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Fun, interestingly filmed, but not as smart as I wished.


boring, although not badly made

The Hunger Games

I read the book long ago, but still spotted some big differences. Still, it was a good movie, well-made and played, very entertaining.

The Secret of Kells

the story is not much, but the animation is absolutely incredible. it's a feast for the eyes


moore predictable & boring than i expected. funny at times but not that good

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

watchable, but boring. although the movie's structure is in some way better than the book's structure, i dislike the changes they made, as i usually do when books are turned into movies. good effects but not much


Funny, witty and smartly directed.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Of course, it mutilates all the amazing characters and isn't half as fun as it should be. Entertainment made sometimes boring.

Alice in Wonderland

The images are fantastic in this one, I imagine having seen it in 3D would have been quite in adventure.

Spirited Away

I loved it! Watching this movie was so much fun, it's so beautiful and has all these plot twists and so entertaining and awesome.


Quite unusual and it doesn't amount to much, but thrilling enough.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Surprisingly, I liked this movie more than I expected. It didn't feel long at all - it was thrilling, it caught my whole attention. Very intense.

Ben X
Ben X(2007)

It's a beautiful, beautiful movie about bullying, autism, running away but also coming to terms with living.


This movie got to me. I didn't expect it, but I suddenly felt sucked up in that world of degradation. It made me forget about myself, my life, my problems, and just get absorbed into it.

High Fidelity

This movie is really sweet and fun, but that's not enough to make it great.


While this movie is quite fun, there is something disturbing in watching a child deal with so much violence, all fashionized.


This movie, as opposed to most superpower movies, is mostly focused on relationships, and mainly that of friendship between three highschool stundents who unexpectedly come across telekinesis. It's quite entertaining.

Never Let Me Go

slow, but altogether beautiful and touching


not as good as i expected, but intense

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

slow & peculiar - not bad, just not touching enough

X-Men: First Class

after much time and bad luck, i finally got a chance to see it, and loved it. entertainment at its finest, just so much fun

The Lovely Bones

The movie was amazingly boring - I expected much more, considering the book was so good.

Almost Famous

such a fun, feel good, amazingly youthful and energic movie


it's such a beautiful movie. i expected to get bored, but i didn't, it has so much energy

Deconstructing Harry

It's very funny, & sometimes deep, as expected of Woody Allen.

Sex and Lucia

I absolutely loved this movie - it was so beautiful, yet emotional and deep.

The Bubble
The Bubble(2007)

it was such a nice, pretty movie. i like the story, their friendship, their love


It's been a pretty nice movie, emotional, with amazing visuals.

Marvel's The Avengers

entertaining, visually nice, with all the cool gadgets and jokes, but not much else


meh. it just isn't enough of anything


This movie is beautiful. It's very expressive and touching, and I probably cried the whole first half.

Where the Wild Things Are

Visually beautiful and interesting, but something is missing.

A Dangerous Method

beautiful acting and cinematography

Waking Life
Waking Life(2001)

food for thought. a really cool film, thought-provoking if nothing else

American Beauty

At first, it didn't seem like much and was about to disappoint me, but it proceeded on pretty well.

Das Experiment (The Experiment)

tense. no words would do this justice. terrifying.

Midnight in Paris

This movie came at the perfect time in my life - not only it saved my day, but maybe its effect is going to last longer. It's such a nice, fun, witty movie, with beautiful picture and actors and even the central idea is pretty. Of course, it's Woody Allen, so it's expected.

The Wild One
The Wild One(1954)

watched it with interruptions, but still liked it

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Now that's real fun.


Fun, but not much else.


It poses interesting questions on sexuality and how it can affect emotions, also drawing you into the dramatic story.

Human Footprint

interesting, but kind of boring and not really informative

I'm Not There

Surprisingly, I didn't find it as good as I expected. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood but, in spite of its really amazing acting (I mean, just looking at Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan is ... ) and cinematography, its fragmented storyline didn't get me hooked and I ended up being quite bored.

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

This is the most beautiful movie I've seen in a long time. It's one of those who got it all figured out perfectly: story, acting and directing.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

I found this movie quite interesting and better than expected. The actors are just charming - they are their characters, they play them perfectly. And while the whole story or dialogue is not much, the intimacy it can create is amazing.

The Boondock Saints

Too rock'n'roll, really, too unrealistic and stereotypical.

Juste une question d'amour (Just a Question of Love)

Not that bad of a movie, it's pretty ok, but the problematic, all the crap parents talked and acted like according to homosexuality just seems absurd to me. I can only see people who do such things as some kind of monsters who are far away.

The Breakfast Club

Such a cute, funny and adorable movie.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

A beautiful story and amazingly written script, not to mention the cinematography and Tim Burton's direction.

"A man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him. And in that way he becomes immortal."

-Will Bloom-

Heavenly Creatures

Quite remarkable, this movie.


I find it quite sad when such good cinematography and such great actors team up to make such a bad movie.

Planet B-Boy
Planet B-Boy(2007)

Wow, this is quite an amazing, energetic documentary. Inspiring.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

Pretty and emotional with outbursts of stupid and predictable plus a totally uncalled for, but tremendous ending. RPattz on the right track, finally. I loved it, realized its lowest points and still got touched.

Love and Other Drugs

There you go: one full star for Jake, one for Anne, and one for their chemistry. They're hot and they're even hotter together, which makes the whole movie be worth a thing.

Girl, Interrupted

This is a powerful, wonderfully acted movie with a good script.

I can hardly see how this movie is any less great because it is set in a mental institution. Yes, One flew over the cuckoo's nest was great, but it does not sum up and have the last word on all mental institutions ever. This movie works in its own, subtle ways, has its own story, own system and own ideas to prove, and while Angelia Jolie points to being the Jack Nicholson of this movie, her character is very much different than McMurphy and if one paid just a little attention, they'd see.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

This is just such a sweet, funny movie about coping with problems, especially teenage problems, but really life problems.


Such a lovely film about the great poem Howl and poet Allen Ginsberg, portrayed beautifully by James Franco.


A beautiful and powerful film, full of emotion and great acting.

I Killed My Mother

While I absolutely loved the cinematography and acting (I mean I could see that every shot, every room or clothing was worked out to be in a certain way, and that was amazing), the story lacked a kind of something. It had those fights lost against destiny that reality has, those conversations, those moments, but at a certain point it lacked something, I can't say what. I do however praise Xavier Dolan's talents in acting, writing and directing, keeping his own style.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

This is just, such a nice, sweet movie for the SCI-FI genere, with wonderful acting and effects. Saw it in cinema and really got me.


Entertaining to the point where it's not even interesting to predict anymore, but it has superpowers and Dakota Fanning, so I'm for it.

The History Boys

Ah, I loved it. Found it funny, clever, witty and with well-shaped characters, though not really unpredictable, but good.

How to Train Your Dragon

Another lovely dreamworks story with a predictable go, but still adorable and of course, feel-goodish.

Girl Walks Into a Bar

To my own surprise, I quite enjoyed this movie. Smart, witty, funny, fast paced, with some exaggerated american scenes and, most importantly, a cast of millions, it made me laugh and have those awkward moments when something so embarrassing happens to characters that you feel embarrassed yourself.


Started cool, with all the awesome actors and smart talk, and then went on with some fun blood and sex, but ultimately led to a gore bath and not so good content with 50% predictable end. Yet, quite awesome if you're crazy for Milo Ventimiglia.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This is a pretty good, quite amazing film if you think of it. Franco was great, but the story - the way it's told, well, it's something.


While the cinematography and actors are undeniably beautiful, the characters lack depth, meaning, and fail to make us empathize with them and their story.


Not as good as I imagined, but pretty interesting and quite amazing acting.


An extremely sweet love story with no hollywood feel, just the warmth of reality in the summer.

6 Souls
6 Souls(2013)

Interesting movie with a few plot twists, some expected, some not.

Sleepy Hollow

Pretty fun, great acting and wonderful scenes and cinematography, a true Tim Burton movie.

Anatomy of Hell

pretty boring and unimpressive

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Tense, thrilling, smart, funny with a twist or two, and even emotional at times. Not to mention the presence of Jake Gyllenhaal in it.


I can see this is quite bad, but it's just so much fun and so well-filmed.

The Young Victoria

Saw part of it in an English class and wasn't too impressed, even tho the cinematography is beautiful, might be because it was seen in school.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

I saw it at the cinema and it was beautiful, and emotional, and magic.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Very much fun, this film was. Jack Sparrow is as awesome as ever. They can keep making those movies until the end of times, really.

Sherlock Holmes

Quite disappointing. Too much fights and too little brain. The whole story is more or less predictable and useless to watch, for it does not trigger nor imagination or smartness, and it's only for pure fun, which is not that high quality anyway. I liked it still, at times.


It's maybe because I saw it at the cinema, or maybe because I saw it with a good friend, or MAYBE it's just such a awesome movie, but it's very much fun watching it, the visuals are amazing! Of course, more than half of the lines you have already heard in all the other movies, but it's ok, because a witty script is not its point.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

This movie is so terribly intense you can hardly breath during, or after it. It's incredible to watch, and very tiring and stressing and amazingly acted and directed.

Butterflies Are Free

This is an adorable story about life and coming of age. It is entertaining, it makes you laugh, it inspires and it's also an absolutely cute love story.

When Harry Met Sally

I've seen it too many times maybe, but it is so lovely, fun, and ultimately one great story about couples, friendship and love.

Brother Bear 2

Another predictable, cute and lovely disney movie.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

Incredibly and amazingly and unexpectedly boring. Nothing unexpected in here, nothing new now.

Love Me if You Dare

Extremely fun and lovely. Finally, a movie with a good, cute script and awesome actors, even tho a bit too theatrical, too romantic sometimes and otherwise crazy.


As much as I usually like the director, this movie didn't make much of an impression to me. Beautifully played, but didn't teach me anything knew or anything that I wanted to know, didn't surprise me in any way and just went on and on. It has some moments, it does, it's very tense, but not that great.


I think here the script is the whole problem: the story is not good, not convincing enough, not well written. Because the acting is from good to wow look EVA GREEN, and so are the visuals, directing and photography.

Actresses (Actrices)

It is supposed to show deep emotion, I think, but doesn't. It's that european, french-type of classic, with a little less nudity than expected and the exact type of dry silence that's supposed to mean something.


It is one of the most beautiful coming of age stories: maybe thanks to Belluci's sensuality, too. It's a bit over played, but maybe it most be all taken as a symbol, too, a story of beauty, of youth, of people and war.

Summer Storm (Sommersturm)

I loved it. It's smart, fun, pretty, coming of age-y and teenage-y.

Little White Lies

It's an interesting movie, especially because every character has its life, its depth, and it's real, not just some shallow stereotype. The relationships between them evolve, differ, change, and we all get to see a slice of life we can now avoid living.
The actors and visuals are great, too.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Tim Burton's dark weird comedy is so much fun.

Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)

So absolutely banal I could have thought all the script in a 10 minute break at school, but wouldn't have bothered to lose it this way. I mean it, it's really cute, really real, and really boring. The characters, tho they have a personality, it's that kind you can find wherever. It's very common, goes very slow and besides the nice ending, it has nothing.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

I was looking for more or less smart fun but it was less than expected. Too American clichee, it disappointed me.

Ma Mere
Ma Mere(2005)

While this could have been a good movie, it's just not. Imagine I only watched it for Louis Garrell and I'm not even sure he was worth it. It could have been smartly written, but it's not. The characters are shallow, the story says nothing, it's just bad fake porn all over.

High Art
High Art(1998)

Good enough ending (especially the very last moments), great, great acting, but the story, nah. It went very slow and didn't say a lot.

Water Lilies
Water Lilies(2008)

A peculiar story about friendship, love, teen years and the "first times". It goes very slow and the characters are undecided, unsure, mostly confused or do things that contradict each other. It's kind of pretty visually sometimes, but that's not enough.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Very fun, good actors and good visuals, ok story and that's about it.

The Beautiful Person (La Belle Personne)

A beautiful film - but I am not so sure why. Maybe it is the pretty faces, the simple story, the feelings, the way this world works, the small high school drama and how beauty governs it all. After all, she, Junie, was different. They all were, because of her.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

An absolutely amazing documentary about Street art and people that evolves and asks questions about art in general, its value, its audience, feelings and meanings and mostly, brainwashing. It's actually mind-blowing how relationships evolve, how self-image evolves, how one thing can get to another.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Very much fun, but pretty stupid plot, good effects, shallow characters, predictable and all the pack of this kind of movie.


And extremely cute, funny and all in all beautiful retell of an old fairytale.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

An epic fantasy of constant action and attacks, best equipped with heroes, courage, and all kinds of magic.

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

An absolutely beautiful film, cute story and amazing visuals.

My Summer of Love

This is exactly what the title states: a summer love, a fun, emotional, beautiful infatuation between two girls, with a smart script and realistic ending.

Room In Rome (habitacion En Roma)

This is amazingly beautiful, both visually and emotionally. The actresses play wonderfully and the story is touching, funny, real.

Loving Annabelle

Not an absolutely bad movie, but pretty bad. Not that the actors sucked, the story did, the totally unreal situations and characters.

The Kids Are All Right

I think the acting is absolutely amazing in this one, but the story is slow and very, very real-like, carrying all the awkward situations that could possibly happen.

The Princess and the Frog

Very fun to watch, very disney, keeping faith with the dreams will come true motto. Yet, I must say I didn't find it very original, since it had many resemblances with Beauty and the Beast or other Disney classics.

Knife in the Water

Truly an interesting film, very tense, very well directed an acted.

Stranger Than Fiction

This was quite an interesting movie, still very american, but cute and truly funny.

The Invention of Lying

I didn't read any critiques about it and I really liked the idea, so I was having some expectations about it. Useless. Stupid, very, very rarely funny, and absolutely wasted. Don't lose your time with it.


My, the next time I'm seeing trailers. I didn't realize this movie was going to be this utterly stupid. At the beginning I was really surprised, asking myself "why do they still make movies this bad? I mean, seriously? don't we have enough of them already?". I just kept watching out of something I can't even name properly, I don't know, it kind of happens with the worst of movies.

I had a bad, bad, day and decided to indulge into some cheap fantasy fighting scenes, and I find this idiotic plot with no background or motifs, idiotic character development (oh, wait, I can't talk about such complicated things) and really no good. Not even fun. Did it for my depressive day, tho, turned sadness into sarcasm,

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Bah, I loved it the way you love bad movies - they're just so much fun. Trying to be all Potter-esque, they got the three kids saving the world, and demigod camp, and nice teachers and Draco and dead parents and all that. Percy was good too, amazingly naive, the whole plot surrounded about a basically wrong premise - a very stupid chase to get into Hell. Ah, really? The Medusa, a touch of Ipod, three childish teenagers thinking they can save the world, yeah, yeah. All the movie's journey is basically made out of lack of judgement, to say it sweetly.

But I loved how the Underworld looked, and that the entrace was in Hollywood - also Olympus, it rocked. And the Lighting Thief, that's one man with vision - loved the character. It's pretty idiotic to go saying he's the bad one - Zeus did it, why not him? See what I mean after watching it.

I'm a sucka for this movies, but they're really no good, just so much fun.

The Truth About Jane

Not a good movie, but a good coming out of the closet movie. Very explicative, many points of view, also many convenient characters - but I guess it had to be that way. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are gay or want to understand some struggles of being gay in the teen years. It's good if you know nothing about it, might make you loosen up a bit.

SIDENOTE: If I had been Jane, it would have taken a long time for me to forgive my mother.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)

So hard to watch, so incredibly tormenting.

The Thief Lord

Entertaining, but not really a good movie.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Better than most high school movies and teen comedies, Easy A shows a little bit of wits and a lot of humor. A good enough story, though sex-centered and reputation-centered, but it's not like you can ask more about this genere. Made me laugh out loud, tho.

Mind Game
Mind Game(2004)

Very imaginative and interesting, surprising sometimes and boring or way too random other times - it's a great animation, it deserves to be viewed. It also says determination will get you through everything.

Chapter 27
Chapter 27(2007)

Bad. Boring. Answers to nothing. A movie no one should see, mainly because Chapman murdered Lennon so he could become famous - and what does this movie do? Leave him die in his anonymity? I think not.
The reason I watched it was Leto, of course, and the work he put into playing this role - work which I cannot understand, considering what came out.
What I really like about the movie, except Jared Leto's acting, is the title. Very good. That's all.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.


I wasn't so happy about it when it started and complained a lot about the filming and lots of fighting sequences - which I didn't find very good. BUT, as the movie evolved, I just started falling in love with it and with the brilliant story - it's an universe worth exploring.


Cobb: [from trailer] Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

Christophen Nolan was absolutely amazing with this, a story of a "dream robber" who just wants to go back to the family. As the movie rolls, you start understanding more and more of its complex ideas, enjoy its fun times, get your mind blown by the fantastic visual effects and sounds, and appreciate great actors as DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt together with Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy.
I saw it at the cinema and loved it, all its subplots, the aha moments, the complexity, both psychological and romantic and sci-fi, the overall atmosphere, infos about brain and dreams, the script and idea and directing - everything was fun and in its place, even a few clichees. A must see.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

What I can say about this movie is that it is very, very intense and very artistic. The dances, the moves, the obsessive sequences - you can feel it's an Aronofsky movie. Nataile Portman was absolutely incredible and the movie was hallucinating - truly a thriller.


I actually started crying in the back story - oh, I find this movie so cute, so funny, so imaginative and full of emotions. I loved it.

30 Days of Night

Tried watching it. No good. Even if it's with Josh Hartnett.

New York, I Love You

Mostly, I loved it. Some fragments were just so amazing, I adore those written by Olivier Lecot, the one with the writer (E Hawke) and the other one with the strangers (Robin W Penn). The one with the old couple was absolutely adorable, and so was the one with the sound artist (O Bloom) and the girl. Those are my favs, but of course, I also liked the one with Julie Christie and the one with the prom story - other than that, I didn't liked them very much, but I loved the transition.

In a certain way I think that it was better than Paris, Je t'aime because the stories connected and that gave some kind of warm, humane feeling.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

One of my favourites. There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.

Black Christmas

Almost too bad to watch, but not too bad to shuffle through. Well. Bleah.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

There's no point in talking about it really: I just love it. It's the one thing I love even when it makes no sense, or is childish, or just for the show. It's like childhood, I just want to hug everybody.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

As it usually happens with books turned into movies, it lost a lot of its depth and meaning. Many key-points were missed, facts changed, and some attitudes were unmotivated. One of the critiques to the movie is not keeping Chief's POV to show it, like in the book (Kesey sued the producers for this). Despite all that, I ended up liking it and the acting was amazing, especially Nicholson (but I can say Dourif and the others were very good, too). Even though I knew the story, I watched in awe and waited for things to happen, and some moments are pretty unforgettable. So yeah, it's a good movie. Still.

McMurphy: I'm a goddamn marvel of modern science.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Even tho at the beginning, I didn't find it very smart, I decided to give it a chance. And I made the right choice. I found it filled with black humor and a nice, after all, pretty story to it. I ended up really liking it, amazed at the portrayal of that empty, deserted world they lived in after "offing". They were right, so very right, a worse life for those that suicided was that one good punished which would make one ask himself, what if I do it again, where will I get next time? And NOT do it. It also came packed with a kind of fearless attitude for most of the characters, like, what could possibly happen? We're all dead. No smiles. Ah, ah, ah. So yeah, good, nice idea, not extremely smart but with such a warm ending.

Heima (Sigur Ros: Heima)

A beautiful documentary and very warm, in spite of Iceland, which is a wonderful country and this made me want to visit it. Maybe it's a little bit slow-paced, and for me, not having listened to any Sigur Ros song before, wasn't as great, but I could feel the magic. What they did was incredible.

Band member: It's kind of a safe heaven for us, Iceland. We are left on our own here.

Tales from the Golden Age

The movie shows, in a humorously way, how life was in Romania in Ceausescu's regime. All the parts are urban legends that run across the country at that time.

The movie has two parts, with six different stories directed by five different directors. First part is called "tovarasi, life is beautiful!".
Its first legend is the "Legend of the inspection", about the absurd requests that were made out of villages when the "Crown" would pass by. It is extremely funny and well-made.
The 2nd, "The legend of the photographer" follows the story of a digital developer who had to made Ceausescu look taller in his last photo, before posting in the "Scanteia" newspaper. Out of rush, they make a mistake. A big one.
The 3rd, "the legend of the passionate activist" tells the story of an activist who goes to teach reading and writing in villages, warning them about dangers they didn't even knew existed.
The 4th, "the legend of greedy militiaman" and the troubles its family went through to cut the pig before Christmas, in the middle of night, in a city. They eventually went for the child's idea, to gas it ...

The second part is made up of two other stories, "the air sellers", which is an interesting portrait of how many people made money back then, re-selling bottles. However, the last one "the chicken driver", I found quite boring and very slow-paced, definitely not as funny as the other ones. It was about how most of the workers survived by subtracting food from their daily job.

All in all, I find it a good movie, pleasant, funny and well-made.

The Lost Boys

There you go: the classic vampire, gross, killer, never aging, burning in the sunlight, afraid of garlic and holy water. I had my, to say so, 'vampire-obsession' that lasted about two months of my life, and this is one of the movies I chose.
Wasn't disappointing. As a vampire movie, it's very fun to watch. The kids (Feldman, Newlander, Haim) are just great, my favorite characters of the movie, with wits, humor and much more logic than Michael (Jason Patric), who is mostly unmotivated and not a very-well build character.

So yeah, if you're looking for some fun, blood-filled action scenes, people screaming in fear, American humor, classic-vampire movie, that should do. But if you're not a lover of all that fuzz, don't.

David: Now you know what we are, now you know what you are. You'll never grow old, Michael, and you'll never die. But you must feed!


I was quite disappointed with this documentary. It left me knowing nothing about either Derrida, his thinking or his life. When he would say something really catching, they would change the frame. Most of the documentary if full of shots of the crew fixing the videos, the reflector, filming, and of him complaining about that, how it disturbs his thinking or even asking which shots are going to be used.

The Game
The Game(1997)

so, is that what rich brothers do to their richer brothers if they get bored of life? huh. i got it. shocking enough at some point.

i might have to see it again.

The Jane Austen Book Club

I quite enjoyed it, it came at an unexpected time of procrastination and was well-received. The actors are, let's say, good, the story is nice and fun and human, and of course, it ends well. I liked the parallel between the stories, with Jane Austen's novels and the characters and situations were quite interesting.

Love and Other Disasters

I found it surprisingly funny, and even tho if the gay friend - chick that won't fall in love - supposedly gay future boyfriend - ex boyfriend of chick stuff was quite common and even predictable, the movie-related jokes about how hollywood transforms real life and real scripts worked.

Emily 'Jacks' Jackson: I don't want to be one of those awful characters out of a movie that gushes out their past while violins play.

Beautiful Thing

Ste: And are you?
Jamie: Queer?
Ste: Gay?
Jamie: I'm very happy. I'm happy when I'm with you.
A well proportioned story about two teens with dysfunctional families, finding out their sexuality.

The setting is good, the character development is solid, actors were nice, plot was interesting, all in all a good movie, but it failed to convey emotions in me. It's ok, about life, family, living in a neighborhood like that, dialogues are nice, plot too, but I don't think it's just so beautiful.

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Richard Swersey: I don't want to have to do this living. I just walk around. I want to be swept off my feet, you know? I want my children to have magical powers. I am prepared for amazing things to happen. I can handle it.

An adorable drama-comedy with good dialogues, original characters and a sweet plot, just like life, funny and serious and very awkward.
I liked it a lot, had very amusing moments and good photography, while the actors were also good.

The Edge of Love

Dylan: I do it, sleep with other women ... because I'm a poet, and a poet feeds off life.

More the story of the people surrounding Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys) in the period of WWII, his wife, beautiful Caitlin (Sienna Miller, with some very good moments), his teenage love, amazing Vera (Keira Knightley, her usual style but still good) and her husband (Cillian Murphy). It's more about love and war, and how it, together with time, changes people.

I found the plot and dialogues quite good, also the character and story evolution, and how much war changed everyone and everything except Dylan - he, however, was portrayed as a scumbag and sadly I know nothing about his life to have a say on this.
I don't think it's an excellent film, but it's an ok one, good photography, good directing, good script and all, and besides, Keira singing. Sadly, doesn't go for the main interest, Dylan Thomas.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Probably the best Star Wars, with a good enough plot, not so many clichees, some good lines, good character development and charming performance, especially Harrison.

Princess Leia: You're not actually going IN to an asteroid field?
Han Solo: They'd be crazy to follow us, wouldn't they?

Une liaison pornographique (An Affair of Love) (A Pornographic Affair)

Him: For a second you gave it all to me.

She meets him through an add for a "pornographic affair" to fulfill some unknown fantasy. At the end, it doesn't even matter. At the end, it's about love. But it's not that classic love story one would expect.

At first, I thought the dialogues and plot are common, but as the movie went on, I realized they were pretty good. The actors created their characters wonderfully, they had tics, they had moments, they were even annoying at times. I found Nathalie Baye especially good.
So yes, it's a good story, a good french film, with great acting and a bittersweet idea and ending - it's a movie but it's kind of like reality.

Despicable Me

Agnes: Will you read us a bedtime story?
Gru: No.
Agnes: Pretty please?
Gru: The physical appearance of the please makes no difference.

I loved it, I loved it.
It was absolutely adorable, this tale of a villain that fights to be a better villain, and these three girls he adopts just so he can carry out his plans. There is him, Gru, and the villain-villain, which already succeeded in stealing the pyramids. His life is great to look at, how he turned out to be so bad, with flashbacks and nice details about his house or mother. I find it cute and kind of irresistible, to have a villain as a hero, and the characters are cartooned, but still believable.

The animation is superb, the voices are beautiful and the plot is smart, funny and very sweet.

Agnes: I like him. He's nice.
Edith: He's scary.
Agnes: Like Santa.

French Revolution

A good documentary, very dynamic and fast paced. I really watched it because I had to study The French Revolution for the next day, but it was a good idea, since it pointed some main events very clearly.

Henry & June
Henry & June(1990)

Henry: I'd believe only in a god that understood how to dance. Isn't that something?

When Anais Nin met Henry, the history of literature changed.
The adaptation from her book, a collection of journal entries titled "Henry and June" follows the time in which she slowly fell in love with Miller and the fascination they both had for June, his wife. I must say, first, that the book is much better and her words can no way be transformed into images, carrying the same amount of emotion.

The first thing that stroke me was Maria de Medeiros, portraying Anais. I feel she did a wonderful job with Anais, in her own way, but this is not how I perceived the writer. She made her much too innocent, too naive, too lost and vulnerable - and even tho she was so many times, in her book, she kept it hidden. Another character I am not content of is Hugo, played by Richard Grant - I think he did not quite manage to show the love, softness and especially goodness that was found in the book, maybe because of the script, too. However, Thurman was absolutely intoxicating as June, did a marvelous job and made her so much stronger and much charming that I imagined.

Now, I feel kind of disappointed with the script, but it was not bad, maybe just a little too dramatic at times. Taken without considering the book, it's a good, very enjoyable movie, very erotic and full of atmosphere.

June Miller: I've done the vilest things - the foulest things - but I've done them... superbly.


Edward Dalton: Yeah well, life is a bitch ain't it? Then you don't die.

A world of vampires and no humans to feed them. Sad, isn't it? I really liked the idea from the very beginning, but the way it is carried out is frightening. These vampires live with no respect for what they were or will be - the crisis, the lack of blood brings out the human, or better said, now vampire nature, of no morals, all for "crape diem" in a "diem" they want to last forever - which brings them to no respect for what they are. It is quite interesting to think about, and the ending - that horrible battle at the ending poses some good questions - would it really be like that?

Now now, some characters are typical, some are taken out of their stereotypes, but there is some good dialogue, as well as some bad one, with classic replies, too well-thought. Some things just happen for the sake of it, and people just appear when you need them - but I guess you can't avoid it in a movie like this. The worst build character was, I would say, Lionel 'Elvis' Cormac, but the villian wasn't too good either, nor the motif of her daughter opposing him. The originality doesn't lay here in the form the plot is carried, but by the idea as it is. So, I would say the directors did a great job at hiding the bad parts with a catching atmosphere, separating daylight - bright sun, beautiful sunsets and sun rays, warm colors, mostly yellows and oranges and night time - very cold colors, mostly blue and green, with an eire feeling. The actors were believable enough and the futuristic cities were also good, with realistic tv-spots, vampire subways and all.
It is something I find disturbing, however, I cannot quite figure out what it is - I feel there is something illogical out there, as to, why didn't they think there would be no blood left, or why isn't there any revolution, but this kind of questions can be ignored as long as the movie is rolling and just feel the vibe.

Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl)

The story of two young Koreans who keep meeting by chance, until a bond not even them realize is formed. The girl, very aggressive, very manipulative, can get the boy to do whatever she wants - but it's not like he argues with that. He slowly falls for her, but she denies doing so, as she is having a hard time recovering from a past love.
I must say the plot didn't catch really until the very end, which was fantastic. "Koreans like melodramas" must be true, for this is one movie full of drama, and romance, and fun, all in a non-conventional way, if you ignore the clichees spread here and there. The actors did a great job, especially the girl, Gianna Jun, who was amazingly believable and totally into character.

Kyun-woo: The 10 Rules: 1. Don't ask her to be feminine 2. Don't let her drink over three glasses 3. Drink coffee instead of Coke/Juice 4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn't 5. On your 100th day together, give her a rose during her class 6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash 7. Be prepared to go to prison sometimes 8. If she says she'll kill you, don't take it lightly 9. If her feet hurt, exchange shoes with her 10. She likes to write. Encourage her

Dans Paris
Dans Paris(2007)

A drama about a French family, with all its particularities: a depressed man, recovering from the break of his marriage, his brother, a lady's man, the father, who doesn't know how to react at all of this, and for some short peroid, a mother who has left them for another life. It has some good dialogue and an interesting script, but I do not find it fun enough, and even if some parts are very, truly deep they lack a real source of emotion.

Paul: I think we grossly underestimate our sorrows, in general. We always die of sadness, actually.
Alice: You mean sadness is put inside us at birth?
Paul: Yes.
Alice: Like eye color?
Alice: Exactly. That's why it needs our care, but others can do nothing. No one can do anything about eye color. Also, I think it would be fair to let you take care of your sorrow alone.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Herself - Rating Board Chairperson: We don't give out that information.

The MPAA system was something I never found important. I don't live in the USA, so it has never made any difference to me, but here is this documentary, that looks to me as much more than just rating movies, but restricting freedom, and art.
It is one of the best documentaries I've seen, telling truth about stuff I didn't even know was happening and that it had this kind of influence. It's kind of scary and very disturbing and annoying at the same time.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Contrary to what everyone sees in it, I find the plot unsatisfying, for it has many unanswered questions, plot holes and a whole bunch of mock - help - situations. Characters seem to me shallow and unmotivated, the "oh I have no choice now" and "ain't she beautiful?" being Luke's reasons, besides all troubles that come from another, with no real motif. The Princess and Kenobi have only one dimension, with no other side of personality shown.
...and, really miss Jedi battles and talk, even if the "forgotten religion" idea is quite interesting. What's good about it, is Harrison Ford as Han Solo, who is very charming, R2-D2, cute as always, and all the fun after the 20 of boring introduction.

Han Solo: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

Time to Leave

After successful photographer Romain is diagnosed of cancer, he starts taking his last photos. It is shaking, how strong you can feel that emotion, the knowledge that you, who are going to die soon, are looking at young people who have a whole life ahead of them. He takes shots of families on the grass, the last view of his lover, grandmother and sister, the sea - and with every one you can feel he is coming closer to death. His ways of acting slowly change as he comes to terms with it and finally says his goodbyes. An unexpected in a cafe event gives the movie an interesting touch, but I feel some scenes were inappropriate or useless (such us the use of dugs).
I did enjoy it and was surprised about how strong I felt some moments, almost as if I was in his place. I recommend it for a quick, brief but incomplete review of dying and knowing about it.

Romain: In my dreams I sleep with anybody. My father, my mother ... even with myself when I was a kid. I think I'm trying to feel good before dying.

Pescuit sportiv (Hooked)

Mihai, a math teacher with principles and no intention of making compromises, is having an affair with a married woman,"Sweetie", who looks to me as a cold, common woman, a little bit lost, a little bit nevrotic. As they are going for a picnic, they hit a prostitute, Ana/Violeta, that may seem at first stupid and naive, but is really playing with them. Maria Dinulescu is amazing at portraing the hooker, who's got them "hooked", her laugh and expressions fit perfectly with the vulgar way her character behaves, but also its charm and hidden smarts. The other actors are pretty good too, and the only thing I would complain about is the speed of their talk, which is too high for the characters to actually think and process what they are saying.

For its low budged, I consider it to be a very good film. The camera is always pointed from a character's POV, which makes is a great idea taking in account there's little or no editing and the action is mostly dull. The script is, however, smart and real, following a believable story that builds up tension, with dialogue that is put to well use. Its title, also, ficts perfectly.

Mihai: As fi in stare sa fac orice pentru tine ... daca pot sa te ajut cu ceva sau ...
Ana: Ai putea, sa stii ...
Mihai: Ce?
Ana: Vreau sa ne-o punem.

Mihai: I could do anything for you ... if I can help you with something or ...
Ana: You could, you know ...
Mihai: What?
Ana: I want to fuck.

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

Max Jerry Horovitz: [to Mary] Dr. Bernard Hazelhof said if I was on a desert island, then I would have to get used to my own company - just me and the coconuts. He said I would have to accept myself, my warts and all, and that we don't get to choose our warts. They are part of us and we have to live with them. We can, however, choose our friends, and I am glad I have chosen you.

A very cute, heartwarming movie with a great written script.
At first, the people are introduced much like in Amelie, each with small likes and everyday life routines. Mary this 8 yrs old girl with a dysfunctional family, and Max, a 44 yrs old obese suffering from Asperger's syndrome start writing to each other. This, with some breaks, continues for 20 years, following their growth and change, their slow acceptance of themselves and strengthened friendship over all that time. It is full of emotion, and one can lose himself in the story, its nice letters and monologues and moments of downfall, sadness, fun or joy. It might become a little boring at a certain point, but just pay attention to the full load of feelings and you'll get back on track.

Max Jerry Horovitz: When I was young, I invented an invisible friend called Mr Ravioli. My psychiatrist says I don't need him anymore, so he just sits in the corner and reads

Max Jerry Horovitz: Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four, and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren't Jewish, they're laid by Catholic nuns. If you're an atheist, they're laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes.


pretty awesome story and great animation, very imaginative, very fun

The Painted Veil

An unexpected love story, different from the youthful and lustful ones, but much deeper and sadder.

Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot)

I found it pretty boring and mundane, with a very real cut, very tense but vulgar. I can't say if the script and the relationship was equilibrated, as I wasn't paying that much attention, but despite the religion stuff and good, almost logical conversations, to me it seemed more like lust than love. The gay scenes were full of passion and wonderfully acted, but I wouldn't recommend the movie as a whole.

Inside (À l'intérieur)

Better than most horror movies, truly scary and well-thought out to a certain point. Everything was pretty much logical until the last 10 or so minutes. Of course, fun, too. My friend screamed.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;

A brilliant script and idea, wonderfully acted. Carrey, finally getting a good drama done. All the sequences of brain and memory, very well filmed.

Clementine: You know me, I'm impulsive.
Joel: That's what I love about you.


Narrator: Amélie still seeks solitude. She amuses herself with silly questions about the world below, such as "How many people are having an orgasm right now?"
[scenes of various orgasms taking place]
Amélie: Fifteen.

Indeed, a beautiful film, with this great story, well acted and well directed. Tautou is absolutely adorable portraying Amelie, which is this weird, amazing girl I would certainly like to meed. The script is good, the idea is really good, the way it is put into life is better. All the characters, described by their little pleasures and annoyance, everyday's life put like this, happiness, sadness, strangeness and fate - I loved it.

Raymond Dufayel aka Glass Man: So, my little Amélie, you don't have bones of glass. You can take life's knocks. If you let this chance pass, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So, go get him, for Pete's sake!

Batman & Robin

i remember having a lot of fun watching and laughing at this


Very cool script, amazing performance by Bale, with all that feeling, nonfeeling, hidden feeling - everything was very real, Bean and Fichtner were great too. A movie that makes you thankful ?just? for feeling, that would make you laugh if it would not be so sad.

John Preston: I'll do what I can to see they go easy on you.
Partridge: We both know they never "go easy".
John Preston: Then, I'm sorry.
Partridge: No, you're not. You don't even know the meaning. Its just a vestigial word for a feeling you've never felt.

Nowhere Boy
Nowhere Boy(2010)

The first part was a little bit boring, the last one was good. I didn't feel the script was balanced, and even tho it was full of emotion, I didn't get the real vibe of what becoming John Lennon is, maybe just in very small parts. Not a bad movie, tho, but if it hadn't been about him, I don't know what kind of reviews it would have gotten.

John: Why didn't God make me Elvis?!
Mother: To save you for John Lennon.

372 le Matin (Betty Blue) (37.2 Degrees in the Morning)

I've seen the uncut version and I must say it was very tiring, but just so I got to know they relationship and really deep into their minds, so much they didn't seem crazy, I couldn't even picture them as thieves or outlaws or criminals, just friends. They acted so human I could almost understand the slow fall into insanity, things going worse and worse, both failing to notice the truth about one another. Love, and obsession, and lust, all acted so wonderfully.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

I swear this movie has no respect for reality. Fun to watch, entertaining indeed, good bunch of actors, but not such a great movie. Some nice dialogues tho.

Obi-Wan: Just relax, concentrate.
Anakin: What about Padme?
Obi-Wan: She seems to be on top of things.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Anakin Skywalker: I'm going there to end this war. Wait for me until I return. Thing's will be different, I promise. Please wait for me.

I was very disappointed with the way Anakin turned to the dark side. I mean, couldn't they have found something more reasonable? I can understand his anger and agony, but his reasons were stupid and he himself destroyed everything he ever wanted. He acted so foolishly, and so horribly, no one with a brain and a heart would have done all that. I think the script is very weak this time, and it pissed me off a great deal, but horray for sci-fi with no endings and nice imagery.

Anakin Skywalker: You turned her against me!
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You have done that yourself.
Anakin Skywalker: You will not take her from me!
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Your anger and lust for power have already done that.

Let the Right One In

a movie with vampires that is not about vampires, but friendship. beautiful. very eerie, good directing and atmosphere. well acted, too, with a deep, touching story that makes you wonder.

Oskar: Who are you?
Eli: I'm like you.


not a good movie, but because my best friend loved Legs, i watched it. it wasn't a pain, but even quite pleasant with company. jolie was charming, but the book was better, if you bother.

Madeline 'Maddy' Wirtz: Where do you live?
Margaret "Legs" Sadovsky: Mostly in my head.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

"Life has its way of teaching us. Life has its way of confusing us. Life has its way of changing us. Life has its way of astonishing us. Life has its way of hurting us. Life has its way of curing us. Life has its way of inspiring us."

i loved this movie, especially parts of it. it looks amazingly real, surroundings, characters and especially the story, with, what was for me, an unusual ending. also very well-acted.

1. No hay honor mas grande que ser un charolastra.
2. Cada quien puede hacer de su culo un papalote.
(Cada uno hace de su culo un pito)
3. Pop mata la poesía.
4. Un "toque" al día... la llave de la alegría.
5. No te tirarás a la vieja de otro charolastra.
6. Puto el que le vaya al América.
7. Que muera la moral y que viva la chaqueta (La puñeta).
8. Prohibido casarse con una virgen.
9. Puto el que le vaya al América (se repite, por que es reputo el que le va al América).
10. La "neta" es chida pero inalcanzable.

Lie with Me
Lie with Me(2005)

Leila: I wish I could ride my bike forever. I wish the Sun would never go down. The summer will go on, and on, until every person is out on the streets, and feeling like me.

i didn't have any kind of expectations, so it didn't disappoint me. whatever script, not very interesting, but nice monologues, imagery and a very beautiful voice. i love how she tells the story. plus, lots of sex scenes

Leila: You have to wait... until you're uncovered. You have to wait with someone naked. And then you have to wait some more.

Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue(1999)

A beautiful script and beautifully made into an anime, with elements that spin you round and make you dizzy, make you think, make you mad. You really don't know what's going on until the very end.

Mima Kirigoe: Excuse me... who are you? Excuse me... who are you?

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

one of the greatest movie i've ever seen, with amazing casting, script and directing. the script, the idea is mind-blowing and the acting is so good it makes you forget it's a movie, really. plus the atmosphere.

Narrator: This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.


not as good as i expected it to be, but very well acted and i loved the ending. requiem for a dream was better, however.

Mark "Rent-boy" Renton: [narrating] Take the best orgasm you've ever had... multiply it by a thousand, and you're still nowhere near it.
Allison: It beats any meat injection. That beats any fucking cock in the world.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Flint Lockwood: [narrating] Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had some unique to offer the world, if you could just get people to see it. Then you know exactly how it felt to be me.

it's a very good story, i loved it. of course it had the course of the usual animation stories, but it was pretty with colors and music and sounds and funny jokes.

Flint Lockwood: Come on, Steve. We've got a diem to carpe!


Scientist: We had such potential. Such promise. But we squandered our gifts. And so, 9, I am creating you. Our world is ending. Life must go on.

a beautifuly animation with great voices and a nice story to it

5: You remind me of him. You forget to remember to be afraid.

If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle

a good movie, amazingly close to reality that you can hardly believe it's played. every actor is doing a great job.

Before Sunrise

i loved it. amazing acting, beautiful dialogue and fantastic photography. the actors are so great, they can keep you watching and the script, simple as it is, catches you.

Jesse: I don't know, I think that if I could just accept the fact that my life is supposed to be difficult. You know, that's what to be expected, then I might not get so pissed-off about it and I'll just be glad when something nice happens.

Jesse: Well, I was driving around with this buddy of mine, he was a big atheist, and we came to a stop, next to this homeless guy. And my buddy takes out a 100 dollar bill, and leans out the window, and he says, "Do you believe in God?". And the guy looks at my friend, and he looks at the money, he says, uh, "Yes, I do". My friend says, "Wrong answer", and we drove away.

Celine: When you talked earlier about after a few years how a couple would begin to hate each other by anticipating their reactions or getting tired of their mannerisms-I think it would be the opposite for me. I think I can really fall in love when I know everything about someone-the way he's going to part his hair, which shirt he's going to wear that day, knowing the exact story he'd tell in a given situation. I'm sure that's when I know I'm really in love.

The House of the Devil

another bad horror movie that made me laugh, mostly


really bad and not worth watching, with good actors but otherwise disappointing

Drag Me to Hell

better than most horror movies i've seen, but since i'm not really into them, i can't exactly tell how good this movie is. has a good spin at the end, but it really pisses one off


scary? kind of. interesting tho

Bedtime Stories

i fell asleep. no joke.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

i loved this movie. great imagery, great acting, great, touching story. so many strong moments.

The Initiation of Sarah

seriously, it's not hard to make a better movie. it cannot be.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Oh, the epicness. The classic highschool drama everybody must get through.


i loved the auto-fellatio scene and some other parts, the character severin and her photos, but many times it looked pretty much stupid and gone to the extreme.
this movie is very different from what else i've seen. it caught me in its world and spider webs, kindof.

Justin Bond: As my dear departed friend Lotus Weinstock used to say: "I used to wanna change the world. Now I just wanna leave the room with a little dignity."

Ken Park
Ken Park(2002)

i had so much fun watching this one, i can relate so much, the characters and stories are very real yet very interesting, and the acting is great

Love Actually

God, I probably cried more than 75% of the movie. And laughed. All in an extremely good, enjoyable way. yes, a feel-good movie but not only: a great Christmas movie too, suitable for all time of the year, family view, relaxing, and gives you hope, really.

Okay now, we all know how impossible this is and how much it misleads you, but really, at least it makes you feel great for the moment. Unless you're a terribly realistic person, or a true pessimist. Or both.

Amazing casting, too. Finally, a truly good romance-comedy movie, worth-watching.


It has got it all. One of my favorite movies, absolutely wonderful. Amazing story, adorable accent, great acting, funny lines.

William Wallace: [after Hamish drops a boulder at Wallace's feet] You dropped your rock.
Hamish: Test of manhood.
William Wallace: You win.

Young People Fucking (Y.P.F.)

to me, it's not really a good movie, but it's extremely funny and well acted


i surprisingly disliked it, and got pretty much bored

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

i found it extremely entertaining, very much fun to see and very well acted. hoffman is, indeed, amazing, and amazingly amusing.

9 Songs
9 Songs(2005)

i pretty much liked this movie. i loved the way the relationship between the two evolved, their little moments, their characters, even tho not deeply evolved, the songs and even the raw filming, it added something to it, some feeling of reality. with little pieces of information and a lot of sex and music to be taken as such, the movie gives you a lot of space for freedom in interpretation.

North Country

an amazing movie, wonderfully acted, about a real story. full of emotion


good effects, but completely unoriginal plot, 80% pocahontas - a good movie, however, quite entertaining

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

i had a lot of fun watching this movie, it is very entertaining. besides, i love words that make you live them, sci-fi and such

500 Days of Summer

i loved it and i'd love to see it again, to appreciate it more clearly. great story, great quotes, great actors and acting. it was all very sweet

The Green Mile

an amazing movie, very well acted, great script, and all in all very powerful and full of emotion. it stays inside one's heart and mind

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

Jack Nicholson was amazing, this is, I think, the role that he got the best. The filming was great, the story was, let's say, good enough, and there were some pretty scary moments. Duvall was also good at being terrified.

Tropic Thunder

it was quite disappointing for me, even a bid boring, but with a good dose of american, hollywoodian humor

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

not as entertaining as i would have expected, i fell asleep.


I would have expected more of this, since my religion teacher and a friend recommended it, but it was quite disappointing. Not a bad movie, tho.

When Nietzsche Wept

not good enough. the accent was fake, the russian was crazy, bad casting, the story wasn't exactly catchy or anything. just the fact that it was about the life of nietzsche made me watch it

Down With Love

ahh bad. i can't take seeing bad movies in a bad mood. probably a good chick flick but bad.


preatty awesome cinematography

Moulin Rouge!

first part was pretty boring, but then it got better :) i liked the last half or so, and even had some favourite scenes which were indeed spectacular.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

ok well, it's a bad movie, i admit. but it's kinda fun to watch.


fun to watch, but not much else. a lot of plot twists, tho.

Good Bye, Lenin!

beautiful movie and story. touching and well acted.


not that bad, but kind of ... meh, well. the movie, i suppose it's good enough for the story, which is the real problem, in my opinion.


very inspiring. great acting, also.


amazing cinematography and story.

Conversations With Other Women

smart. pretty awesome, wonderfully acted and a nice, deep story that basically gets you, even tho all the movie is flashbacks and conversation between two people.

Natural Born Killers

pretty impressive. all the actors were amazing, especially Lewis.

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

quite thrilling. whimsical. pretty brilliant, if you'd ask me. the 'break all conventions'-type of movie that basically leaves the watcher unhappy all the time, since nothing you'd even want ever happens! no gore, no scary jumps in the background, just annoying suspense and long shots. still, you should give it a try.

The Italian Job

good for the lulz and the amazing actors.

Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en Fais Pas (Don't Worry, I'm Fine)

It's a beautiful movie. It's about life, about normal people, relationships, and difficulty to deal with our losses. Beautifully directed and played, you can clearly feel the atmosphere in every part of the movie. Sad story, but worth watching.

Reservoir Dogs

Ah, a Tarantino classic. Laugh all the way - brilliant script, amazing acting, great, great director. Definitely worth watching.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Very entertaining. This movie is full of life, definitely worth watching. Such a story, ah, and Cruz was amazing.


pretty bad. good enough acting, but not worth watching unless you have nothing like, really nothing else to do. die of boredom. stuff like that. it's quite funny to mock, also, but for that sole purpose you can find better movies.

California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) (Endless)

If you're Romanian, than this movie is great. You get all the little gestures, you recognize the things people do daily put here, and it's ... very amusing to see traditions treated this way, and the rapresentation of the village ... Simply amazing, brilliant script, directing, cinematoraphy and even acting. Well worth watching.


The acting is unbelieveably good. Streep and Hoffman are amazing, powerful, and really catch you into the story.


It catches you, it draws you right to the amazing story it tells. The actors play wonderfully, all of them. It's the kind of movie where you really forget about yourself and just feel it.

28 Days Later

I don't get what's the big fuss about this movie. It's just another "invasion" movie, classic and all, with classing ending and nothing just so great in it. Maybe just the idea of how it transforms people, people who are not infected at all. Or maybe that's just what men are like usually. Hah. So, for me, wasn't much.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

fun oh-so-fun action movie with bruce willis. a win, but just not as hard as the first one.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

"How can the same shit happen to one guy twice?" XD Hah. Good movie, but I can tell you, no matter how much fun is in there, at 3:30 am it looks pretty much the same with all the other Die Hards.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Pfha, friggin amazing. Just about how many things can go wrong with a robbery? Ah the detail, ah, the lines, ah, the Bruce Willis with hair, ah, the progression of his clothes from white to dirty brown to skin. Ah, ah, that's the first. And the best, probably.

Requiem for a Dream

Extremely impressive. I wish I could see it again. Just imagining everything makes me cry. Says it all about drugs. A reality you don't wanna know about, yeah, but truth. A very powerful movie.

EDIT: Saw it again. And I'm glad. One of the most impressive movies ever, no wonder it's on the 25 most dangerous films list, hah. It hunts you, for real, it's extremely well-made, the cinematography and directing are amazing. It's one of those drama movies you never forget, and a must see.

The Sixth Sense

The movie was awesome as a whole, but the twist was amazing, great, just .... one of the best twists ever. The acting, the script, the directing, all great. A must see.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

It goes a little slow, maybe, but the story is great and the acting plus. The ending, which you can guess if you watch with attention, still gives you thrills.

The Orphanage

Pretty brilliant, great acting, full of awesome details you can only see if you watch it twice. The best thing to it is that you can see it in different ways.

My Neighbor Totoro

A journey of the imagination, a beautiful one, a family movie that isn't full of bullshit or clichees.


It goes slow, but it's pretty interesting to watch, especially if you like to see Willis acting. The script delivers the expected twist at the end, but it still gives you chills. Probably not what you would expect it to be.

The Brave One

It's a good movie, with a good script and wonderfully acting. Psychological, makes you truly wonder about certain things. Of course they screwed the ending with some classic romanticism but it was ok.

The Virgin Suicides

It gives you chills, it hunts you. It introduces an universe apart from what you know, telling the story of a group of friends so obsessed with the five daughters of the neighbor family that they try enter they minds, see what they feel, think, or do. The soundtrack rocks, too.


Epic, indeed. The masterpiece that needs no introduction, the classic, cross-stared lovers story, that gets everyone, every time. Yes, it's an achievement, it was beautiful, entertaining and worth seeing. But it's not the greatest movie ever.

No Reservations

It's an okay movie with okay acting, quite fun, has some moments, but the script isn't that good, and makes everything predictable, while at the same time it doesn't catch you as a movie should. You could watch it if nothing else, it's not bad, it's just not very good.

The Legend of 1900 (La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano)

A beautiful, beautiful, I cannot count how many times I should say this, but it's definitely an extremely beautiful story, told all together with great music, great performance, great cinematography and great directing.

Marie Antoinette

Big disappointment. Boring, goes slow and gets nowhere, no end, no beginning. It keeps you waiting for something that isn't coming, and by the way you understand it won't, you either leave or say 'well, let's get through this at least'. Dunst wasn't that great either. The only good thing here is, probably, costumes. And imagery.

Dead Poets Society

Inspiring. Wonderful, a great story, with good script and acting, making everyone "seize the day".

Make your life extraordinary.

Ocean's Twelve

Entertaining, fun, and freakin' hilarious at the Julia Roberts - Bruce Willis scenes. Good for relaxing, having some good laughs, and seeing so many amazing actors in all one movie.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

This movie is great, amazing, hilarious, absolutely wonderful and definitely a must see. Great acting, original, mind-blowing script and terrific directing.

Paris Je T'aime

Beautiful, I loved most of the stories. It was simply amazing, talking about Paris in this way, seeing the "city of love" from all those points of view.
Some short stories were very witty. Some very romantic. And some very sad. Talking about city is so fun to do - now imagine it done by directors all around the world. Amazing.

City of Ember

Ok, so, clearly predictable, the acting is not as good, but okay, but really it's problem is that you want things to happen already, because they seem to be moving very slow. Visually, it's great, so it's not a bad movie, just not a very good one.

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

Good script, wonderful acting, especially by Crowe. Ridley Scott did a good job directing this, but something is missing, and maybe it's the fact that the watcher can't engage in feeling this movie, being too busy trying to keep up with it.


It's a good movie, truly, with good acting and typical american style in it. The way it's told gets you right into it, making you understand how things went, even if just as much a movie could do.

La Sconosciuta (The Unknown) (The Other Woman)

An original script, outstanding cinematography and beautiful performance by actors, especially Kseniya Rappoport. Catches you right into the story.

Martian Child

It's a beautiful story, and a beautiful movie. The kid and both Cusack are great, as always, and the cinematography rocks. At a certain point I was afraid they were gonna put in some cheesy love-story between Peet and John Cusack, thank God they didn't. The ending screwed it up a bit, but the rest was good.

The Last Samurai

It gets two things I love: Japan & Tom Cruise. Wonderful story :).


I love the actors in this one. :)

The Ant Bully

Loved it. Didn't expect it to be that nice. :)

License to Wed

Funny. So not true and SF :)

Return to the Blue Lagoon

LOL. That movie was a joke. Was so totally clichee it seemd like I already seen in. Classic love story, happenings and everything. Funny.


Amazing movie, wonderful story. Easy plotline, but beautifully made. With all the funny stuff and happiness, it is the kind of movie I would like to see again.

The Longest Yard

I loved it. Pity I don't like american football. 't was half the movie :))


I should have read the book. I know I should. The movie was very nice, even tho the actions were expectable. However, I had a good time watching it.


I loved this movie. The only thing I regret is the fact I didn't see it from the beginning.

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

Another astonishing movie. I loved it, even tho it was pretty predictable. Strong emotions, indeed.

Charlotte: You have done nothing for which you should be ashamed.
Benjamin Martin: I have done nothing. And for that I am ashamed.

Two for the Money

A beautiful movie, smart and entertaining, with Al Pacino playing wonderfully as usual.

Walter Abrams: Oh man... You better hold on to the coin you flipped. Because this game keeps up like this, I'm going to have to borrow it.

A Fish Called Wanda

I just might seriously consider it to be my favorite comedy movie.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

A bit of clichee-tastic, but great. I loved it. :) 't was fun. That Silver Surfer is sexy xD.

Cinderella Man

An excellent movie, with emotions so strong as the punches Russell Crowe gets. I'm not a fan of boxing, but this movie got through me with all its soulfulness. A powerful, yet very sensible movie, inspired by a true story. Wonderfully played, great actors.

Jim Braddock: Max, my wife Mae.
Max Baer: You are far too pretty to be a widow.
Jim Braddock: That's not nice, Max. Not nice. Come on.
[starts to leave]
Max Baer: On second thought, maybe I can comfort you after he's gone.
Joe Gould: Hey, I said shut your goddamn mouth, you punk!
Mae Braddock: [Mae throws her drink in Max's face]
Jim Braddock: Sorry. Send me the cleaning bill.
Max Baer: Get that boys? Now he's got his wife doing his fighting for him!
Jim Braddock: Yeah.
Jim Braddock: Ain't she something?


Not I remember this movie like being funny. Not boring. Predictable, childish, naive, super-hero like and all that comedy. But fun, and watching it with my cousin made it more fun.

Finding Neverland

A beautiful, magic story.

Final Destination 2

It was fun, much more better than I expected, and way better than the first one, IMHO ^^.

A Few Good Men

An amazing movie. Very intelligent dialogues and well-thought. Funny, smart, and ... what can I say?! A splendid acting! Charming? Tom Cruise is astonishing, Nicholson is doing a great job, and Demi Moore, well, she is amazing.

Brokeback Mountain

Wonderful acting. Both Gyllenhaal and Ledger were great. The passion they show in the movie is amazing. It all makes a beautiful movie, with complications and tragic ending. It is brilliant, and all the gay disgusting crap people talk about its just discrimination. They did not even watch closely, because is one of the greatest love story ever, far more hard to get through than a normal one.

Final Destination 3

It gave me creeps everytime they said something related to the other movies, but not much of it. I think it is kind of better in some way, but it is also more cruel, and the deaths aren't as smart as in the 2nd movie.

Legends of the Fall

What I call a 'big' movie, in all ways. Great acting.


just the fact that part of the story is true makes it...woah.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Lately it seems I'm crying mostly over happy movies, not sad ones. Well, good job. Scrip was whatsoever, but Meryl is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! As always. Good cast. Good singing. Very happy movie, perfect for a nice time.

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

Everybody probably knows that by now, but Julia and Pitt are amazing. Even tho most people hate this movie, I don't.

Groundhog Day

oh well, it's murray we're talking about.

Legally Blonde

Nice enough to lose time with if you don't have anything better to do.

Ella Enchanted

since I go crazy about these kind of fantasy movies, I'll give it a bigger mark. the romance, story, actors, nah, nothing incredible. too chilidsh. yet it was nice.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

very nice movie. i must say, it started with a kind of 'real' look in it, but ended as every romantic movie should :)). yet it was fun.

Dark Side of the Sun

'Bad bad bad bad movie! Go in your room and never come out!'

...and that would be all about it if it wouldn't be for Brad Pitt, which is the only thing that made it tolerable.

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely a cute movie.

Freedom Writers

touching. motivating. beautiful. not an original concept, but a real story.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Smart, funny, emotional, brilliant. It gets you right into the story. I loved every part of it.

Ocean's Eleven

Definitely a fun movie to watch. With all the big names, it grows on you, doesn't it?

The Machinist

bale's dedication to this movie is amazing, how much he lost weight and how well he entered the character. the script hounts you, it's smart, it intrigues you. very dark. might be something to think about, isn't it?

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

a beautiful movie. a masterpiece as an artistic film, great script, great story. magical.


i probably got lost in my thoughts at some point, because i found the credits rolling and myself not realising anything about what happened. but brody was awesome.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Using a stupid humour and a Sandler-face, there it is!
Seriously, this movie is all about who you watch it with, and in what mood. I had the right company and the right mood, so it was pretty much entertaining. But it's definitely not a must-see. A must avoid maybe if you're looking for smart humour.

Tsotsi (Thug)

Touching. The acting was pretty amazing, and the story was beautiful, heartwarming and, at the same time, so very close to the real life there. Shows aspects without censors, with a great cinematoraphy.

Slumdog Millionaire

A beautiful movie, definitely a must-see. Maybe not as good as the finals of the oscar prizes say, but much more better than most of the movies that come out lately. Smart script, smart directing. Very nice.


This is so bad I actually wanna see it again. Done. Might try a 3rd time.

William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Watched for documentation. It's pretty clear it's made for the teather, usually Shakespeare-movie-addapted-scripts bore me and this also did it. It might have been because I knew what was going to happen, but not only. However now, it's obvious that Shakespeare can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

Une chance sur deux (Half a Chance)

quite fun and entertaining, not so much to it, but it has good actors.

Step Up 2 the Streets

good coreography, bad acting. stereotypal story.

Children of Men

a very good movie, excepting some parts, it catches you completely in the action and makes you forget everything else.

Virgin Territory

anyone kiddin me? this movie is just as bad as you expect it. i can say, good music, some laughs, but some, really, are based on it's so stupid it's funny.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Tony Stark is a terrific character, and Downey does a great job playing him, adding an unique charm to the movie. Good effects, okay story-line, very entertaining, all in all worth seeing.

Phoebe in Wonderland

It's a beautiful movie, I think. Not a great movie, not great in anything, just beautiful to watch and see it going, actors playing wonderfully and all.


not the usual superhero movie. i liked it, it was much better than i expected and all in all, worth seeing, with good acting and good script.

Hannibal Rising

I don't know exactly what it was, maybe the script, maybe the directing, but this movie wasn't just as great as the others. Of course, now, it's Ulliel versus Hopkins, which is not much of a fight, but then again, Ulliel had his sick twists too, so I can't tell exactly. Maybe the fact that, after all, we all knew what was going to happen, and the tension just wasn't the same, plus the old revenge trick and some love interest threw in there. The character is much more complex than his past, but, oh well, it's still a good movie.

A Clockwork Orange

the script is truly amazing. the story, so satirical and ironic, is, most of all, original. the acting is very good and the directing, well, it's Kubrick.


the story really caught me, and the acting was good, too, but the filming wasn't so great.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

Great movie. Great costumes and images in all, and a good story too.

Little Children

a terrific movie, full of emotion. beautiful, great acting, got me caught in it with every character, every second, scared that something bad might happen to them.

How to Eat Fried Worms

fun to watch, kids-movie, but finally gets you, even tho it's no real good.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

A very sad story, but beautiful, mind-blowing performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


sick and twisted and quite awesome.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

amazing acting. fiennes, norton and hopkins gave a stunning performance. nice script, too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

worse than i expected, i don't know exactly why it bored me so much, but, well, it's still okay i guess.


quite quite.

Kung Fu Panda

Very entertaining and so much fun to it.

Shortcut to Happiness (The Devil and Daniel Webster)

Okay, predictable and all, but entertaining, good acting. I love those kind of movies, even tho they're overdone.

Wild Child
Wild Child(2008)

very cool movie. using all the clichees effectively.


cheers for the acting, beginning and end. thank coffee i didn't fall asleep during it.

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

child movie. predictable as hella and with annoying-type of charries. good enough to watch to relax a bit and drool over butler os foster or something.


Maggie was amazing. Incredible, truly, very credible - this is, I think, the movie that makes her for me a great actress. Interesting, too, but worth watching just for her.

Sex Drive
Sex Drive(2008)

hilarious. very american. kinda predictable, but the fun's in it, hah.

Mini's First Time

predictable, okay acting, now much to it but well, kinda fun.

Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who

very inspiring. made my heart skip a beat or two, it's truly amazing and worth seeing, a must for a "the who"'s fan.


keeps you thinking 'till the very last moment. pretty awesome.

Dear Frankie
Dear Frankie(2005)

due to lack of subtitles and my kind-of-incapacity to understand the scottish accent, i couldn't get it all, but, yeah, good enough.

The Darwin Awards

pretty entertaining.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Not a bad movie, has a good point to it, but mostly the jokes were overused - even tho still funny. Predictable too, sadly, but still entertaining.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Beautifully done. Makeup was amazing, the story and script too. A little bit long, but worth watching.

Love Songs
Love Songs(2008)

I was pretty okay with it until the last line, which made my heat skip a beat. Or two. A must see just for that.

The Golden Compass

as I usually love this kind of stuff, I'll give it a, let's say, 5. Maybe a 6 would go too, but I'm in a bad mood, and it wasn't as good as it could have been.


slow movie. not the best turn, but kind of interesting.

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

The director did a very good job, their relationship was portrayed amazingly, and every emotion was incredibly strong.


entertaining enough, worse than I expected tho. good thing the actors were good looking, and OH! the sights <3

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

sent shivers down my spine.


Too beautiful for words. Stunning.

Vantage Point

Good enough thinking the same thing happened a few times without getting me too bored.

15 Minutes
15 Minutes(2001)

they sure got the humour right.

The Good Night

fell asleep. see the irony?

The Black Balloon

beautiful imagery, with a very nice and soft, cute atmosphere to it.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

pretty good. the script was good, the directing was good - i liked the most of it. worth seeing, i say.

The Incredible Hulk

ah, superhero (or not xD) movies always give me a warm feeling. feels like being a kid again.


ah, well, my attitude towards the movie and Radio himself changed several times, but, at the end, it was nice. good enough.


nice enough. Quaid delivers a very good performance, and Meyers isn't too bad either.


boring, really. didn't get to the end of it. the only thing that made sense in this movie was Liv Tyler, but then again why would she hang out with such people? -.-''

The River Wild

Bacon makes his way as the bad guy, but it could still be better. Streep is very good as always, and, ah well, the rest is not much.

Casino Royale

Ok, I admit I didn't see it from the beginning (and I regret that), that it was very nice and all when it wasn't TOO Bond-ish, but I don't see it as a masterpiece. Awesome car. Almost better than the girl.

Never Back Down

No amazing screenplay, cinematography, or acting. But the bodies were nice, and the fights were nice, and that's about all.

The Insider
The Insider(1999)

As the true story in it wasn't too bad, it kept like going on forever with nothing really interesting happening. Al Pacino was good, but I can't find what's so great about this movie.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

I love this type of movies because, well, they are highly entertaining (for me). Yeah, all the villian stuff, and hero bla blahs - everything is fun. Besides, Franco looks awesome.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

With a beautiful cinematography, the movie attracts mostly because of Kidman's beauty almost reaching perfection. The story of her life, surrounded by freaks (and feeling very good just then) is interesting.

Wing Commander

If you have nothing better to do, then watch this predictable, badly directed movie with no story to it. I was trapped into seeing it, as no other channels were working.


Very well directed, with an interesting perspective. Watching the life of a young Elizabeth, before becoming what we know of her now. Beautiful script and cinematography.

Notes on a Scandal

Amazing performance. The script was very smart and the story kept me thinking about it for days.

There Will Be Blood

The acting was simply mind-blowing, especially Day-Lewis and Dano. The filming was nice too, but the script lacked sparkles of ingeniality.


It has a baiscally smart enough script, with some amazing lines between it. Overall, the love story is interesting but boring at times. Focuses a lot on Penelope's beauty.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

A fun, almost-possible story about falling in love in a totally weird way. Good enough. Kevin Smith hasn't lost his sense of humour yet.

Four Minutes
Four Minutes(2007)

A beautiful movie, recommended for anyone, but a must see for whoever loves piano music. Believeable, and great acting.

Fahrenheit 9/11

a nice documentary in all.

Murder by Numbers

For as well as I think Bullock did a great job, Pitt was very credible and the part of the high school popular guy fitted Gosling extremely well, the plot wasn't smart enough. I would've expected something better.

Happy Gilmore

another classic adam sandler, oh gee, happy gilmore should've take the anger managemant class xD.

Sex and the City

definitely a girl movie, for feel good purpose.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Ass-kicking smart. Witty. Funny. Madagascar comes back, and this time it's escape to Africa, YAY! Quite a thing, even better if watched with someone fun.

Runaway Jury
Runaway Jury(2003)

Maybe at first you don't expect it to be like this, but you know how it's gonna end pretty soon. So, as it is somewhat entertaining, there is better. However, the acting was lovely. Especially John Cusack.


It's probably me not enjoying this sport too much, but I didn't find the movie that incredible. It was nice.

The Four Feathers

The story in itself is quite amazing, for an individual to do that, but it doesn't make my "favourite smart/drama/etc. scripts" in any way. It is sometimes boring, and Heath isn't as his best, even if he still is very credible.

Hollow Man
Hollow Man(2000)

well, if you don't have anything better to do, don't watch the movie HAH. or do. your choice.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

I loved this movie. It was so fun and Hanks delivers another great performance, kind of reminding me about Forrest Gump.


even if the acting isn't that great, i like the idea and the way they did it, and it was fun all in all.

Boys Don't Cry

swank was probably at her best in this one, giving an outstanding performance. totally unforgettable, this movie tells the story of a life with no fairytale elements, just reality.

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

a beautiful, emotional work. adrien brody was amazing here, the role fit him perfectly.


hm, I liked it. I usually enjoy both Neeson and Linney's acting, so another point for them. The story is, of course, very interesting.


Smart, huh, serves its purpose (makes you think about Vegas, doesn't it?).

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Very cute and adorable.

Memphis: Whatcha doin' there, boy?
Baby Mumble: [tap dancing] I'm happy, Pa!
Memphis: Whatcha doin' with your feet?
Baby Mumble: [looks down] They're happy, too!


Oh well, there surely is something to it. Seeing all that dancing and singing done by big names isn't something you do all day.


so much for having sex in the cemetery.

The Nanny Diaries

Hah, not much to it, except Scarlett looking awesome, Linney acting good: same old stuff.


hah, fun, but seriously.

Lucky Number Slevin

Great movie. Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett? I don't know about you, but I love seeing both on the screen. So this movie just rocks. The screenplay, the plan, the ideas. Except some fun movie facts (like going to see someone important in a towel, and all that towel thing that was about 15 mins), I loved it. The relationship of Hartnett with Lucy Liu was also very nice, and it turned out pretty well, afterall. Do I have to mention that Morgan Freeman did his job amazingly, as usual? Seen the movie twice already.

Mr. Goodkat: Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest in Monte Carlo and came in third; that's a story.


Wrong life. Everybody was pretty much annoying, more or less. Had some moments, some beautiful images, but not much to it.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

No big deal about it. The end, just before they start singing, I mean with the movie part, was pretty brilliant tho.

I Am Sam
I Am Sam(2001)

Sean Penn was amazing, not for a moment I doubted that everything wasn't real (hah, cuz it wasn't). A beautiful story, so much expression to it.


point taken. do all artists get to have such a life?
I wish I was more informed about his life. I would've watched the movie anyway, but it is sometimes disappointing that the movie is focused just on a certain period of his life. However, Malkovich is a big woah! A positive one. He always is.

40 Days and 40 Nights

it has no contact with reality whatsoever, depicting women wrong and leaning towards stupid conclusions as in "no sex = no love" but than again it's the other way round. people who want you to break your vow for their own money and amusement are called 'friends'. of course, most if not all jokes are based on sex and how hard is it to survive without it for 40 days.

overall, however, I love pretty much whatever Josh Hartnett does and it was pretty funny. So subjectivity wins again.

P.S. I Love You

I probably cried through all the movie. Hilary Swank did an amazing job, even tho pretty much all the acting is nice along with the storyline. Butler was a good choice *giggles*. Of course, it has its ups and downs but, per total, I loved it.

Something's Gotta Give

A cute, easy-going comedy, fun to watch with a great performance by Nicholson (as always).

Across the Universe

beautiful. it's an amazing movie, and for a musical, it amazed me. of course, it's all thanks to the songs which are exceptionally great, but i wouldn't usually expect so much from this genere.

Romeo + Juliet

poor Shakespeare. Dicaprio was nice tho.


Beautiful story. Now imagine that is it true.


I changed my mind about military academy. However, it is a type of movie that I enjoy, with its stories and a pretty, pretty good actor as a lead.

Basic Instinct 2

Not worth wasting time with, unless you're an all-time Sharon Stone fan.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Hoffman was amazing. The ending could've been better, really, but, whatsoever.

Into the Wild

it has got some magic.

Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles

Yes, I go crazy about fantasy movies with good editing and story, but this wasn't one of them.

50 First Dates

It's cute. And funny. And impossible.

Wonder Boys
Wonder Boys(2000)

Maybe at two o'clock at night I'm not very good at judging movies, but this didn't seem much.

The Heartbreak Kid

Some really good jokes, but probably not worth it.

Bridge to Terabithia

[I read the book, but I am not sure I want to see the movie. ]
well, that was before I saw the movie. Now I think it's better than the book. Doesn't happen often, does it?

School of Rock

`For those about to rock....we salute you.`

The Air I Breathe

err right. so my conclusion is that if you're one of four people in the story, where two die, and you're a good-looking chick, you get tons of money.

L.A. Confidential

Smart. Russell Crowe is, well, yeah. Amazing.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Damn, I love Ice Age. The fist, the 2nd, and let's hope, the 3rd too.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Hah, funny idea. Not much to it, but worth watching to have a good time and relax.


At the beginning it didn't seem so right, but by the end something appeared in the atmosphere that made me love it.

Little Miss Sunshine

Amazingly funny and like, ... I love it!

Some Like It Hot

smart and funny. Marilyn is amazing.

As Good as It Gets

Nicholson was simply amazing, and Hunt did a good job too. Lovely story.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

Touching, amazing the life of this woman. The movie comes with a private view on her vulnerability.

The Dark Knight

Wonderful acting, stunning lines and good plot.

Edward Scissorhands

A true work of art, heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Primal Fear
Primal Fear(1996)

Norton's acting was amazing. The story itself is quite brilliant, and Linney & Gere were pretty good too.


Brilliant, in one word. Truth is the animation is amazing, and the story, the idea, the game between dreams and realty are mind-blowing.

The Bucket List

A beautiful, touching movie, with great acting, directing and screenplay. Just the idea of it is lovely, and the way Nicholson and Freeman play is amazing.

What About Bob?

Funny parts, even tho it kind of pissed me out sometimes. Predictable, but not entirely. Murray was pretty great. And after all, a true story ^_^

Risky Business

It is fun, not too much to ask for, but better than most teenager movies this way. And Tom Cruise is young. So young it doesn't look like him at all.

High School Musical

Everybody said it is so bad I had to see it. Unfortunately, everybody was right.

Ridiculously high school, teenager bad drama, predictable as hell, and just stupid from the first place. Bad actors, bad lines, too stereotypical. Even tho the main idea they wanted to point out is good enough, everything else is more like awful.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

An amazing movie, simply put. Thrilling, great twists, great acting, great plot.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Seriously? I love that movie. Of course, the crowd of actors like Bruce Willis, Clive Owen and those + Rodriguez and Tarantino is a fly trap, but the real reason why I wanted to watch this movie is Josh Hartnett. And guess what? He got just the beginning and the end. What was that, 5-10 mins? Still, the movie is hilarious. Most of the lines are predictable, but, really, who would ever think of turning Elijah Wood into a psycho-Harry-Potter nerd-killer?

Cardinal Roark: Will that bring you satisfaction, my son? Killing a helpless, old, fart?
Marv: Killing? No. No satisfaction. Everything up until the killing, will be a gas.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I read the book and it was way better than the movie. One of my favorite books ever. Therefore, I am happy I read it before seeing this, even tho it was pretty good.

Antoine Richis: Why did you kill my daughter?
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille: I just needed her.

Cadet Kelly
Cadet Kelly(2002)

I have seen only the last half of it, but it was nice. One of those movies you watch only 'cause it is relaxing, even if you already know what is gonna happen.


It was fun to watch, and, skippind the predictable, clichee part, I enjoyed it.

Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds(2002)

A nice idea, even tho kinda predictable. Funny and light, the kind of relaxing movie I enjoy watching just so.

Unaccompanied Minors

Entertaining and very funny, a kids movie. I am stil a child afterall, so yeah, I liked it.

Charlie's Angels

One of those movies you watch just to make fun, and for the chicks. So yeah, whatever.

The Jackal
The Jackal(1997)

I love watching both Gere and Willis acting, so that movie was pretty neat ^^. Of course, kind of predictable, but than again, just watching all the cool moves of Willis, the loading of his gun, his self-consciousness, the history of Gere's character, the relationships... makes it great.


A beautiful;, true concept, shown both in a funny and sad way. About your vision upon life, and life itself. And mostly about how you live your life.

The Haunted Mansion

I saw the ending twice, the beginning once, and, I guess I fell asleep before the content. Not my lucky movie >.>

Donnie Brasco

A very good cast and a true story. Beautiful, and still, I guess, it is not exactly my type.

Four Brothers

It wasn't exactly an amazing movie, but I liked it. I liked the atmosphere that it had sometimes - the feeling of reality they wanted, even tho you know it is impossible. And I love watching Hedlund, so yeah.

Night at the Museum

Very funny. I liked it. But that monkey, arrgh!

The Hours
The Hours(2002)

The casting is incredible, and the actors all did great. It is beautiful, in all the attention to detail it gives, but yet it is not my type of movie.


An amazing story, really good acting and great artistic value with beautiful music and outstanding images. I loved it, in all its sadness. The ending was brilliant.

Falling in Love

Despite the fact that De Niro and Streep were simply amazing, the movie wasn't much. The story is overheard, and since you know everything before it happens, it gets pretty boring.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

I saw just half of it, and didn't liked it very much. Maybe I should have watched it a bit more. The main reason I started watching was Hawke and Washington anyway.

The Interpreter

A beautiful movie, but I think it could have been a bit better. Sean Penn was great, and I always love the acting of Nicole Kidman.


Laura Linney is amazing, and in the most part, the actors were great, but it is not that much to the movie, IMHO.

A Lot Like Love

A really nice and relaxing movie. Not too much, just kinda fun.

Wicker Park
Wicker Park(2004)

It could be true. It might have even been. It may look like Closer, but its about love. Its about real love. Closer is clear about relationships, and involves sex everywhere. Wicker Park is a love story, a true one. Wicker Park is three, if not four, love stories.

And with me being a big fan of Josh Hartnett...well, you know :).

Beautiful Girl

The idea is very beautiful, and if it happened in real life....well. Anyway, the movie wasn't that great, and was very predictable.

Not Another Teen Movie

In all its sex related jokes and stupidity, I think it was very funny. Somebody had to do a total teen movie that rocks :).

Preston: Hey guys, welcome to the party. If you're gonna have sex, please - do it in my parent's bedroom.

The Perfect Man

A childish, stupid, predictable movie, with beautiful people and beautiful ending. And of course, very relaxing. Its the reason people look at it.

Thank You for Smoking

Brilliant. A movie about cigarettes industry. Someone had to come with this one, right? Yet, will it raise the sells, or lower them? ^___^ A great script, a funny inside look on the life of a man whose morality has to be "flexible", for managing to raise his child well and working as the face of tobacco industry. A very intelligent work, one of my favorites.Still, no one smokes in that movie, does it? :DNick Naylor: My point is that you have to think for yourself. If your parents told you that chocolate was dangerous would you take their word for it?[Children say no]Nick Naylor: Exactly! So perhaps instead of acting like sheep when it comes to cigarettes you should find out for yourself.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Very funny and very smart. For every comedy&action lover and American movie criticizer, I recommend it. All the clichees, everything, sum up to be an awesome movie.

Perry: You don't get it, do you? This isn't "good cop, bad cop." This is fag and New Yorker. You're in a lot of trouble.

Wedding Crashers

Very funny, even if easily predictable.

The Darjeeling Limited

Now, I was disappointed on this one. Seeing Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Natalie Portman, which are a few of my favorites, I thought "Woah, its gonna be great!".
Well, it didn't hit my expectations. But it wasn't that bad after all. A bit boring, if you ask me.

Jack: What did he say?
Peter: He said the train is lost.
Jack: How can a train be lost? It's on rails.


The astute sense of reality that is present in every moment of the movie is amazing. Jake was great, and Mark Ruffalo too. The story, the leads, the false impressions, and the fact that all that is true...well, builds up a wonderful movie.


I myself have imagined a future like this. A bit different, of course, but it seems Andrew Niccol kinda read my mind. Or I read his. Anyway, Hawke was very good, Law was amazing, Thurman could have been better, but still, nice performance.
I liked this movie, in all its story, idea, and...original lines. :)

Vincent: They think I killed the mission director.
Jerome: What makes you think that?
Vincent: They found my eye lash.
Jerome: Where?
Vincent: In the corridor.
Jerome: Ah well it could be worse. They could have found it in your eye.

The Pursuit of Happyness

With a funny, sensible touch of reality, this movie is one which you will remember as leaving you a sweet, sad and happy, but very tender taste. A must see for Will Smith fans.

Lady in the Water

I don't know why, but this movie kept being it my mind long after I watched. Normally my mind goes off movies 10 mins after they are finished xD.
So yeah, It must have something special.

Over the Hedge

Hah. Another kinda easy to guess plot, but nice. I luv Hammy :)

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

Easy to guess plot, whatever love story, but wonderful movie. I absolutely loved it. One of the few movies that made me cry.

Cold Mountain

Beautiful movie. Seriously. I watched it twice and I can tell it wouldn't hurt me to see it again.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

Funny. I totally love that child.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Frankly, I just find it plain stupid, and still ask myself why the hell I wanted to see it. And kept on watching it. The actors were horrible (except kinda R. Phillipe). I'm pretty sure I could play all that too.

On the other hand - the hand left there at the end of the movie was pretty funny. Also the declaration, so damn clichee and idiot sounding, after all they've been through.

As a horror, it was...meh, something. Not too much.

Heaven's Burning

The only good thing about this movie is Russell Crowe.

The Hunting Party

A nice movie. Very Funny and kinda unexpected.

Benjamin: By ourselves. By ourselves. We don't even have any weapons.
Simon: If I gave you a gun, would you know how to use it?
Benjamin: No.
Simon: Then what the fuck are you complaining about?


Not a kinda happy movie. Amazing sense of reality. Funny. Yet very sad. It is a fantastic movie nobody should miss. The characters are made beautifully, having their own light and space. Unexpected turn-outs. Small words that mean so much.

Saving Private Ryan

A great movie, one of the greatest. Very cruel, very real, very sensitive, sad, and touching.

Private Reiben: What's the saying? "If God's on our side, who the hell could be on theirs?"
Upham: "If God is for us, who could be against us?"
Private Reiben: Yeah, what'd I say?

Schindler's List

A brilliant and extremely touching movie.A story in which acknowledging the history and truth of the action just makes it even a better movie.

Amon Goeth: You want these people?
Oskar Schindler: These people. My people. I want my people.
Amon Goeth: Who are you? Moses?

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

Good actors, predictable action. Nice lines, clichees. So, what should I say? It deserves a little more, it does. But maybe I'm just not a big fan of action movies.

William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford: Have you lost your mind?
Cyrus Grissom: According to my last psych evaluation, yes.


Adorable movie. Damon & Affleck's relationship is great, Hayek is amazing as usual, Rickman is much better than in Harry Potter. In all, a very funny movie and I loved it.

"Faith is a funny thing" ^^

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

It started off nice and I thought I was gonna like it, but than, as it was going by, it kinda pissed me off. It got dumb and dumber, even tho the funny things were never missing.

Moonlight Mile

A bit boring, but funny sense of real life. Actors were great, especially Sarandon (but than again, where isn't she great?).

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Strange movie. Huh. It had something very nice it in, tho.


It was scary. Ha ha. Seriously, the surgery part really thrilled me. Than again ... bah. I don't know.

Matchstick Men

Lovely movie. Very smart and funny, with a happy ending.

Being John Malkovich

Very funny. I loved the idea of it, and all the reality-Sf game play.

Wicked Minds
Wicked Minds(2003)

Wicked. Who would have thought of it, if it wasn't a movie?

The Devil Wears Prada

I love this movie. Meryl Steep is amazing, the idea is wonderful and all the fashion talk.


Brilliant. Kind of unexpected ending. Adorable.

I Heart Huckabees

Incredibly stupid and funny. Ama-h-zing.


I loved the story. Fate is strange, isn't it? Nice idea.

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

Not much to it, but a nice movie.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Not the type of movie I usually like, but it was nice. Maybe I would have liked it more if I wasn't so tired and sleepy.

Keeping Up With The Steins

Not much to it, but kinda nice.

In the Cut
In the Cut(2003)

Beautiful images, color, lightening. The actors were great, absolutely. Nice turn out. But it was ... not the movies I was looking too see. Too unhappy xD

Gone Baby Gone

A bit too much stress, but I liked it after all. It gets the story.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Nice, but I kind of got bored.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Hated it. Some nice jokes make me give it 1 full star, but, bah, a total stupidity. Points clearly all the idiocy and absurdity of the view of life in movies. Makes of pregnancy a total circus and looks up to people, especially women, hypocritically, making them look hysterical.

There's Something About Mary

It gets you after all *laughs*.

13 Going on 30

't was fun. can you even imagine someone so naive at 13? -.-'' goosh. but I love it when M. Ruffalo does those faces.

The Illusionist

Nice idea. I like how it turns out afterall.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Funny. Those chipmunks are soooo cute <3.


Ha ha he is such an idiot. I love it :)

Lions for Lambs

You know it. I watched it beacause of Tom Cruise, Meryl Steep and Robert Redford.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Meh. If It wasn't for Ted H-whatever I wouldn't even think about watching it.


I read the book, and probably saw the movie too, but I just don't remember.


Very funny. I loved the idea of that planned journey :)

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

Funny. Too funny. So funny that it becomes adorable :)).