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Window Horses
Window Horses (2016)
15 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Window Horses is a spectacular, poetic journey that explores art and identity in a unique way. Ann Marie Fleming does a beautiful job of balancing different forms of animation to fully bring to life the story of a young girl learning about her heritage. Window Horses is both highly entertaining, and deeply meaningful, expertly walking the line between entertainment and weight. It highlights the importance of never dismissing a culture because of a few scattered pieces of information. There is always beauty and something to be preserved and celebrated. Window Horses is a celebration of art, culture and many layered identities, which is more important that ever.

The Eagle Huntress
15 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Spectacular cinematography provides a backdrop to the story of Aisholpan, a young girl training to be the first eagle huntress in generations. It is a beautiful film, full of resilience and strength, both from Aisholpan and the eagles she trains. The only problem is that resistance to Aisholpanâ(TM)s aspirations is pretty much non-existant. Her family, classmates and the surrounding members of her society, at worst show her indifference, but most are excited to have someone of her talent and drive in their midst, her gender never really comes into play. In the real world, this is a non-issue, however, it leaves the film devoid of major conflict. Unfortunately, the filmmakers find the need to manufacture it, managing to conjure up a couple of elders who are strongly opposed to a woman taking on the challenge of eagle hunting. These few talking heads moments feel out of place with the overwhelming support that Aisholpan experiences. For the most part, this doesn't take away from the beauty of the film, but it would have been nice if the filmmakers had had enough faith in their subject as the people in her life do to carry the film without making up obstacles to her success. Her story doesn't need embellishment. It stands on its own.

A Tale of Love and Darkness
25 days ago via Movies on Android phone

A Tale of Love and Darkness is a bit of a disjointed mess. Director Natalie Portman never quite settles on a concrete theme as she flits from story to story. It's all about stories, but ones that are never shown and ones that never seem to have any direct effect on the charters on screen we are asked to connect with. Portmanâ??s direction continually emphasizes the profound nature of the words being spoken with a complete overuse of slow motion which takes away any power the stories might have had. When everything is of the utmost importance, nothing is, resulting in a film that so desperately wants to be deep and meaningful that it manages to mean nothing at all.

Yi ye Taibei (Au revoir Taipei)
29 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Au Revoir Taipei is a lighthearted romance that manages to avoid sickly sweet chiches, or at least makes them easy to swallow. More than a simple love story, the film has a deliberate sense of place that serves as a backdrop to characters that feel out of place.

Equity (2016)
37 days ago via Movies on Android phone

There are moments of Equity where the financial lingo gets a bit too technical for the layman to follow, but that is a small quibble for an otherwise solid film. Equity is a film that gives us a look into the traditionally male world of high finance and gives us the female perspective. Anna Gunn gives a strong performance in front of the camera and she is backed by equally strong work from Meera Menon and Amy Fox who take on directing and writing duties respectively. The result is a fresh take on a subject that has been extensively covered in other films about the world of high finance. Equity is more grounded then its predecessors, less about the exhibition, spectacle and ego of the Wallstreet tycoons, focusing instead on the dirty dealings and intellect that drives the money machine. It is a thrilling ride.