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The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight(1996)

"The Long Kiss Goodnight" works out pretty well for one very important reason. The film knows what it is. An action comedy starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson. That's it. Renny Harlin and Shane Black don't try to do anything out of the ordinary in this picture, and their play it safe attitude results surprisingly in a solid action movie that provided loads of fun and entertainment. The chemistry between Davis and Jackson is pretty humorous, and this fuels the content of the picture. I truly enjoyed myself.

Geena Davis plays a stay at home housewife who learns that she used to be an assassin. She races to find out why she can't remember anything while simultaneously attempting to protect her family. The people who tried to kill her originally are out to get her again and the film is basically a one-man army kind of show from that point on. It's a solid story, with simple characters that do simple things. But it's the simplicity that makes it so enjoyable.

Maybe simple is not the right word to use. Conventional is a better way to phrase it. There isn't much content in the film that we haven't seen before, but the reason that this isn't necessarily a problem is because of the way Davis and Jackson interact with each other throughout the film. Their chemistry distracts you from the predictability of the plot. They both give pretty decent performances, along with Brian Cox who does a good job for however long his screen time was anyway.

The most entertaining factor were the action sequences, which I felt were extremely well done. It was interesting to see Geena Davis hold an automatic weapon, but that didn't distract me from the entertainment that the shootouts and explosions had to offer. This mixed in with the attitude of both lead actors made this good.

"The Long Kiss Goodnight" is a really fun film. Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson acting comically and sometimes dramatically with each other in a surrounding environment of violence and adventure was pretty entertaining to say the least. The film may not break any new ground, but when you're viewing this picture, it won't really matter to you. It's a stimulating film, that doesn't try too hard to be something more than it is. It's worth the view.