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You Again

You Again(2010)

In order for ensemble cast films such as this to work you really need to have a couple of things. One, you need to have a well-developed story. The second thing you need is characters that the audience can relate to, or maybe feel sentimental about. Maybe a character that arises some emotion in them. "You Again" offers none of this. Not only does the film convey an absence in imperative components, but its execution is so aggressively bad that its hard to perceive the film being any worse than it was. An insanely terrible script mixed in with draconian performances from everyone involved makes "You Again" a dreadful work.

Basically Kristen Bell plays a girl who found out that her brother is marrying the girl in high school that used to bully her. Her mother, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, tells her to relax. Little does she know that the fiance's mother-figure is her mortal enemy from high school as well, played by Sigourney Weaver. Now, this doesn't necessarily seem like a bad idea for a film. It might be a little silly, but there are certainly a few ways that you can go about making the movie work somehow. It's so insanely ridiculous because this movie seems to miss every opportunity it had to be pleasing in anyway. Its baffling how a movie with Curtis and Weaver could be so dreadful, and not entertaining in any way at all.

One of the main reasons for the film being so horrible are the performances. Everyone in the picture doesn't do whats required of them. This is thanks to the horrible script by Moe Jelline, that attempts to belittle its audience with off-beat slapstick comedy mixed in with horribly disconnected sentimentality. The script also tries to connect with its audience by bringing pop-culture elements into the mix, but its just comes off as cheap and irrelevant. Actresses that we enjoy watching conventionally like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, and Betty White are sidelined for depressing modern-day chick-flick cliches, that completely shadow the potential talent of the three people who could have saved the film. Kristen Bell, the lead actress, gives an atrocious effort in her part, and seems to be going on a roll; acting horribly in one film after another.

The film endlessly attempts to bring tears to the eyes of the audience by discussing family values, and friendship. It's so thoroughly forced and contrived that there is no room for anyone viewing the film to feel any sense of realism or relation to anything that is transpiring in the story. Any plot elements that aren't terrible are recycled sequences from films we have seen 100 times before. There's no sense of uniqueness, individuality, or integrity. The viewer doesn't care about the main character, the supporting characters, the conflict of the story, or the ultimate result of the plot. There's nothing tangible; nothing valuable.

"You Again" is truly a horrible film. It's bad for so many reasons, and most of them have to do with the disgusting execution from the people behind the camera. The terrible script results in lackluster performances from the actresses. The terrible directing and soundtrack only cause further pain to those viewing the movie. With all the high-budgeted actresses involved with the picture, there seems to be no room for quality in any way whatsoever.