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The Italian
The Italian(2007)

Foreign, Russian. It's a good movie. It's about a boy, in an orphanage, in Russia and he gets an opportunity to be adopted by a couple from Italy. Before he becomes adopted, he sets out to find his real Mom and the events that happen during his journey. I liked it and would recommend it.

The Road Home (Wo de fu qin mu qin)

Foreign, Chinese. This is a good love story; it brought tears to my eyes and I'm a big burly man. No! Not girly, burly! It's about a son that returns home, because his Father had died. He learns about his Father and Mother's love affair for more than 40 years. It's a very good movie and I definitely recommend it!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I loved this movie! It had an extreme amount of action and tons of comedy. It's about a husband and wife that live out their bland ordinary lives, but what each other doesn't know, is that, both of them are secret agents. They go on missions, but keep their secrets from each other, till one day and then all hell breaks loose. I loved this film! I definitely recommend it!

King of New York

I like this movie; it has good action. If you like the movie 'Scarface', you'll like this one. It's about a drug lord that gets released from prison and he begins to climb his way back to the top, but the police are bound and determined to stop him. This was a good movie and I would recommmend it!

I Think I Love My Wife

It's cute. It's about a man that is married for 7 years and is no longer having sex with his wife. Frustrated, he goes along his daily routine, until an old friend shows up in his life, being sexy, she turns his life upside down and he is left with the option of cheating or being faithful. It's cute, there are some funny parts and some stupid parts, but I'd recommend it, at least once.

The Lake House

I like this movie; it's a good love story. It's about a man and a woman that live in a lake house separated by time; 2 years difference. They correspond through the mailbox which, somehow, is a gateway for time. I liked this movie and would recommend it.

Eastern Promises

This was a pretty good movie! It's about a mid-wife, in eastern Germany, who delivers a baby to a young girl and the girl dies. While trying to find the baby's family, the mid-wife discovers a diary and the sorted tails, there-in, leads to a web of corruption, Russian Mafia, and forced prostitution. This was a good movie and I'd recommend it.

Evan Almighty

It's a cute movie and it's good for the whole family. It's about a man chosen to be a modern day 'Noah' and his task, asked by God, to build and ark. This was a cute comedy and I'd recommend it.

Mo li hua kai (Jasmine Women)

It was good. It's about 3 generations, in the same family and what happens during their lives. Was a little slow or I was tired while watching it, either way, it was alright. I'd recommend it; at least once.


This was a pretty good movie! I don't really care for some of the content, but it was a good movie and was done well. It's about a 16 year old boy trying to grow up without a Mom and a Dad that works to much and the pressures from friends and outside influences. At his age, a nudge in any direction could lead him down the wrong path. This was a good movie and I would recommend it.

Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away

I love this film! It's 2/3 stand-up comedy and 1/3 a short film or featurette. This film is hilarious! I definitely recommend it!

Run Silent, Run Deep

Old B/W movie (1958). Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster. It's about a submarine captain, during WWII, that goes on a dangerous mission to avenge his last (lost) submarine command. This movie has good action and a good cast. I like this one and have seen it many times, so, I definitely recommend it.

Walk the Talk

It was O.K., nothing special. It's about a man that wants to start a talent agency and ends up with one client that he obsesses over. It was just O.K. and nothing else. I wouldn't recommend it.


It was alright. It's about a man that wants to be a woman and right before his surgery, to become a woman, he finds out and meets his new son, which he never knew about. Felicity Huffman does a good job, but the movie is just alright. It's a, 'if you want to see it' movie; nothing special, but good enough to see once.

We Don't Live Here Anymore

I liked this film, even though it was a slow movie. What's sad, is that every 3rd house you see, the same thing is happening in real life, as what's happening in this movie. It's about 2 couples that love each other, but are no longer in lust with each other and the effects it has on their marriages. If they would only communicate with each other. I liked it and would recommend it.


No! This movie had such potential, but went nowhere; literally! It had only one set, throughout the entire movie. It's about a crime writer that meets his wife's lover and they go through a series of ping-pong murder scenerios. This movie had potential, but fell way short. I definitely don't recommend it; it's very forgettable!

The Valet
The Valet(2007)

Foreign, French. This is a very cute movie and I loved it! It's a comedy about a billionaire caught with his mistress in some photos and his luck is that a valet was walking beside them when the photos were taken. To cover up his cheating, his mistress, a supermodel, and the valet pretend to be a couple so he doesn't get caught. This is a great comedy and I loved the doctor! I definitely recommend this one!!!


This movie was very forgettable. It's about a family that moves into a house, that every 40 years, the house entities takes over it's inhabitants and cast them into darkness. This movie was stupid and not very scary at all. All I know is that after watching this movie, I needed to go shave, because it only made me older and know that I would never get this time back! No recommendation here!

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux(2005)

It's a good movie with good concepts. It's about a woman assigned to assassinate a Chancellor and finds out that mankind had been replicated, due to an event in their past; they are all clones. It's a good and futuristic movie. I'd recommend it.


Foreign, Chinese. It's a pretty movie and has great sets, but I just don't care for the gravity defying martial arts in the film. I know it is unique, but it reminds me of the old, cheap, Kung-Fu theater that I watched as a kid; and it was cheap then. The rest of the movie was brilliantly done. It's about a conspiracy of expert assassins, to send one assassin, to kill the first Emporer of China. It's a good movie and I'd recommend it; at least once.

The Cuckoo
The Cuckoo(2003)

Foreign, Russian/Finnish/Lapp. This is a good movie and it was done very well. It's about 2 men and 1 lady coming together in the latter stages of WWII (1944). 1 man speaks Finnish (the Nazi), 1 man speaks Russian (a Russian soldier) and 1 lady speaks Lapp (she's a native Lapplander) and none can understand each other, yet they seem to communicate and try to get along. It's a very good movie and I definitely recommend it!

Beowulf & Grendel

It was alright; it could have been much better. The movie had some really good actors, but the script or direction wasn't very good, although it did get better as it went on; but not much. It's about Beowulf coming to the aid of another King that is having problems with a troll (Grendel). It was alright. If you like Norse Mythology, you'll like this movie; I am on the fence for recommending this one.


This was an alright movie. It would have been far better, if they hadn't dumbed it down for kids, instead they should have maintained an advanced intelligence for the robots and thus, bringing the kids up to adult levels and making a better movie. It's about alien robots that tranform into vehicles. It was an alright movie and except for a few areas, I'd recommend it.

Path to War
Path to War(2002)

It was good. It's about the Lyndon Banes Johnson Presidency and the Vietnam conflict that happened during his administration. It was good and I'd recommend it, if you like presidential movies.


Very good movie! It's about a lady that is on her death bed and she is reliving memories from the past. Reflecting good and bad, and pondering if there are any mistakes in life. This was a good movie, love story and tear-jerker. I definitely recommend it!

The Libertine

A dark movie, but I liked it. It's about a court lawyer, in England, under Charles II, that despises life and all meaning, until one day he meets a stage actress and falls in love. At the same time, he falls out of favor with the King and the events that unfold. Even though it was a dark movie, I liked it and would recommend it.

Take the Lead

It's a cute movie and it held my interest. I am not much for dance movies, unless it's a musical, but this one wasn't bad. It's about a dance teacher in New York, that takes on a 'detention' class and for their detention, they must learn to ballroom dance. Based on a true story; this was a good movie and I'd recommend it.

Black Book
Black Book(2007)

Foreign, Dutch. A very good movie! It's about a Jewish girl that disguises herself to fit in, in Nazi occupied Holland. Based on a true story, this film is full of intrigue and suspense. I like this movie and highly recommend it!

The Astronaut's Wife

This was a pretty good movie. It's about an astronaut that goes into space and something happens, then comes back to earth to start a family and the events that comes out of that space mission. Good suspence; I liked it! I'd recommend it.


This is a cute movie. It's about a human, raised as an elf at Santa's workshop and he goes to New York to find his real Dad. It's a cute holiday movie and I definitely recommend it!

The 40 Year Old Virgin

It's a cute movie. It's about a 40 year old man that hasn't experienced sex and his co-workers doing everything to get him laid. It's cute and I'd recommend it.

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair(2004)

It was a good movie. About a social ladder-climber, that weaves her way through families, to try to get to the top. I liked this movie and I'd recommend it.


I like this movie! It's a good love story about Cole Porter and the love of his life, Linda Porter, his wife. This movie has wonderful music, performed by great artists. I like this movie and highly recommend it!

The Brothers Solomon

I like this movie; it's just so wrong! There are some funny gags in this film. It's about a couple of brothers that just don't have a clue. Their father is in a coma and the brother's want to have a baby, by whatever means. It's a funny, stupid and campy movie, but I love it and I would recommend it; it's just so wrong!

Fun With Dick and Jane

It was cute. About a couple where one quits her job and another gets layed off due to corporate scandel, on the same day. They try to make ends meet, but have a hard time with it. It was a cute movie and I'd recommend it.

The Other Conquest

Foreign, Spanish. It was a good movie, but could have been so much better. Film quality wasn't the best in spots and the storyline, went on a religious trek, instead of staying on the conquest and sacking of the temples. It's about the son of Montezuma and his religious conversion after the sacking of his civilization. It was good, but could have been better. I am on the fence for this recommendation; if you want to see it, see it, if you don't, don't.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

It was O.K. and that's it! It is for kids and not much for adults. It's another milled family vacation movie. If Clifton Webb knew this movie was made this way, he would turn over in his grave. The original brought kids up to adult levels in mentality, but this one, brought adults down to kid's levels and that only makes for a stupid movie; like this one! For kids, I recommend it, for adults, NO!

The Dukes of Hazzard

It was cute, but stupid. But it's meant to be stupid, so, it's alright. It's about 2 moonshining cousins that try to stop a greedy land-grabber and the events that take place. It's alright and I guess I'd recommend it, if you want to watch something stupid. Not really my choice, but it was alright.

Behind Enemy Lines

A good war movie. It's about an F-18 fighter jet getting shot down, in a no-fly zone, in Bosnia and the navigator trying to evade hostile forces. I like this movie and it is based on a true story. I'd recommend it.

The Kite Runner

Foreign, Afgani (Farsi or Dori). This was a good movie! It's about 2 boys, who are friends in Afganistan and one day their friendship is tested to it's limits and the events that are to follow. This is quite a good movie and I highly recommend it!

Oprah Winfrey Presents: Their Eyes Were Watching God

This movie was not good! Oprah talked at the beginning of this movie, saying that it's her favorite and it's the best; well, it sucked! It had good actors and good actresses, but piss-poor performances. It's right out of any romance novel, put to film and that is as good as it is. It's about a black lady that leaves her husband to run away with another guy, then he dies and she then runs away with another guy and all they do is suck on each other; it sucks!!! I would rather catch Malaria than watch this film again!

Curse of the Golden Flower

Foreign, Chinese. This was a good movie! The colors in this movie is amazing; it's just a palette for the eye, it's so beautiful! It's about an inter-family struggle for power, in the Tang Dynasty, in China. This movie was done brilliantly and it's amazing how beautiful this movie is. I definitely and highly recommend it!

The Illusionist

Very good movie! About a man in love with a Princess, that is to be wed to a Crowned Prince. He becomes an illusionist, to try to win her heart and the events that take place along the way. This is a very good movie and I highly recommend it.


This was a pretty good film. About a failed shoe designer that travels back east for his father's death and meets a stewardess, that shows him, there is more to life than defeat. I liked this movie and I would recommend it.

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

Foreign, Spanish. This was a good movie and was done very well. About a kid that becomes an orphan, due to war. He then sees a ghost of another kid that died at the orphanage and events that lead him to peril and safety. This was a good movie and I'd recommend it.

Zhou Yu's Train

This is a good movie and very well done! Beautiful sets & scenery. About a lady, while traveling on a train, meets and falls in love with the love of her life. They are separated because of work, he has to take a teaching position in Tibet, while she makes pottery in China. A good love story. I liked this movie and would highly recommend it!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I like this film; I grew up with it. I was a teenager when it was popular and went to many midnight showings. This is a good musical with great music! About Brad & Janet, a young couple stranded in a rain storm and took refuge in a scary castle and the events that take place there. I like this musical and highly recommend it!

Waiting for Happiness (Heremakono)

Foreign, French & Hassanya. It was O.K., that's about it. The film had good quality film, but no actual direction to the film; it went in all different directions. About a boy and his Grandfather wanting to electrify their house and other characters. Everything was good, but it had no main storyline and to many branches. I don't really recommend it. It's to bad to, it could have been so much better with one storyline.

Two Weeks
Two Weeks(2006)

This was a good movie! About a Mother dying and the kids come together to help take care of their dying Mom. I went through the same thing and this was pretty much, right on the money, on many accounts. I can't say that I like this film, because of the subject matter, but it was a good film and worth seeing. I'd definitely recommend it!

National Lampoon's Vacation

I love this movie! It's about a family from Chicago, that takes a trip across country to go to 'Walleyworld' and the events that try to stop them. This is a good movie, a funny comedy and I highly recommend it; especially for a good time!

Battle of Britain

I like this movie, even though it is an older movie. It's about the air battle over Britain during WWII and the cost, it took, to win that battle. This is the only acknowledgement, other than a statue in England, that Air Marshal Dowding received for his fight against the old crowny thinking, of the government of the day, to get Radar and an early warning system installed, in England, to early warn against German air attacks. The English government faught him tooth and nail against the system, but if it wasn't for his persistance, England would be speaking German right now and possibly other countries. I like this film and highly recommend it!

Moulin Rouge!

I really like this movie! It's a love story of a writer and a courtesan set to music. Along with an evil Duke trying to buy the affections of Satine, the star Moulin Rouge dancer and singer. I like this movie, it is odd and unique and has great music. I highly recommend this film.

Sorry, Haters

It was a pretty good movie. About a Syrian cab driver, that takes a fare and the cab patron tries to help the cab driver, with immigration papers for his brother and the events that come out of it. It was pretty good and I would recommend it; to see once.

Kitchen Stories

Foreign, Swedish. This is a very good movie! This movie is completely different from anything I have ever seen, but good! It's about a group of Swedish, kitchen gadget, census takers that have been sent to Norway to map a housewives kitchen travels for future product production. This was a very good movie and was done very well. I highly recommend it!


This was a good film, unfortunately, I am not much of a tennis fan anymore, so it may reflect on my rating of this movie. This movie was good. It's about an aging tennis player, trying to win Wimbledon, for his last year of tennis play, before retirement. It was a good film and I would recommend it.

Top Secret!
Top Secret!(1984)

I love this movie; it's so ridiculous! A comedy about Nick Rivers, an American patsy, used by a french spy organization. This movie has such odd-ball humor; it's terrific and stupid! I love this movie and highly recommend it for a good laugh.

Wedding Crashers

I like this movie; it's a good comedy. About 2 friends that, in their spare time, crashes weddings. I liked it; it was fun. I recommend it.

This Is England

It's a very good movie! About a 12 year old boy missing his dad and turns to a group of skin-heads, in England, for male bonding and the events that take place. This was a good movie and I highly recommend it!

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

I like this movie. It's a comedy parody of the movie 'Scream'. It's full of stupid and funny gags. I like this movie and recommend it.

A Smile like Yours

This was a real cute movie. Most women will love this movie and a lot of guys will also; I liked it, I thought it was cute. About a man and woman, trying to get pregnant and influences trying to stop them. It was a real cute movie and I recommend it.

The Last Mimzy

I enjoyed this movie. Anytime they can put a potential technology leap into a movie, I like it! This movie was done well. It's about a pair of children that find a treasure and that treasure turns out to be something very special. I liked this movie and highly recommend it to all ages.

Can't Hardly Wait

I like this movie; it's cute. There was a good amount of comedy throughout the movie. It's another high school movie, but it was done well; makes 'Not Another Teen Movie' make more sense. I liked it and I recommend it.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Documentary. This reconstructs the seven wonders of the ancient world. It is a history lesson in who constructed them, when they were built and why they were built. It also tells when they ceased to exist and why. This was a good documentary and I recommend seeing it.

Ziri,(Purple Sunset)

Foreign, Chinese. It's alright. About a female Russian soldier, a Chinese farmer and a Japanese school girl travelling together, trying to stay alive, in the last days of WWII. It's alright; nothing special. This recommendation is a: If you want to see it or not, either/or.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Dark and disturbing, but a very good movie! Told as a fairy-tale, this movie is brilliantly done. About a man with an impeccable sense of smell and goes on, to try, to find the most perfect fragrance. This movie was done very well and I highly recommend it!

Where the Heart Is

This movie is alright, but the Trump L'ois paintings, in this picture, are something to see; they are amazing! I recommend this movie just for the paintings alone, not to mention the movie. It's a 3 star movie, with 5 star paintings, thus, a 4 star average.

Queens Logic
Queens Logic(1991)

This was an alright movie; it's an older movie. It's about a group of friends that grow up in Queens, New York together and have come back home, for a friend's wedding. The movie was done well; it's just an older movie, but is filled with a lot of actors and actresses and they do a good job. I'd recommend it.


I liked this movie; it's action packed. About an ex-recon sniper, drawn back in to consult on a potential presidential assassination. This movie was done well and had a lot of research done to pull it off; they did well. I liked this movie and would recommend it.

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

Foreign, Spanish. It was pretty good; it had a good and unique storyline. It's about, basically, how one thing leads to another. It was pretty good and I would recommend it, at least, once.

Mountain Patrol (Kekexili)

Foreign, Chinese. A very good movie! Based on a true story. Beautiful scenery; the film was done well. About a group of men, patrolling the Tibetan mountains, to protect the dimenishing antelope herds and the poachers that they encounter. I liked this film and highly recommend it.

Children of the Revolution

This is a strange movie, but I liked it. It is so political, yet covers no political stands and is a serious movie, yet has a good and odd-ball sense of comedy; it's all over the page, but in a good way. It's about a woman that has a child with Stalin; possibly. I liked this movie, but it's odd, but in a good way.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

It was alright. It could have been better, but it was just alright. Acting was good, but story was not real exciting. It's alright to see once; it's an either/or.

The Station Agent

I really liked this movie! It is a slower-paced movie, but done quite well. About a man who inherits a train station and meets the, slightly odd, neighbors to his new inherited station. This movie was done very well and I would highly recommend it.

Art School Confidential

It's a good movie and done well. Starts off as a comedy, then goes to be a murder mystery, to end up as a drama. I wish it had remained a comedy, because it had some odd-ball, cerebral comedy that I like and wish it had continued through. It's not a bad movie and I'd recommend it.

School for Scoundrels

It was cute. There were some funny parts in the movie. It's about a group of wimps, that go to a school, to learn how to grow a pair and stop taking crap. It's cute to see once; I would recommend it for that.

The Nativity Story

I truly like this film, so much, I bought it and have seen it, at least, 10 times. This is a movie that gets better each time you see it and that's hard to do. I really like this movie and highly recommend it to everyone!

Man in the Wilderness

I like this movie, even though, it is an old movie. "Zack Bass', is actually based on a real person and the event is based on an actual event; just some Hollywood embellishing.

Europa Europa

Foreign, German/Russian/Hebrew. This is a real good WWII movie. I highly recommend it.

Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du Paradis)

This is probably my favorite foreign movie. It is sad and so tragic. You can only feel for the little boy and definitely want to hate the piece of crap Dad. I definitely recommend this one.

The House of Sand

Foreign, Spanish. A real good film. Scenery is terrific; it's just a real good movie. I recommend it.


Foreign, German. This is a good movie! About a child prodegy that injures himself, in a fall, and becomes 'normal' and the events that happen after his fall. All aspects of a great movie, sets, scenery, quality film, acting, story and great music. I loved this movie and highly recommend it; for all ages!

All the Real Girls

It was O.K., that's about it. It had a chance of being better, because of casting, but it just wasn't. half of the movie was strange, weird, and/or funny; like the car race or the bowling alley dance, but the rest was just 'blah'. Delivery of lines were sometimes, what seemed like, forgotten or a canned delivery. It was O.K. and that's about it.

Sweet Land
Sweet Land(2006)

This is a great film! It's about an immigrant female that comes to America just after WWI, to be a mail-order bride. But due to world circumstances, being German isn't an acceptable nationality and is frowned upon by neighbors. This has all aspects as good acting, sets, scenery, story and quality film. This is a very good movie and I highly recommend it!


Foreign, Israeli. This is a very good movie. It shows, that when you try to do the right things and change from your past, sometimes, the past comes back to haunt you. It's a very good movie and was done very well. I would recommend it.

Quest: Nefertiti Resurrected

Documentary. About trying to find out, if one of three skeletons found, were Queen Nefertiti. Forensic and digital reconstruction of mummies were performed and amazing results can be seen. I highly recommend this documentary, to all ages.

Head in the Clouds

A very good movie. About a love triangle that spans pre-WWII, through, to the end of the war. All aspects were quality, acting, scenery, sets, story and quality film. This film was done well. I highly recommend it.

16 Blocks
16 Blocks(2006)

I liked this movie. If you like the movie 'Diehard' or 'Swat', you will like this movie. It's about an aging police officer intrusted with, the duty of, getting a prisoner to court, in time, to testify and the events while trying to do so. It's a quality movie and I liked it. I would recommend it.

The Christmas Card

It was alright; nothing special. No chemistry throughout the film, though the story wasn't bad. It seemed a little canned; another milled Christmas movie. The only thing, it had aspects that weren't bad, like, scenery. It would be a decent sunday afternoon Christmas-time movie. You could tell Ed Asner was drunk during filming. In one scene, he was stumbling and slurring his speech. I wouldn't really recommend it.


It was pretty good. This movie reminded me of 'Alien' and those type movies; it had some cool technology. I used to play the video game, back in the day and they translated the game into a pretty good movie. It had lots of action and was done well. I would recommend it.

House of Sand

Foreign, Spanish. This is a very good film. The scenery is very unique and is quite beautiful. The story is very good and I would highly recommend it.

In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes(2005)

I liked this movie; it was very cute. This movie seems like a cross between a Woody Allen movie and 'You've Got Mail'. It had all aspects of a good movie, good sets, scenery, acting, story and quality film. It's about 2 sisters loving each other, but not always getting along with each other. I thought it was a cute movie and I would recommend it.

Blood Diamond

This is a good movie. It's about a man's quest for a diamond that was located under war-time conditions and another man's fight to re-unite his family under the same conditions. All aspects of this movie was good, film quality, sets, scenery, story and acting. I liked this movie and would highly recommend it.

Down in the Valley

It was alright. Quality of film was good, acting was good, scenery was good, sets were O.K., but story was just alright; that's about it. It's alright to see once, if there is nothing else on the shelf. That's about it.

The Ballad of Jack and Rose

I liked it! Quality of film wasn't the best, but all other aspects like acting, scenery, sets, story, were all quite good. About a father and daughter living on an old commune and the father is dying. The daughter is trying to cope with her father's illness and trying to grow up at the same time. I liked it and would recommend it.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Foreign, German. Excellent movie! This movie was done very well; it followed the actual events that actually happened and can be seen in documentary film reels. They didn't leave out the details of the events either, like the Russian army roasting a dog. This movie has quality film, good sets, good scenery, good acting and a good story that was portrayed well. I highly recommend this movie!

She's All That

This movie was cute. It was better than the cookie cutter, high school movies that you normally see. It was done well and had a high energy to the movie. It sure makes 'Not Another Teen Movie' make more sense. I enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it.

Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist(2005)

A classic tale; I liked it! It was done well. Quality film, good acting, good story, good costumes, good sets and good scenery; a quality film. I would recommend it.


It was cute. Another movie where Eddie Murphy plays almost all the rolls - Again! He is talented, but it's getting old and in this movie, it got real old; quick. This movie started out cute and funny and as it progressed, it just kept getting worse and worse, to where it was just another dumb movie. I don't think I would recommend this one. If your I.Q. is under 80, then go ahead, you would probably love it.

Turtles Can Fly

Foreign, Kurdish. A pretty good movie! This movie shows you things, that you don't think about during war. About a boy that tries to maintain order, for a group of orphans during war and sees the girl of his dreams and what he goes through to sway her affections. The end is a middle-eastern ending, which doesn't translate to well to western cultures, but a good movie is a good movie and I liked it! I would recommend it.

One Night With the King

No! This movie had good sets, good quality film, good scenery, but terrible acting, even by some veteran actors. I would rather be put to the lash, than have to watch this movie again. The acting was just horrible and the music was bad. Some scenes had drums where they didn't need to be or in a serious scene, they played wimsickle music, as in a comedy; well, it's not a comedy! If you want to watch this movie, I would advise going and pulling weeds out of your flowerbed or painting your fence instead; you'll enjoy it more! This movie won't get thumbs, it will get one finger up!

The Quiet American

This is a good movie. Quality film, good sets, good scenery, good acting and a good story. About a journalist living in Vietnam during the French-Vietnamese conflict and the love triangle that ensues. This is a good movie; I recommend it.

Rumor Has It
Rumor Has It(2005)

I like this movie. Quality film, good sets, good scenery, good acting, good comedy, an all around good film. About a girl that believes she's adopted and tries to find her real father, with unforseen and hidden circumstances. I recommend this film; it was fun.

Great World of Sound

It was pretty good. About a man who gets a job, as a record producer and finding the pitfalls of that business. Film quality wasn't the best, but acting was good, good story and film was done fairly well. This film should be viewed by everyone for specific reasons that can't be mentioned. I recommend it!


I really like this movie, even though it is extremely far fetched. This movie has a great cast, lots of action and on a personal note, I actually know 'Cyclops Lady.' She is made up to look menacing, but is in fact, a world renown ballerina and one of the nicest people I have ever met; she's a sweetheat. I definitely recommend this movie.

Don't Come Knocking

It was alright. Quality film, good sets, beautiful scenery, good acting, except for the son, which ruined the quality of the film. I will bet that he is the son of the director, the producer or someone else tied to the money of the film. Had quality film and acting, except for him; he sucked and ruined it. Not everyone is an actor or a singer! I would recommend it for the other performances, but not his. Your choice to see it or not.

Black Snake Moan

It was a pretty good movie, with a terrible name. Christina Ricci worked her butt off, to look as good, as she did for this movie. Samuel L. Jackson sings in this movie and does a pretty good job. The movie is about an abused girl that looses all control until, one day, she is left for dead and a troubled man steps into her life to try and change her distructive ways. Even though it wasn't the best movie I had ever seen, I would recommend it.


A good movie. It's an Earth's view of people, places and things. Different cultures compared and set to music. This movie is on the lines of 'Koyaanisqatsi', 'Powaqqatsi' and 'Naqoyqatsi'. It is visual movement set to music. Basically, a real-time documentary of everyday life, in many cultures. It was good.


It was alright. About a mob's, money launderer's girlfriend, having an affair with the new handywoman, of their building and plotting to steal some embezzled money from the mob. The movie had some gratuitus lesbian sex scenes with Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon. The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't bad; it was alright and that's about it.

The Beautiful Country

A very good movie! Quality film, great sets, great scenery, good acting, good story, just a good movie all around. About a man from Vietnam, trying to find who his father is, an American, and traveling around the world to find him. I really liked this movie and highly recommend it!

Intolerable Cruelty

I loved it! It's funny, quirky, off-the-wall and just a fun movie to watch. It has quality film, great sets, great scenery, great acting, good jokes and makes fun of a profession that, basically, everyone hates; lawyers. I loved the magazine's title! I loved this movie and I highly recommend it!

You Kill Me
You Kill Me(2007)

It's an alright movie. Could have been better. Good cast, quality film, good sets, good scenery, but very little comedy and the chemistry just wasn't there. The main problem was the primary drug gang were wimps. You don't survive being wimps in the gang world; especially the drug world. It was cute, but that's about it.


Foreign, Czech. Great movie! Beautiful sets, beautiful scenery, great acting, quality film and an excellent story. About a lady doctor hiding from the Nazi's during WWII in the hillsides of the Czech Republic. An excellent film and I highly recommend it!

Laurel Canyon

It was alright; there was nothing really special about it. Quality film, good acting, good sets, good costumes, but the story was just 'blah'. This film had the potential of being so much better, but wasn't. It's an alright movie and that's about it.

National Lampoon's Animal House

A classic! I love this movie! About the worst fraternity on campus and the crazy antics of that fraternity. If your a teenager or about to go to college, you need to see this movie; for ideas. I highly recommend this movie.

Jackass: Number Two

Gross, stupid, but a funny movie. If you have never seen Jackass, it is about a group of insane and inane guys that go around doing things that would make you cringe. A funny movie; I recommend it. Not for a person with a weak stomach!

A Christmas Story

A great movie! A fun Christmas movie for all. I highly recommend it!


Great movie! Great love story and action packed. "Freedom!" I highly recommend it!

Black Hawk Down

Great movie! Action packed and based on a true story. This battle was where 'Heros' were made. I highly recommend it!


Foreign, German. An excellent film! Quality film, great sets, great costumes, good story and based on an actual event. I highly recommend it!


Foreign, French. Film is in B/W, but is a new film. This film is on the lines of 'It's a Wonderful Life', just set in modern day France. Made by the same director as 'The Fifth Element' and 'Leon, The Professional'. It's an excellent film! I highly recommend it!

We Are Marshall

A very good film! Based on a true story about a West Virginia football team, that tragically dies in a plane crash and how the town deals with their loss. Well acted, quality film, just a good movie all around. I highly recommend it! Also, watch the credits; their good!

Walk on Water

Foreign, German/Hebrew/English. A good film. About an Israeli man, sent on a mission to kill an old Nazi officer. Film quality is good, good story, good sets, but looses momentum. It's a good movie, that's about it.

The Company
The Company(2007)

It's very good! It's well done, good film quality, lots of intrigue, good timeline and well acted. If you like C.I.A. intrigue movies, you'll love this one. I recommend it!

Looking for Kitty

I liked this movie. It started a little slow, but kept getting better as it went along. It's a different kind of movie, it is a slower paced, but good movie. About a man trying to find out, why his wife left him and all-the-while being taken out of his comfort zone. I recommend this one.

Gods and Monsters

This was a very good movie! Based on a true story, it is about a famous, aging, homosexual director that is dealing with the monsters from his past. If you are a homophobe, you probably won't like it, but a good movie, is a good movie and this is a very good movie! I am a strict heterosexual and I liked this movie! It was well acted, beautiful sets, great costumes, great quality film and a good story. I highly recommend this movie.

In the Bedroom

A good movie. Good story, good quality film, good acting, pretty scenery, but a little slow through the film. Not enough to take away from it, being a good movie. Worth seeing; I'd recommend it.

A Love Song for Bobby Long

I really like this movie! I purchased this movie by mistake, I thought it was a different movie, but it turned out to be one of the best mistakes I have ever made. This movie is entertaining, a good story, quality film, great acting and beautiful scenery. I lived in New Orleans for a while and somehow, they actually got 'the feel' of New Orleans in this movie. The odd thing about this movie, is that it teaches you while entertaining you and that's a good thing. I highly recommend this movie!

Space Cowboys

I enjoy this movie. It's a far fetched space comedy about 4 aging astronauts that are re-contacted for 1 last space mission. It is interesting and fun to watch. I recommend this movie.

The Treatment

This was an alright movie; nothing special. It had a 'Woody Allen'esc' feel to the movie. It's about a teacher that falls in love with a widow and all-the-while, the teacher, is struggling with the advice of his therapist. It's an O.K. movie, it's not great, but not bad; it's O.K..


This is a good movie, twisted, but a good movie. The only down side, to this movie, is Melanie Griffith playing the mother. You have a comedic actress, playing in a dramatic actress roll; it doesn't work! Melanie Griffith is not a dramatic actress; she isn't good enough to do that!!! On the other hand, the rest of the cast brings the film home. This is a good movie with a character, luckily, that doesn't stay long. Other than that, this is a good movie and I would recommend it.

The Human Stain

A very good movie. A movie with sad characters, but portrayed very well. Good quality film, good acting, great sets, good costumes and a good story. About a man that goes through life with a dark secret and meets characters that carry their own baggage through life. A good film! I recommend it!


A very good movie. A love story set in modern day iran. A good movie and I recommend it.


A very good movie! Based on an actual event. This is a very violent and good movie; definitely a 'guys movie', but some women will love it also. This is based on the battle of 300 Spartans, that battled Xerxe's 300,000 soldiers at Thermopylae. I loved it and I highly recommend it!

The Good German

A pretty good movie. Reminds me of a 1940's style wartime movie, even though, it is set in the late 40's, it has that newsreel type feel. Movie was done fairly well. I would recommend it, if you like WWII intrigue.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot)

Forgein, French. A B/W classic. A hilarious and stupid comedy about a man on holiday; you'll love it. I highly recommend it.

The Syrian Bride

Foreign, Syrian. A very good movie! A glimpse into another culture and what they have to go through just to get married. I highly recommend it!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A great and wonderful movie! I am a little partial, to this movie, because I am the exact same age as Charlie Buckett. I first saw it when it first came out, so I was the same age and I could envision myself as Charlie Buchett. This is a fun movie and I highly recommend this movie.

Saving Private Ryan

Great movie! I have talked to many friends that were at Omaha beach and they all said that, this movie is the closest thing to real combat, that they have ever seen in a movie. I highly recommend it!


I liked this movie; it was cute. Most women will love this movie, it's a romantic comedy and guys will like it too, if your a romantic?! This was a cute movie and I recommend it.

Dances With Wolves

Very good movie! Helped show that Indians actually aren't the savages they are made out to be. They loved, laughed and cried just like the rest of us.

Jeremiah Johnson

One of my all time favorite movies. Great movie!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I liked it! Still didn't like the Oompah Loompahs though.

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

It was good; don't like rap though.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Classic rags to riches movie; good movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Was good, just not my kind of movie.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

Was good, just not my kind of movie.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Was good; not my type of movie.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Dark, but good movie. Violent.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Good concept, good movie.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Very good movie.

Bruce Almighty

Real cute movie; good love story. I liked this one.

War of the Worlds

Original is better, but still good.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Stupid, but funny movie; loved it!

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Stupid, but funny movie; loved it!

School of Rock

Cute kids movie.