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The Prince of Egypt

There is nothing in the world like the telling of Bible story, regardless of the probability of it having occurred in real life.. it inspires real life all the same.

Independence Day

my second greatest fear is aliens. Outside of signs this is my favorite alien encounter ever.


the movie that changed the corse of my life. I have never dared swim in the ocean, i still to feet only because sharks cant get any closer than 3 feet of water. scary stuff.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

cute and silly, but not brilliant


a little scary for small children but delightfully Gaiman with the creative fore of his wonderful book behind everything


a really wonderful portrayal of the changing roles between people and just how close we are to the edge of everything and the salvation of everything.

Hawaii, Oslo
Hawaii, Oslo(2004)

surprisingly good movie.

30 Days of Night

it was so bad it actually put me to sleep within the first half hour, but i do love melissa george.


this is a pretty dumb movie. pretty typical of heather graham.

An American Crime

what a heartbreaking story. Its a good watch, reminds you that sometimes you need to get involved, and sometimes you need to know not to follow others lead.

Midnight Cowboy

humorous and then very tragic.

My Life as a Dog (Mitt Liv som Hund)

lovely film that transcends all cultures.

Young Gods (Hymypoika)

i couldnt even tell you.

Rukajärven tie (Ambush)

a wonderful love story inside a war film and the first quality film i've seen from finland!

Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy(1993)

poorly made. it was like watching a high school written film.

Ma Mere
Ma Mere(2005)

it was so disturbing and inappropriate. I dont even want to know the mind of someone who would make a film like this.

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

i really dont want anyone to steal my organs.

Fat Girl
Fat Girl(2001)

good god. dont watch this movie. just dont.

Children of Heaven (Bacheha-Ye aseman)

sheds some much needed light on life for the regular Iranian citizen, makes you think twice about how different our societies are, maybe sometimes we are not different for the better, but they are.

Johnny English

i like the silliness but i hardly paid attention. it didnt glue me to my seat in any way. i couldnt really follow it because it just lacked in content.

Three Dancing Slaves

they killled a dog early on in this movie and i shut it off. i can't stomach that kind of thing even on film when i know its not real. it sickens me.

Adventures of Sebastian Cole

it had such an amazing potential and fell flat on its face. i felt like i had wasted time in watching this all the way through.

The New World

I enjoyed the disorienting nature of this film. the world of the settlers through the eyes of the native americans is one of greatly underdiagnosed pains.

Starter for 10

I had a good laugh at this movie, i enjoyed the perspective because we all do things that embarrass us from time to time and we have o get back out there and face it.