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Operation Finale

Gripping, much better than reviews...

The Pirates of Somalia

Great film for any inspiring journalist and someone interested in international world affairs...

Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow(2018)

Jennifer Lawerence is superb but plot is yet interesting and lacks a good structure and solid storyline...


Don't listen to reviews. Actually a decent science fiction drama movie about what could easily happen in the not to near possible future. Only complaint is the movie was somewhat slow moving...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rian Johnson did a good job keeping with the tradition of the original lucas trilogy, but adding his own modern new twist. Quite surprised audience didn't like it, but I think the expert critic reviews will help make this one hold strong over time. It played above my expectations.

The Post
The Post(2018)

A must see for any news junkie. Spielberg creates his magic again. Streep delivers an oscar worthy performance. Relevant today in this "breaking news" cable/internet world of today. The "newspaper still has the power to break the news."


Film tells story of how one of the biggest events of WWII, D-Day helps bring out the human side of one of the most mythical figures of the war, Winston Churchill.

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

Not many bands get a second chance and new lease on life, but this music documentary tells the story of the legendary rock band Journey and how they successfully replaced a much loved singer with an unknown International frontman and experienced a rare rock and roll rebirth.


disappointing, i was expecting much more from this promising paranormal premise...

Blade Runner 2049

Outstanding, stays true to the original film, and brings the viewer further into the world of Blade Runners...

Alien: Covenant

Not one of Ridley Scott's best, but still a must see for any Scott Alien saga franchise films...


Powerful Documentary! "Had the Elian event been handled better, we might not have had the Iraq war," - Joe Garcia, Former U.S. Congressman

Unseen Enemy
Unseen Enemy(2017)

Depressing, but Mind Opening...


Story is a tad bit simple and weak, but Robin Williams delivers a great final performance on the big screen of his brilliant career...

Deepwater Horizon

High caliber cast delivers realistic performances to dramatic story that continues to build to suspenseful climax after climax...


What I liked most about this film is it really digged deep behind the inspiring music and legend of Bob Marley revealing what made him tick, and the true meaning of his impacting music. It will change how you view him as an artist and change the way you listen to his art. I have only more respect for the man rather than the legend. Thank you Bob...


An incredible film directed by an incredible director about an incredible pilot played by an incredible actor...

The Stanford Prison Experiment

An interesting film on just one of many possible dangerous experiments that occurred in colleges and universities in the historic past that had unwanted, unexpected results on susceptible young minds.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Great holiday movie to see from a historic legendary film franchise...


Yeah, the bad reviews are correct. Great cast, weak story...


Great film on scandal involving politics and media in Washington, DC...

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

Sad, true, and real seeing the story of Kurt Cobain through images and sound of him reminds us Generation Xer's how we all lost one damn talented creative voices of our Generation. Somehow despite a turbulent personal life the music of Nirvana speaks for itself and will be listened and touch people for many, many years to come. Kurt sacrificed himself by expressing himself through the music. I hope you have found peace Kurt, we all miss you and love you down here and will continue to keep your spirit alive with your music. Peace...

The Kid Stays in the Picture

Great documentary on the turbulent life of one of the true legendary Hollywood producers of our time.

The Conjuring 2

James Wan creates magic a second time and scares the living daylights out of the viewer. I had to turn the lights on for this one. As good if not better than the first one if you are in the mood to get spooked rent The Conjuring 2 based on a real haunting in England featuring the famous ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Film slow moving, but does pick up at the end. It shines a personal spotlight on the controversial figure Snowden and reveals a lot of unknowns about his private life including romantic and inner struggles as he deals in the world of secrets and discovers wrongdoing by a country he deeply loves.

Money Monster

Hints of a promising directing career for established actress, the talented Jodi Foster.

Victor Frankenstein

great chemistry between James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, but the tone kept flipping from dark comedy to serious. it would have been better off it it just picked one theme. Great unrealized potential! Still it had it's moments, and was entertaining.


Riveting World War II drama about an incident not told in war films before. Not a masterpiece, but a damn good flick worth every penny. You will be entertained and informed about a historic event that took place with interesting characters in a significant war.

Terminator Genisys

Better than expected, reviews. Creative, a must see film for any terminator film fan. Doesn't reach the peak performance of the first two, but continues the great story structure tradition with some new twists. Hopefully we will see another!

In the Shadow of the Moon

A real candid look into the minds of a few extraordinary men who have travelled further than anyone other human being who have ever lived on this planet. Hopefully, since journeying to the moon, this is a wake up call for planet Earth for humans to realize how lucky we our to live on this great planet called Earth, but also we must continue exploring the vastness of Space including Mars and other bodies in our Universe as soon as possible.

The Last Man On The Moon

In a world today full of dime a dozen celebrity heroes, Eugene Cernan, the last man to step on the moon is one of the true American legends. We owe it to him and the rest of the people who were part of the Apollo missions to finally follow in their footsteps and send a human mission to Mars.


A very brave film well ahead of it's time and a cruel but important reality check for anyone who loves the game of football including me.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Everything JJ Abrams seems to touch turns to gold. Interesting film. Very interesting.

Bridge of Spies

Spielberg creates magic again directing a great cast in another classic thriller.


A film that really does deserve Best Picture. Spotlights what real investigative reporting can turn up in a world of sound bite journalism that dominates the news today.

Mirage Men
Mirage Men(2013)

the real men in black, a glimpse into the confusing world of ufology where every question must be analyzed by the reporter looking for truth in a world of disinformation.

The Nightmare

A scary documentary that will make you think twice about turning your bedroom light off before you go to sleep.

The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs

Finally a informative documentary about the shadowy world of terrorism that we unfortunately live in from 9/11 to today that doesn't hold anything back spotlighting major events and those important special people in the CIA who are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

It's time to go to Mars for humankind...

Area 51
Area 51(2015)

Blair Witch Project meets Area 51...

Pawn Sacrifice

Oscar worthy performances by each three, Tobey Maguire who played Bobby Fischer, the genius madman chess prodigy who caught the eyes of the world during the cold war when he faced soviet great Boris Spassky played by Liev Schreiber in Iceland for the World Championship of Chess. Also, a great supporting cast acting performance by Peter Sarsgaard who played Father Bill Lombardy, friend of Bobby Fischer. Must see first great film of fall 2015.

Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie

A documentary about a talk show host who was way ahead of his time who knew how to pull all emotional strings out of people, very similar to the idea of socialite "Donald Trump" running for president in 2015-2016. Sadly like all of us humans Morton Downey Jr. was flawed to the bone and was his own undoing, but his contribution to what we call "reality" television today can't be underestimated...


"Rope," directed by Alfred Hitchcock might not be one of his well-known films, but I recommended it to any fan of the film master of horror. The film starts off with a murder, "what else," but what makes this film worth watching is not the suspense of "who killed who," but rather how one tries to prove the justification of murder. Now don't get me wrong there is no justification for any type of murder, but what keeps this film shinning is the personal growth of a college professor played brilliantly by James Stewart who once preached that the "act of killing" can be justified if you kill the right person for the right reason. Tragically two of his students played perfectly by Farley Granger and John Dall take this to heart and kill a fellow friend they think is not that worthy of living. They then invite his friends, family and the professor for a feast that literally is placed over the dead body as the dinner party worries and wonders where and why their loved never showed up to the party. As good as the acting is, the story written by Arthur Laurents, Hume Cronyn, and Ben Hecht are just as compelling with drama. I know it doesn't sound much like a plot, and true there is not much action (it was released in 1948) but believe it or not I guarantee you that once you start this film you will be hooked right away. On a side note, Hitchcock uses a camera technique I haven't seen done before or since by filming the whole picture in one take, or shot. He did however have to change rolls every fifteen minutes because they didn't have digital cameras back in 1948. So if you are ever in the mood for a thought proving suspense thriller a little different then all the fast pace computer generated films of today (not that all of them are bad) check out Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope." If you have seen it before watch it again. I have seen it many times. You won't be disappointed by the "master of suspense."

Born on the Fourth of July

As wars continue to rage on across the world, there is one film that has held up over the course of time, and doesn't get the praise it deserves. "Born on the fourth of july" is one of those films. At first glance it might be marked as an anti-war film, but I consider it more a personal discovery hero journey film. If anything it documents what trauma war has on the fabric of one's soul. I have never personally served in the military, but I recommend this film to all those who have returned from the middle east and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as they struggle to get back to whatever you might call "a normal life" in the states. Oliver Stone the director does a great job creating the war experience, and Tom Cruise really captures the essence of an injured veteran, Ron Kovic. Personally, this film has had a big impact on my life. It helped forge my interest in film as a form of art, and ever since an interest in filmmaking. On a side note I got to meet my idol, Oliver Stone last year and all I could say is he "the real deal." Controversial like him or not, he speaks his mind behind and off the camera. He is a nice guy too. Anyway just thought I would write a short review on the film, "Born on the fourth of july." Even if you saw it before, I can't think of a better time to revisit it and see it then right now in 2015. I will.

The Imitation Game

Brilliant and Oscar worthy, all around...

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(2012)

Anytime you remake a classic, you are asking for trouble unless you add your own slant. This doesn't!

A Most Wanted Man

Hoffman is brilliant as a burnt out spy in one of his final performances...

The November Man

Pierce Bronson carries this mediocre spy thriller...


Destined to be a Sci Fi classic for a new age...


Glimpses of greatness, but overall a disappointment...


Not worth it. Does not do justice to the horror that is the real Annabelle doll. Plot way to simple and predictable. Go see "The Conjuring" instead.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

twisted, but very well done...

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

dark, but very thought provoking...


amazing cinematography and science fiction computer special effects, but very weak plot...


Very, very fun film...

The Conjuring

Finally a much needed scary film. I grew up in the area around Ed and Lorraine Warren, and they are legends in our community. RIP Ed. Hope Warner Brothers works out their legal issues with the film, and we get "The Conjuring 2."

Captain Phillips

Much better than expected. Started off slow, but eventuality picked up speed half way through. Hanks and Abdi were outstanding. Worth watching...

Europa Report

Rough start with the schizophrenic editing, but you quickly adapt and get rewarded in the end...


Very slow moving, but the high class cast makes this picture watchable.

The Challenger Disaster

William Hurt captures the 'spirit' of Dr. Richard Feynman, and his "fight to find the truth to a space disaster that changed the space landscape forever," that is if any actor can really reincarnate into a genius...


Heart wrenching. Reminds humans that trained mammals were once wild in the ocean, a place where they truly belong, not enclosed in a pool doing stupid tricks for trainers, and public gawkers.

Sea parks with whales should be banned. Banned. Banned, period.

Watch this documentary! It will change the way you look at sea based parks, and even land based zoos forever.

A five star documentary.

Olympus Has Fallen

"Not an original story, but a modern 'Die Hard' for a post 9-11 world."


"Pure original classic old fashion science fiction excellence."

Our Nixon
Our Nixon(2013)

must see for any political historian, or for that matter anyone unfamiliar or familiar with the Nixon administration. Born after Nixon resigned, I found this documentary film bring me closer to the President and those around him. Very well done...


great cast, good premise, but plot moves way too slow...

Texas Chainsaw

"a fun tribute to a great franchise"

Django Unchained

Well written script and rich characters with an interesting take on the wild, wild west...

Star Trek Into Darkness

overall good film for brand Star Trek with lots of twisting sub - plots, one after another keeping the viewer interested in the main plot from beginning to end.

Room 237
Room 237(2013)

A must see for any Kubrick fan. Though stretching at straws at times, you will never watch The Shining the same way again.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

good cast, but story rushed...


"Original well-crafted script"


Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren deserve Best Actor and Actress nods...


"Watch out Oscars, best dramatic film of 2012."


"Most films don't live up to the media world of mouth, but Skyfall does."