PaulK.'s Rating of Kataude mashin gāru (The Machine Girl)

Paul's Review of Kataude mashin gāru (The Machine Girl)

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Kataude mashin gāru (The Machine Girl)

Kataude mashin gāru (The Machine Girl)(2008)

Let's face it, you don't really need to read a review before watching this movie. It's a girl in the sailor suit uniform with a machine gun for an arm and a penchant for turning enemies into hamburger meat. If that sounds delicious (There's a lot of food related gore), then this is your movie. If you are grossed out by excessive blood and murder, need a lot of character development, rational thought, or if you end up being frustrated by unanswered questions, then this isn't your movie. For the rest of us, kick back and let the bloodletting begin.