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12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)
7 years ago via Flixster

A movie that can change your life.Actually every movie changes your life.But "12 Angry Men" is the best proof of this.Every moment has subtext.Other than subtext even the tagline says an important thing:"Life is in their hands,death is on their minds".
And it doesnt bore you a little (at least for me).Oppasitely,it makes the movie more absorbing and thrilling.
Anyway you cant learn anything about "12 Angry Men" with reading.You got to watch it to understand the reviews.

Stranger Than Paradise
7 years ago via Flixster

The movie of boredom i think.But for me it is more about having a taste from boredom.Because "Stranger Than Paradise" has great enjoyable moments (for a cinemalover at least).And we can say it is about being somewhere that you dont get satisfaction.You have got choise to leave.But where?Where are you gonna go?Everywhere is the same.Nowhere is different.People are same,buildings are same,theathers are same.Is it worth to leave your home.
For me everywhere is different.Cause im a detailist (like Jarmusch).I look to the details.So i dont bore if even everyday is the same.But some people dont look to the details.Maybe Jarmusch wanted to say that:If you cant get the details,you cant get no satisfaction.Because familiar things look as same from far.You must get close...closer to find out.Thats why i watched this movie twice.And when i re-watched,i saw Jim Jarmusch eating a hotdog :D In the scene which Willie and Eddie was doing surprise to Eva.That made me happy for example.
And if you read some Jarmusch reportages,you can see he is saying this:"Life is in little details,not in big events."

Pierrot le Fou (Pierrot Goes Wild) (Crazy Pete)
7 years ago via Flixster

The movie that made me worship Godard! Creativeness at the top! You should just watch it because of the creativeness of Godard.But "Pierrot Le Fou" says some important things about the most important thing in life: Freedom. First of all a person should be in where he can feel free.Not wealthy.Of course if he feels free in wealthiness,he can be there.But that is not happen much.Big power,comes with big responsibility.(thank you,spider-man ;) )
I think cinema has power of increasing the imagination of poeple.You must think and watch carefully to understand this Godard masterpiece.You must get in it.You must think and imagine.Some movies in present forgetting about this:People can think!Make them think!A person who cant think and imagine,is only flesh and bone.So i want you to think while watching this."Pierrot le fou" is a different movie.I mean every movie must be different from another.Godard is the best director who can do this.You cant find another movie like his movies.That why he is my favourite director.In the present popular movies cinema language is always same.I hate this.It is putting down the idea of thinking people.