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The Omen
The Omen (1976)
8 years ago via Flixster

Ahhhh remember the time when Hollywood knew how to make a horror movie. Great actors required - Not beautiful actors. Terrifying deaths required - Not gory deaths. A great score that fits the movie - Not a Nu-metal Emo soundtrack that sells a CD. The Omen is just that. A haunting movie that still chills me today.

You see a dynamic acting performance will last even if the actors now appear to be dated. A good death will still scare you if you haven't tried to SFX above your weight. And a fantastic haunting powerful original soundtrack will still do the job it was designed for over 30 years later. This is scary stuff. Lights off, curtains drawn, volume up scary stuff.

Unleashed (2005)
8 years ago via Flixster

Not directed by Luc Besson but has his style all over it. Lets face it if you see Bessons name on a film you know it will be good (Hmmmm... Bandidas?!?) Silly maybe, shallow even, but still a great watch for popcorn lovers at the very least. The story of a man raised like a dog to do his masters bidding when the collar is removed falls into the'silly' category alright but who cares with action and acting this good.(note - Action from Jet Li Acting from Freeman and Hoskins) The simple story works though and Li does play his dual character rather well considering this is an English language film. And those fights man....... Awesometasticalbaroombrallingness give me more more more :)

Eastern Promises
8 years ago via Flixster

A slow and brooding thriller from horror legend Cronenberg. Strangely there is no horror or even the weirdness that crept into similar genre jumping piece - 'A History Of Violence'. A lot of people thought this slow or dated but I think they missed the directors style. His films are often appear empty looking affairs, much like Kubrick, it helps you draw your own thoughts. I can forgive these people as they are the ones missing out. Even though the violence is sparse and quite obvious when it appears, I was always on the edge of my seat in terror of what was going to happen. Viggo and the ever better Vincent Cassel assured this as they were in over intense mode.

All said and done though this was a film about East European gangsters. Scarface is one of my all time movies and the awesome GTA III kind of ruined that film for me when it stuck the soundtrack to that movie in it's game. It loses certain moments when I re watch it now. My fault for playing the game to death I suppose. Alas GTA IV has also lessened the effect of the Russian gangster. Oh well :)

The Bourne Supremacy
8 years ago via Flixster

Bourne is back. And in a unusual twist for sequels, it's even better than the first. Still roaming the gritty grey rainy world of Europe, still driving like a loon and still staying one clever ass bastard step ahead of his makers. Wow wow wow and more of the legend that is Cox too!!!!!! I await the Bourne Vs Bond comic strip.

The Hills Have Eyes
8 years ago via Flixster

Cant be too hard, It isn't that bad. But it's far from scary, just sick and gory. I don't know much of the original as I watched it about 20 years too late. It had not aged well to a first timer. So whether this is a faithful adaptation I cannot say. It just seemed that the director tried to mess with your senses using visuals, cuts and industrial noise that didn't mix/work for me. Who knows, maybe to fans the original and remake are as good as the Dawn of the Dead pair are to me. But I doubt it.