still we had a laugh :)

that's a big plane....it's Russian!

Flight of the Navigator

not as good as i remember sadly but still a classic


fantastic dance and music....love the dance scene when hes on his own and at the end

the bits in-between all this wonderful madness (that is in rebellion to the towns law of no dancing) are rather boring and the story flows ever so slowly!!

but the dancing is soo good i had to buy it .

looking forward to the remake that ive just found when looking for this!

another sarah parker first movie , she looks soo young . (also in flight of the navigator)


great animation,great concept drawings and ideas but the story is rushed through again , like a lot of films and would have liked to see more of 'the other mother' before she went evil and had coralline in the house a bit longer before finding the world.

didn;t feel we got to know her parents well enough in order to have comparison and reason for her wanting to escape, they just seemed like bad parents, rather than stressed out parents.

I did however thoroughly enjoy all the dream like animation


good story but too short lived, could have done with more detail and depth to the characters. maybe needs a rewatch though

Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray(2009)

addiction and corruption of ones out look on life is betrayed well. Plus Colin Firth plays his part really well

Terminator Salvation

ending was a bit of a stretched out mess of fighting and needed more depth to John Conner with the future sending back of people explained

But other than that it was an excellent film that saved the franchise form rise of the machines and put it back on the map.

I like the sub story of having the other characters running through it, felt more about the cyborg and pilot than the other characters. All in all a good film

Monsters vs. Aliens

maybe needed more depth of field with the story , needed to be a bit longer after the alien fighting. However there was a nice mix of jokes with good pace and some adult jokes thrown in. All in all good entertainment. Wasn't sure about Reese whetherspoon's voice acting though

28 Weeks Later...

not as good as the first and lost my interest quickly

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

bit predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. eddie izzard steals the show and personally i think he is far better at the acting than stand up

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!(1991)

good for first 10 mins, and almost there but like with all of these (airplane and naked gun included) , the jokes start off good . then they just throw in more of the old ones, just twisted around a bit.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

i like most of the episodes minus a few crap ones but generally i like mr bean however the first mr bean film was rubbish though did like it when younger . the trailer for this looks awful but i like the episodes and hoping for the best ,will be seeing it soon

Saw III(2006)

saw 2 was utter rubbish but still want to give this a look


surprised me this film, quite enjoyable, felt like was missing something but not quite sure what, a good watch


utter rubbish . how is this a cult. just druggies without amusement , didn;t like this

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

true to the book which is also boring and to the point . but yeah wasn't as good as expected . though thomas jane is good in his role . the creatures were a bit stupid, all giant prehistoric bugs basically. but the ending is good but could have been executed better. amazing to think the guy who did green mile and shawkshank could fail doing this. but i did somewhat enjoy it thou the religious nut annoys me but is in the book

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

disappointing, not as good as the first, acting doesn;t seem as good. and things don't add up. feels like just men in costumes than being the characters. just didn't feel this worked. though the gas character was amusing. and some great 'pans labyrinth visuals"

Lucky Number Slevin

story cuts back and forth too much, difficult to follow and wasn't that entertaining either. maybe i just didn;t understand it :p

Empire Records

just love how this shows the fun you can have with friends and music . good feel good film

We Were Soldiers

not too bad film thou don;t really remember it . just remember the very stupid first scene with the trumpet player. go on...let them know where you are, i dare ya!

License to Wed

just a bit too extreme and not funny. too american and crude

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

story too simple, short . car tried to kill them, and evil guy does for a while. a group of girls who don't even know him , go after him madly to go kill him. when really they would get the hell out the way andcall the police . it's just stupid and the visuals don't make up for the lack of story either

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

utter rubbish,it just didn't entertain and had the same pace throughout, slow

Jungle 2 Jungle

loved this when i saw this at cinema years ago, can't really remember it now

Dude, Where's My Car?

i can see this happening to me one day, forgetting a night out and having to trace back . i just like the quirkyness and its just mindless silliness that actually works and prefer it to other teen/slap stick romps


saw tyhis on a plane and want to watch it on a proper big screen, as couldn't fully see the extent of the graphics, first 20 minutes i found really boring but then by the end of it i was captivated and couldn't stop watching. it's amazing to think this is animated, even if they did use motion capture, it's an amazing achievement

Once upon a Time in Mexico

this film doesn;t make sense . its quirky yes but not a good stylised tarrantino quirky but a wierd awful type of being quirky. it just doesn;t work on any levels ,not entertaining

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

this seems so so so old for 1995. you get films like alien (1977) , predator(1987) and blade runner (1982) and even the odd couple from 1968 etc and then you get this which seems much much older than those. just really outdated rubbish.

to think you had pulp fiction, the mask, lion king etc come out the year before, then this rubbish a year later

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

only film hugh grant hasn;t ruined...they finally found a film to fit the only charactor he can play ,himself

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

liked as a kid but unfunny and too over the top


ok film but how it got those oscars i don't know


rubbish CGI was not believeable (apart from burning house scene) the bits with him swinging about looked like plastic

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

CGI animals was amazing but lscked that special thing

Little Nicky
Little Nicky(2000)

have to be in the mood for the sort of humour adam sandler tends to be known for. esp if you ever watch his saturday night live stuff. but this is good fun and only movie of his i really like. plus tarentino as the blind man

Mouse Hunt
Mouse Hunt(1997)

classic film from my childhood which i still enjoy watching. very slap stick and over the top but if you're in the mood for that, good film to sit back to during christmas or something


too immature, toilet humour. just too in your face. didn;t enjoy this

Monsters, Inc.

the characters are good but the story isn;t that impressive and needs to be a lot longer ,too short a film


ended up seeing this twice cause of 2 diff occasions. and this is definitely one of their better films. thank goodness it's not the same as finding nemo. this is really quite a good film, got the sci fi edge of what will our plenty be like if we take all the resources , as well as fun sweet story about love. i rather liked it :)

The Dark Knight

amazing film, good acting all round. heath ledger playing the joker steals the show. all the little tongue movements and nervous twitches, genius. shame this is his last performance. Well worth a watch. some amazing scenes. fighting in this wasn't quite as convincing, yeah its too the point but what happened to those surrounding him. that's my only complaint

The Simpsons Movie

its ok, but yeah stil just simpsons. but enjoyable


excellent film, good graphics ,good entertainment. pure action and visual. not much of a thinking film but good noentheless


not as good as expected, not as comedy as advertised and tried to hard to be something different with the story ,yet they didn't put enough actually plot into it. the concept is really good but script needed to be better in order for this film to work


as good as i expected though the story could of been explained in deeper detail and been a bit longer to do so. but this is a really good action film with a lot of well choreographed scenes and graphically very good. i just got a bit confused with how they knew who was after who and wishthe story was explained better. i understood it but it was done in too simple a way. it could of borrowed form thrillers and put more into the depth of how the story was told. was it still very good and i like the whole "finding out who you are" aspect of the film , as a lot of men especially can relate to feeling like they haven't reached their full potential yet

Superhero Movie

followed the spiderman story too closely, could of had the other superhero films thrown in , its basically spiderman but will sicker jokes and less story . and some of the timing was a little off. it had its funny moments and some hilarious bits but not enough jokes to make it less like spiderman....they could of thought of more abstract out of context things, basically the same scenarios happened but altered. the funniest bit was with the genetic animals at the beginning then it went back to the spiderman story. following too closely.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

the bike and car chase scernes and generally all the action are very entertaining , and done very well . with a bit of artistic license thrown in (like iron gates coming off their hitches intact) but all in all ok . however the story is a bit too much sci fi and less legend . i mean last crusade does have the holy grail and really is the holy grail but you sort of believe it as not much is said about it . but this its all a bit too blantent and too sci fi but the action is good

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

couple spoilers . i found this better than the first 2 (have yet to watch the 4th) , i love the quirky style of the directing in this . such as the red and green traffic signals fighting, very odd but has its own unique style . the story is quite good and richard pryor is what makes it work . can't think of anyone who could of played it better . and of course christopher reeves was as good as ever if not better. technology certainly got better with some of the scenes, esp when superman fights himself. i really enjoyed this film anyways.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

It may be your standard story but with aliens and predator but its directed really well and they have finally done something totally different to mr ruiner of films anderson. it's just shot well, the cameras are just smooth and not too much cutting. I wasn;t sure about this cause of the first one , paul WS normally has influence but they did their own thing for this . and it works really well for this sort of genre.

Peter Benchley's The Beast

one of my favourite films of this genre, prefer it to jaws as it connects you with the characters better

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

there was a bit too much action and oen on one fighting , that's why only given it the rating i have, but it was good fun .It was really funny in places to . needed a bit more of iron man saving the people though. all in all good but a few too many disappointing and over the top action bits

Happy Gilmore

if you have ever tried to play golf , you will find the frustration gilmoor has hilarious as its very true ,golf arn't easy.


saw this on plane to new york. the pace was too slow and film lasted too long. good fairy tale done in the style of the princess bride only much better but didn;t really grip me for long, might be because i was on a plane but wasn't what i was expecting .

Transporter 2

it was ok.the bit where people try and take his car and he does some cool shit ...."knew it, late" was probably the best scene. the story was quite good.

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

I wouldn't of gone and seen this out of choice but went with mates and found it to be actually rather good. and wasn't immature humour and laughed at quite a bit of it . the story could of had a little more too it , was a little annoying jumping from one story /world to another and wanted to see more of the who world . anyway enjoyed this movie more than i thought i would and makes me want to read the books .


the concept of this is awesome but not enough is focused on his power or how he got it etc the screen play / story/direction is crap and i hate how it starts and ends, it has his cool moments and funny lines and clever lines but then back to the bog standard dislodge . the acting in this is good however nic cage is still on form, even though that hair cut is ridiculousness . esp with his hair line going even more now . anyway worth watching but not what it should of been. ghost rider was better and the sort of standard it could of been at


usual sterotypical horror film that's just really simple. car breaks down middle of nowhere. get help by small comunity only everyone is in on it and no one to turn to. the end

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

the sequels have all the folume without the humour or charm or anything that amde the first one great. this ones just plain weird without any of the story fully epxlained, it leaves a lot of guess work left. if ur not a fan of the films avoid and same if you are really .

theres a few amusing scenes, with the salvador dali dream scenes with c jack , with a crew of himself. but other than that is pointless


actually rather good this . starts with an epic "3000 years ago the stars alined" like 5th element. but then goes rather cartoony , however you do connect with the turtles this time and is a nice relaxing film to rent out


the trailer is funny but the humour has a lot of sexual bullshit thats not funny and goes straight onto story stuff thats just pointless and boring. its a gross out comedy without the comedy. it's stuff you talk about with your mates but without the humour. it's just missing the part you're expecting and since when do friends talk to each other like that!


little slow but a solid story and jamie bell is fantastic in this, he has broken into real acting again. he was tkaing on smaller parts since billy elliot but has brought back his status as brilliant young actor, with this role. well worth a watch. not quite as good as i expected, expected something bit more dark and it rushed through a lot of the difficulties they had,but it's a good concept and done quite well. I'm going to have to read the book it's based on. the dad seemed rather nice and not as tormenting and abusive as you;d expect him to be in order to drive away his son

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

really boring slow build up and not interesting when she is pocessed, extremely outdated . boring and stirs up no emotions what so ever.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

i like the message in this film , that even after a mistake as bad as that you can change it . human sprit and determination beats all and we may have to work harder as weaker but we will beat evil in the end . mainly the message is that we can right our mistakes if we're determined enough to change that mistake into something good, ie learning from it. the film was good but cartoony when he was the skull ghost rider dude, too over the top and similar to doom and nic cage actually saved the movie, the interaction between the characters was well done

Contract Killer

some really enjoyable lighthearted moments, good for a day where don't want to think . but just watch jet li do some incredible moves that he must of learnt from wushu training

Hostel Part II

not as good as the first and loses it's way but then it did get released soon after, maybe too soon. it has the same feel to it but the story though little more to it, doesn't work. and you never really get to know the characters properly in this


the best and only good game adaptation. though not perfect this film, captures the games exsense perfectly. it's awesome and the fight scenes are done well, bit jerky camera angles but at least its slow(not darting around) and you know whats going on among the quick pace fights. the story is dense for a game fillm and felt gripped to it all the way (though has been better stories) . loved it

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

was ok but not as good as the first, and just got rather bored. story is a bit thin on the ground and it's just not gripping. though the chracters and powers are cool, just got bored


it wa sok, had a good concept but didn't execute it very well. was over before it started, after the training, if going to at least bother at making a film. needed to have the final fight scenes have more character build growth involved, rather than "i know i'll try my tail trick that i couldn't master before"


probably my favourite of the alien movies!

The Number 23

couldn't decide if liked or didn;t like this film, i usually like this sort of genre but it wasn't quite done in the excellent way of its previous rivals. worth a watch and Jim carry plays his part well but not quite as deep as it could of been.

The Pursuit of Happyness

more the pursuit for money but shows that money in this world, is the starting point for everything else to fall into place towards happiness. Will and jaden smith are excellent in this film and being father and son, they play off each other very well. enjoyable and well acted film.

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

i got so much daja vu watching this, i'm sure they already did this in a couple of episodes and this is just a revisited stitched together version with no added bits.

The Last Samurai

very hollywood feel to it but really excellent film and apparently they researched and made the swords exactly as they would have been. i love the ninja ambush scene too

Seven (Se7en)

started off well but it got rather thin on the ground towards the end and needed a bit more to it.

Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy(2001)

i actually kind of liked this :S

sunday afternoon sort of watching and jake gyllenhall is what makes this movie any good but good watch if bored and has good moments

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

it's ok not as good as i remember but keanu is actually ok in this ,wooden in all his other films . good slap stick fun basically. i like the bits with death

The Bourne Ultimatum

found this rather boring with a few good fight scenes and action scenes but doesn't flow as well as the first .

Once Bitten
Once Bitten(1985)

there's 80's and there's 80's ,the classic ones like terminator/terminator 2 (ok 92 but close to 80's) ,that last a life time and then this ,where it seems very very dated ,only rented for Jim and can see how this sprung him onto the other films ,earth girls are easy is a better version of this . and then the mask where he finally got good and into stardom . worth a watch if a Jim carrey fan ,wasn't overly bad but is very very 80's and out dated

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

the story and flow of where the action and comedy takes us ,in a story based way ,could of been better and wasn't as good as the other two but it's just as funny and the taxi driver was hilarious ,good old George.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

girls only like it cause of johnny depp a spirate..not that good a film but grpahics on the skeletons is amazing

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

clever idea boring when watching for 2nd time

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

quite funny but they made too many sequels got worse and worse

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

everyone says its good but only thing good is the visual style ,rest is total shit


best battle film ever

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

mainly just a back story ,still some gruesome things . but not as good as id of hoped. the opening scene is gruesome but to much like the "reverse bear trap " in saw 1 but the fact you see him die from beginning to end is gruesome and sets the scene for it. but its mainly about back story

War of the Worlds

complete utter rubbish ,they came ,we ran and then they died...OF the bloody ATMOSPHERE . now i thought they had planned it for millions of years surely thats somehting you think about when attacking a planet "can we breath the air" .hollywood hype

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

complete rubbish ,noone whos nice turns evil that easily even if his wife is involved...wanted more things to of pushed him into being evil ,he had a choice and i wnated him to not have one

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

better than the first but short lived

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

very good film ,a bit long in places and i wasn't that impressed with the graphics ,looked like those old films where they are running on screens . the grpahics of the things were good but the interaction with the actors wasn't realistic ,i dunno if thats what peter jackson wanted but id of liked it to feel more real ,as if there really was a giant ape there.
andy serkis did a great job thou ,the expressions of kong were amazing
was very sad at the end ,because of those expressions you could tell he was intelligent and human like

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

best of the LOTR films but none are the master pieces that everyone says they are ,still really good films though. i like how much passion p.jackson puts into his films.

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

good sexy bits but more of a soft porn film than entertainment ,wrong sort of entertainment ,not funny

Monster House

this was actually rather entertaining and funny and laughed out loud quite a few times ,the parents were spot on ,just like average parents. this could be rather scary for young children under 11/12 though

Pan's Labyrinth

was good but didn't film entertaining or connected enough to the fairy tale world ,was hard to know what was goiung on with that. i think it is a tale of a girl who wants to escape her life and so does so in the labyrinth of her own mind ,a way of escaping but still didn;t seem that entertaining . the story of the corupt father worked well but the fantasy stuff didn't tie in with that very well


this film is hilarious with a lot of well known faces,probably one of Eddie's greatest roles. this also brings across a good message of how stupid ,acting in the way Marcus does is and how much trouble it can get you in ,a great watch .


got dragged to see this by gf ,was in two minds to see it or not but had to . it was ok but does throw you in a little too quick and wondering "what's she singing about". john travolta really does make a good women! was surrounding by women and the odd bored looking male but i did enjoy the film just not my sort of thing . got better towards the middle onwards ,beginning was a bit lost and grabbing at whatever it could . but i think it's worth a watch but maybe a rent for the guys if they can help it :) anyway dunno what i thought of this movie but christopher walken and john travolta says it all


great film ,the humour in it and light heartedness ,is what keeps it together ,otherwise it'd just be giant robots.

The Butterfly Effect 2

the first one was an excellent film but this is just like a little kid copying the bigger kid ,not a genius sequel that was well thought out

Night at the Museum

norm hate ben stiller but he was good in this and had a lot of famous famous ,particularly liked owen wilson and steve coogan ,they were funny together

Ricky Gervais ruined this for me though ,being his usual self with the extras...not acting ,just one role of a nit picking bastard ,with that tone of voice ,god i hate him!

was nice to see
Dick Van Dyke acting again .

robin williams showed he could act with putting on a totally different accent ,but ruined it with the clicking impression at the end ,where could tell he was slipping charactor and into stand up parsona

liked this film but did get a bit repetitive with the people coming alive

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck(1989)

love this when i was young not quite as i remembered now re watched but still a good film . John candy's best role i think and a good watch . the rejected uncle who finds out more about his brother's kids than he ever gave time to . good concept and kids will still love it. have fond memories of this film from my childhood

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

this film was ok ,it was good but it would of been a lot better if it was filmed better; without trying to do all the clever jumping of time and failing the being clever part by a long way. If it had been filmed from start to finish without the jumps it would of been a lot better . Sometimes the jumps work but you have to know when to use them . this film was a lot darker than i expected and the idea is enjoyable but i can't make mind up whether i liked this or not.


the story is rather simple but it's done in such a way that you really connect with the characters and i really liked the film

DOA: Dead or Alive

finally a film paul WS anderson is involved with and its "ok" not good ,great ,crap or shit but ok ....never thought id see the same .

doesn't have all the chractors :( but follows the game quite well considering the game not having a lot of story to it

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

powerful film but only thing i didn't like was it didn't prove 100% that is was this evil perve....

ellen page plays her part well and convinces you that she is a heartless bitch who could stand up to this 'jeff' quite happily

An American Werewolf in Paris

more fast paced than the 1981 film it seems slow compared to this ,i prefer the sequel


not as good as i thought but least nathan and tania were in it or this would of failed badly

not to bad simular to the old school films like critters but could of been better ,ended with no story background


excellant film ,you think the trailer has given it all away but it hasn't ,the trailer is also playing 'the game' you are the 'sheep' . really liked it though it did kind of lead you down the twists and turns but still good . no 6th sense or anything where oyu can watch it a 2nd time and see the clues laid out ,this is just a straight forward A-Z without the hidden clues ,it writes them in ,rather than keeping oyu guessing and being able to watch again and spot them early on . still a great film though

Thelma & Louise

couldn't get into it ,too slow a pace

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

simple story ,maybe too simple ,but excecuted well and gleena davis looks perticularly stunning in this . jeff goldblum was perfect for this role ,he plays it well . the effects arn't bad for 86 either. worth a watch if you like horror ,this horror's a classic

Mission: Impossible III

wasn't even worth making

The Hills Have Eyes

this remake is a lot better than the orginal

Underworld: Evolution

no way as good as the first

Reservoir Dogs

not as good as pulp fiction ,over rated

House of the Dead

this guy murders films better than paul WS anderson is thats possible ,utter rubbish

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

hated this ,though normally like johnny depp and terry gilliam ,this didn't work at all